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Chapter 159 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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It was an immediate answer.

Enfer knew exactly what Frondier was going to say, and he had his response ready.

"It's too early for you, Frondier."

Enfer's tone was firm.

However, Frondier smiled inwardly.

'So now it's too early, he says.'

Enfer, who had always said it was impossible, unreasonable.

Has some change come over his subconscious?

"You still can't even handle your own body."

Enfer's words struck a chord with Frondier.

Indeed, Frondier had not even come close to winning in his sparring sessions with Azier, let alone having a proper duel.

Of course, he might appear somewhat better than the students of Constel, but he still felt the gap.

Azier always had a calm face, so it seemed like he didn't care much, but what about really? He might be astonished at Frondier's slow pace of growth.

The battles Frondier had fought so far were possible because of his skill and weapons, intelligence, and reading the psychology for surprise attacks.

He had quite powerful means against distant opponents, but when the enemy got close, in hand-to-hand combat, Frondier was still at a student level. It was natural, since he was a student.

"That's why I'm going."

"To handle your body? You'll die before then."

Enfer said, shaking his head.

His eyes, unusually, were filled with concern.

"You must have learned something in Tyburn as well. It can't all be arrogance."


"The reason I allowed you to go to Tyburn was because it was summer."

Initially, Enfer had not permitted Frondier to go, but after considering Frondier's serious words and his conversation with Azier, he eventually allowed it. Or rather, he didn't stop him.

But this time it's different.

"The barrier divides the realm of humans from that of the monsters. Beyond it, one can face the outer monsters which are formidable, yet they are not the truly formidable ones. The deeper you venture into the non-human territories, even within the same 'outside', creatures of a different ilk emerge. And in winter, such creatures come to break down the barrier."

Of course, Frondier was aware of this. The difference between summer and winter, the existence of a deeper abyss even among the outer monsters. In Tyburn, one could gauge the difference between the inner and outer monsters based on the boundary. Monsters just a bit beyond the barrier showed how much more powerful and ferocious they become.

Further inside, the monsters of the outer realms are literally stronger the further out they are. In winter, it is these creatures that invade.

'Of course, my current strength will surely be of some help.'

Targeting the monsters' vital points with 'Fireworks' and Excalibur's 'Bombing' together with Mjölnir. No matter how formidable the outer monsters may be, they can't remain unscathed against the divine and legendary weapons.

But that's not the point. It's merely boasting.

No matter how impressive it may sound, unlike Tyburn, Yeranhes has never been breached under the 'Iron Wall' of Enfer.

Be it Fireworks or Bombing, the surprise is momentary. There's nothing for Frondier himself to gain, and the same goes for Yeranhes. To Enfer, it would just seem like a foolish son acting out in a childish manner. And that's the truth.

That is indeed arrogance. Going to Yeranhes is not for seeking praise from Enfer.

'I must verify the fragment of Helheim.'

The fragment of Helheim, a major clue provided by Warden Esther.

Slightly north of Yeranhes lies the fragment of Helheim, trapped in a glacier. That means it's beyond the barrier.

If the fragment of Helheim truly is Obsidian, it must be obtained at all costs.

But I cannot say that to Enfer.

“I will not fight at the barrier.”

“What do you mean? If you're not going to fight, why go to the barrier?”

Enfer looked at Frondier with suspicion.

Frondier said with a gentle face.

“I just want to see the Roach Knights.”


“I want to understand the true value of the ‘Iron Wall’ by learning from them.”

Frondier was making excuses, but it wasn’t entirely a lie.

To obtain the fragment of Helheim, he needed to figure out how to secretly cross the barrier, but he didn’t plan to do nothing until then.

Enfer’s achievement of never allowing a demon beast’s intrusion was not something he could have achieved alone.

It was possible because the knights he trained were exceptionally well-disciplined.

If he could learn something from them, he might be able to achieve what Enfer mentioned about ‘handling oneself.’

“There is no knight free enough to teach you.”

“I won’t learn. I’ll steal.”

It was a brazen statement, but it sparked interest in Enfer’s eyes.

“I will not allow you to fight at the barrier, especially against demon beasts. Will you still do it?”


After hearing Frondier’s response, Enfer fell into thought for a moment.

Indeed, this proposal also greatly appealed to Enfer.

Frondier, unlike at Tyburn, does not arrogantly think of fighting at the barrier but understands his place and wants to learn.

Even if the knights do not teach Frondier, by spending time together, he will naturally pick up something.

As long as Frondier does not approach too close to the barrier, there would be time to respond even if a demon beast invades.

‘Above all, I cannot protect him forever.’

Enfer saw Frondier’s resolve last summer vacation.

Frondier has changed. He shed his laziness and worked hard to become a member of Roach.

That effort certainly bore fruit. Returning from Tyburn without any serious injury was proof of that.

Enfer had only ever planned to expel Frondier from their house and never truly thought of him as a warrior.

'Perhaps that habit still remains.'

Enfer, who was organizing his thoughts, said to Frondier.

“The knights of Roach are not as kind as Azier.”

“…… Yes.”

As kind as Azier, huh.

He had a lot he wanted to say, but for now, Frondier kept quiet.

“You will leave in a week. Until then, prepare thoroughly.”

He finally gave his permission.

Frondier chuckled and bowed deeply.

Enfer looked at him momentarily with an expression of surprise.

Frondier would be the only one to smile at the thought of going to the barrier.

More so, as someone who already went and returned.

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