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Chapter 163 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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When we left the mansion, the car was already waiting.

Enfer was talking to the driver about something. Judging by the fact that I couldn't hear them from this distance, it seemed to be a secret conversation.

After hearing Enfer's words, the driver's eyes twitched for a moment, and he looked at me. His face seemed to say, "Is that really true?" without actually speaking.

Did he tell him that I was coming to Yeranhes? If that's the case, why the need to whisper?

I approached them slowly, without showing any sign of my curiosity.

Enfer, seeing me, said,

"Get in."


As always, Enfer's words allowed no refusal or further comment. I nodded and got into the back seat.

Of course, Selena came with me.



As expected, there was no conversation in the car as we set off.

Enfer was taciturn to begin with and had nothing to say to me, and Selena was someone who understood the place and atmosphere.

I didn't realize it, but I wasn't as uncomfortable with the silence as I thought I would be. Or maybe it's not me, but this body that's used to it. For Frondier, silence with his father must have been a constant thing.



Surprisingly, Enfer spoke to me first.


"I heard about your final exam ranking. You placed 9th?"

"Yes, that's right."

Surprisingly, it was about Constel.

Enfer had initiated a conversation with Frondier about school life!

It's such a fatherly line that it's almost creepy.

I ranked 9th overall in the second semester. It was the result of adjusting both written and practical exams to some extent. If I had truly given it my all, I might have taken 1st place again.

However, from the moment I passed Enfer's quest, Constel's rankings weren't something I needed to be too concerned about.

"Was that the result of your best effort?"

As if seeing through my thoughts, Enfer asked.

This question shouldn't be dwelled on. I answered immediately upon hearing it.


"I see. I would have been very disappointed if you said that was your best."

Enfer said.

"I couldn't attend this exam, but I saw you fight during the first semester final exam."

"....Yes, that's right."

"Judging by what I saw then, 9th place is far too low. If that's all you could achieve, I would have lamented my eyes and memory."

I don't know

I don't know if he's praising me or scolding me.

"I apologize. In the next exam, I will definitely,"


Enfer interrupted me.

Sitting in the front seat, I couldn't see his expression. He just looked straight ahead and said to me,

"You can hide it a little better."


I asked back involuntarily. But there were no further words.

As the car fell silent again, I thought.

'What was that just now?'

You can hide it a little better?

It was as if he wanted me to hide my strength.

'Does he know the reason why?'

Of course, I've never spoken to Enfer about anything related to this.

There are complex reasons why I don't reveal all my abilities at Constel, but the only thing Enfer might have noticed is,


When I first materialized Weaving, the trigger activated, and the god, Thanatos, descended before my eyes.

Just like Thanatos who tried to kill me as soon as we met, perhaps to Enfer as well.

'Did a god intervene with my father too?'

When my thoughts reached that point,


Selena, who was next to me, looked at me.

I could feel my own face hardening in an instant.

Enfer is not my real father. Just like Malia is not my real mother.

So whether Enfer is influenced by a god or not has nothing to do with me. Rather, if it interferes with me, then he too is just an obstacle.

However, just like I felt the scent of a mother from Malia.

From Enfer's tone of voice, filled with concern, I,

‘……I wonder who it is.’

Of course, all of this could be excessive speculation. What Enfer said might have been meaningless.

But, if it's true.

I'm really curious about the face of the god who dared to visit Enfer.

* * *

Yeranhes wasn't in as dire a situation as Tyburn.

Yeranhes was mostly handled by the Roach Knights, and since they had successfully blocked all monster intrusions so far, the local residents were also lively.

The reason Enfer allowed me to come to Yeranhes was probably because he predicted it would be safe within the barrier.

I 'analyzed' the barrier that was visible even from afar.

'It's fine.'

Of course, it was older and had cracks compared to Tyburn after I 'restored' it, but Yeranhes' barrier was sturdy enough that it didn't need restoration.

What kept this barrier in such a state was, of course, Enfer's power and,

"Roach Knights!! Salute!"

The knights lined up like swords and took their positions at the command.

They looked like precise gears to me.

The Roach Knights, unofficially reigning as the strongest on the current continent.

For reference, officially, there are also the Imperial Knights and the 'Shroud Knights' to which Sanders, whom I met in Tyburn, belongs, which are quite famous. Some people even consider Shroud to be the best.

However, from what I know, Shroud has declined significantly. When knights who have gained glory by hunting monsters in the outskirts are transferred to the center, most of them show a similar pattern to Shroud.

They become accustomed to the sudden peace and safety and forget their original strength.

However, thanks to Enfer's stubbornness in staying in the outskirts, systematic training, and charisma, the Roach Knights still possess the spirit and ability they had during the monster war.

"We greet the Lord."

The Knight Commander, 'Sylvain Serdo', bowed his head before Enfer.

Enfer nodded and pointed at me.

"Sylvain, this is my son."

"....He looks younger than I remember. His face is rounder too."

"It's not Azier. It's Frondier, the second son."

At Enfer's words, Sylvain glanced at me for a moment. His expression seemed to say, "Did the Lord have a second son?"

Sylvain is a character that players, that is, Aster Evans, meet quite late in the game. Yeranhes is in the outskirts, and for Aster to reach there means he's on the verge of becoming a Pro after graduation and expanding his boundaries.

At that time, Sylvain was a man who had lost his left eye and one arm. But the spirit in his eyes remained unchanged.

Now, his limbs and eyes are intact. I was secretly glad to see Sylvain like this.

"Feel free to use him as you please."

"The Lord's son, you say?"

"He came here of his own volition."

Enfer glanced at me and said,

"How you use him is up to you. Teach him whatever you want, give him errands, assign him chores, you can work him however you like. If he gets in the way, send him home right away. See how useful he is without any 'tricks'."

Enfer emphasized the word "tricks." That was directed at me. He meant for me to face things head-on, without the strange abilities I displayed during the first semester final exam.

I laughed inwardly.

As expected, Enfer knew exactly what I wanted.

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