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Chapter 163 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Petty Tricks

Before leaving the mansion, I first knocked on the next room.

"Selena, are you ready?"

"Yes. I'll be right out."

Her voice came immediately. Then, with almost silent footsteps, the door opened.

"It will be a more comfortable journey compared to Tyburn. But don't let your guard down. We're going to the border."

"Of course, I know."

I briefly examined Selena's attire. It was better than when we first met, but it was still somewhat revealing compared to other people's everyday clothes. Her figure was still very much on display.

Noticing my gaze, Selena spoke apologetically.

"I'm sorry. This is my most modest outfit. However, it's the most suitable for escorting. It allows me to store a large number of tools without hindering my movement. Really."

Selena avoided my gaze as she spoke. Her face was slightly flushed, as if she were embarrassed.

When we first met, she wore even more revealing clothes and had a shameless face, so this was a remarkable improvement.

"It's fine."


"If it's an outfit that allows you to fulfill your duties, that's enough. As long as you don't have any unnecessary intentions like before."

"Yes, yes...."

Selena answered, but her eyes rolled as if she didn't quite understand.

I suppose it makes sense, since my reaction has changed from before when I threatened to kill her.

"I wasn't criticizing your clothes before. Remember? I wasn't talking about your outfit, but the fact that you tried to change clothes in front of me without considering the place. That's why I told you to get out of 'there'."

"....That's right."

I deliberately replaced Manggot with "there" because there were ears listening inside the mansion.

Of course, all the servants in the Roach mansion don't interfere with the master's life. If they heard something they shouldn't have, they didn't hear it, and if they saw something they shouldn't have, they didn't see it. That's the servants' rule, and within this prestigious family, they strictly adhere to it.

But just in case, I'm taking some precautions.

"Why do you think that is?"

"....Because my appearance was unpleasant. I was out of line, needlessly trying to expose myself in front of Frondier-nim."

Selena answered with a somewhat gloomy expression.

Indeed, I hadn't thought about it deeply until now, but is that how Selena sees it?



"The reason I scolded you was because your words and actions at that time were proof that they were looking down on me in 'there'."


I'm not asexual, and I couldn't help but feel something when I saw Selena's outfit and gestures, which were intended to seduce me.

However, I'm not so pathetic as to fall for a woman just because of that. But Manggot must have thought that Selena was enough. They thought 'Frondier de Roach' was that pathetic.

If it had been Frondier before I possessed him, who was physically and mentally exhausted, he might have fallen for it, but I wasn't him.

"I wasn't offended by your body or your clothes. There's no need to be so timid. Throw away any thoughts of being out of line or doing something unnecessary."


Selena nodded, somehow lowering her head to hide her face.

I judged that she understood enough and turned to walk away. From now on, I need to think carefully about Yeranhes,


But even after walking for a while, there was no sign of her following me. When I turned around to look at Selena again, her face was even redder than before, and her eyes were full of questions.

What is it? Did she not understand what I said? Was it that difficult of a story?

"Why aren't you following?"

"That, those words."


"My outfit at the time, well, what should I say...."

Selena was stammering and hesitating, which was rare for her. The corners of her eyes twitched as she looked at me, and by the time she uttered the next words, her face was not just red, but bright red.

"Was it, was it effective?"


"No, that's not it! I'm not saying I'm going to do that again. But, you know, right? What my intentions were at that time. So, I was, I was curious..”


I think my expression turned cold without me realizing it. Seeing Selena explaining herself so earnestly like that.

"Follow me."

"Ah, yes...."

I confirmed that Selena was walking with her head down and started walking forward again.

Glancing back, Selena was walking with a gloomy expression. However, even in the midst of that, she seemed to want to cover her body, as if her clothes were awkward.

For some reason, even though her outfit was more modest than before, Selena was feeling shy. Perhaps something changed while she was traveling with Constel? Maybe immersing herself in everyday life made her see her own clothes in a new light.

'Hmm, this is troublesome.'

The fact that Selena is suddenly conscious of her clothes is neither good nor bad, but it's troublesome if she can't move properly because she's worried about it. After all, she's my escort as far as others are concerned. She needs to do her job properly.


"Yes, yes."

"Let's go clothes shopping after this trip is over."

"Yes.... Yes?!"

"I'll give you clothes that are a little more comfortable to move in and better than what you're wearing now. And without such excessive exposure. Then you won't have to worry about anything unnecessary."

"Ah, no. As an escort, I can't...."

Selena answered like that, then, "Ah," and suddenly closed her mouth as if she remembered something.

And she muttered in a voice so low it was almost inaudible, with her head bowed.

"....I understand...."

It was a voice so quiet that I could have sworn it was an ant talking. It's a wonder I even heard it.

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