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Chapter 179 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Sacrifice (5)

Frondier was momentarily dazed.

Selena, smiling at him, felt strangely distant.

"Lord Frondier. Here's the tie you were using."


As if she knew, Selena held up Fabric of Penelope that she had wrapped around Frondier. Confirming it, Frondier grasped the cloth.

"Selena, how did you get here so quickly-"

At that moment, the monsters targeting them lunged forward. Frondier, whose fighting spirit had waned, and Selena, with her back exposed, were obvious targets.



Without even looking back, Selena's needles shot out, effortlessly bringing them all down.

"Cassian did his best."

Selena said with her usual smile.

Frondier looked at that smile, then at her lips.

He saw her pale complexion, the shadows beneath her eyes, her shoulders and fingertips trembling pitifully.

There was no way Selena would be like this if she had simply ridden a horse.

Cassian was not a horse known for its stamina. No matter how fast he was, they wouldn't arrive until nightfall.


Did she use Manggot technique?

Frondier was about to say so, but he stopped himself. It would be strange for him to know about Manggot technique. He almost mentioned information he had learned from the game.

Selena's teleportation was basically limited to herself. And if she teleported alone, she could travel a considerable distance. Just like she had gone back and forth between the Tyburn and Manggot in an instant.

But what if Selena tried to teleport not only herself but also another person and a horse?

"Lord Frondier."

Selena called Frondier again. The smile she still wore was pathetic. It was near perfect thanks to her practiced acting skills, but perhaps that smile was the only way she could show that she was okay.

"I also brought Lady Malia. She will be here soon. Cassian is waiting behind the wall,"



Selena reported between slightly rough breaths. Frondier placed his hand on her head.

Selena, who had been diligently moving her lips, stopped.

"Thank you."


"You don't have to report. I understand everything."

At those words, Selena's lips opened and closed a few times. Only then did she catch her breath. She finally realized how much her body was struggling.

Then, as if remembering something, Selena spoke again.

"But there's still something I need to report."

"What is it?"

This time, Selena didn't answer but showed him with her actions. She took something out of her pocket and showed it to Frondier.

"This is..."

A long string. A metal artifact hanging in the middle, with a clear black jewel embedded in its center.

Selena nodded.

"Yes. It's the Black Lotus."

"...I heard it would take a few more days."

According to Binkis and Edwin at the time, it would have taken a few more days even from today. So he hadn't even expected it.

"This is a message from Lady Sybil, from whom I received the Black Lotus."

"A message?"

- Frondier is going to go and overdo it, so we need to make it as fast as possible. Everyone worked hard when I said that. Good job, right?

"That's what she said."


Frondier laughed.

Sybil must have said it as a joke, but Frondier knew that her words had actually helped shorten the time.

Selena, composing herself, looked at Frondier and said,

"What will you do now?"

"The plan has changed."

"Changed, you say?"

"Originally, I was going to somehow successfully conclude this battle, and after a few days, I was going to find an opportunity to raid their base."

The base, that is, the fragment of Helheim. To reach it, Frondier had found the location of the portal in the barrier. He was going to use the same portal that the empire's shadow agents like Laurie used.

But Selena, who he thought would arrive after this battle, was already here.

"Right here, right now, we will break through them and pass."

Selena's eyes widened in surprise at his words. But she wasn't flustered. She didn't voice the questions that came to mind.

"This plan is possible because you arrived now."

Even at the words praising her, she simply bowed her head.


At that moment, a woman came towards Frondier.

It was Malia. The knights who recognized her face were surprised and made way for her. At the same time, they were wary of monster attacks.


"This child said she needed me, so I came. What's going on? And why is your face like that?"

"You came at the right time. I asked Selena."

"In a battle like this, someone else would be more helpful than me."

Malia said in a worried voice as she looked at the battlefield situation. The situation was definitely not good. Malia couldn't think of anything she could do right away.

"Mother, you only need to do one thing."

"What is it?"

"Cast Sensory Sharing on me."

Malia thought about Frondier's intention for a moment after hearing his words. The first thing that came to her mind was the previous 'fireworks' incident.

The monster attack that swarmed Constel and the retreat. Frondier's technique of shooting down every single monster that fled. That was definitely possible because of Malia.

But the fact that they needed that meant,

"Don't tell me, Frondier."

Malia bit her lip and looked at Frondier. Even without saying it out loud, Frondier understood Malia's thoughts. But he didn't say anything. Because Malia's thoughts were correct.

"No. You're planning to cross the barrier, aren't you? I can't let you go."

"Mother. This is our chance to drive them out."

"Look at your state! You're not in any condition to fight!"

Malia shouted as she looked at Frondier's face.

His pale face drained of blood, his bloodshot eyes, the traces of drool and tears from the pain. His whole body trembling slightly.

Even if he recovered his Mana right now, the damage he had already taken would still remain.


Malia closed her eyes and turned her head at Frondier's words.

"If we wait any longer, many people will die."

She knew in her head that Frondier was right, but no mother would allow her son to go into danger.

"Please trust me."

That's why Frondier said,

"I'll come back without a scratch. Just like I did during the Constel attack, just like I did during the school trip."

Malia was one of the people who had seen Frondier's achievements up close, more than anyone else. That's why she could understand Frondier. She knew his strength.

"...It has to be."

Malia covered Frondier's eyes with her hand. Her hand glowed brightly, and slowly, she removed her hand.

Frondier said,

"Please evacuate to a safe place now. And always check your phone."

With that, Malia went down under the barrier, protected by the knights.

Seeing that, Frondier turned his gaze back beyond the barrier.

The Cyclops was still there. Unable to find any rocks nearby, it was walking towards them with heavy steps.

Selena confirmed it and looked at Frondier.

"Lord Frondier. You don't look well."

Ha. Frondier let out a dry laugh. Was she saying that while looking at her own face?

...But come to think of it, Frondier didn't know what his own face looked like either. In the end, they were in the same boat.

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