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Chapter 179 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Rank - Legendary

Dragon Heart

Frondier created and swallowed a Dragon Heart. The Penelope cloth he held glowed.

His condition didn't recover immediately, but his body, which had been screaming from Mana depletion, gradually calmed down.

"You look a little better."

"How about you?"

"I'm fine."

Selena replied calmly. But her face and body didn't look fine at all. Even if not as much as Frondier, Selena had clearly pushed herself to get here.

"...Selena. Even if you're not okay, endure it. I need you. Follow me."

"Of course."

It was an immediate answer.

Selena raised her head and said, her captivating eyes reflecting the sunlight,

"I will follow you even to the ends of hell."

Frondier laughed again at those words. Was she planning to talk like that forever if he didn't tell her?

Frondier opened his mouth, looking at Selena.

"Selena, I've wanted to say this for a while, but,"

Don't use such clichés. He was about to say that when.


Frondier looked into Selena's eyes, waiting for his next words.

He met eyes with Selena, who tilted her head, not knowing what he was going to say.


After looking into those clear eyes for a moment, Frondier turned back to the front.


And a quiet murmur.

Soon, Frondier accepted Selena's cliché.

Right. In this kind of battlefield situation, such words were necessary. Then Frondier also had to give a suitable answer.

"I won't send you to hell."

Selena looked at Frondier at his words, facing forward again. His languid face, clear eyes, the gaze that didn't doubt his words.

Confirming all of that, Selena gave a small smile. It was a smile that Frondier didn't see, but it was a very sad smile.

Frondier took a breath. The Mana filled with the Dragon Heart shone.


Frondier's voice boomed like thunder. It was the manifestation of his Aura.

Cassian, running swiftly, arrived, and Frondier and Selena climbed onto his back.

"Selena, do you see the one-eyed giant in front?"

"Yes, it's very ugly."

"Right. There are no other monsters near that ugly one. Because it's so ugly. It's the same principle as how no one approaches ugly people in social circles."

"Monsters and humans are alike."

Indeed, there were no other monsters near the Cyclops. Of course, it wasn't because it was ugly, but because the Cyclops' every movement was huge, so the other monsters were worried about getting swept away.

"In other words, if we just defeat it, a momentary gap will open up for us to break through that wall of mindless monsters."

"Indeed. Ugly things become even uglier when they die."

"Right. I'll take care of that very ugly one. You take care of the moderately ugly ones that might approach from the surroundings. Rejecting ugly people is an important skill in social circles too. Learn it in advance."



Frondier and Selena both exhaled deeply. They gathered their respective Auras.

Frondier lowered his head and got close to Cassian.

"Cassian, you must be tired from coming all this way, but let's hold on a little longer. I won't let you get hurt."

Cassian nodded. Seeing that, Frondier said,

"We're going to break through that wall of monsters. I'll leave it to you to decide how to move."

Cassian was a wise steed. There was no need to give him instructions one by one or pull the reins. As long as they had the balance and lower body strength to endure on the saddle, they could use both hands freely.

Both Frondier and Selena were capable of that.

"──Let's go!"

Immediately after Frondier's shout.

Cassian stepped on the mountain of monster corpses and headed beyond the barrier.

* * *

And Enfer saw it.


His eyes shook noticeably.

He already knew that Frondier had participated in the battle. He also knew that Sylvain had covered for him.

He was momentarily angry at all of that, but a few seconds later, he felt proud instead.

The fact that Sylvain had hidden Frondier meant that he acknowledged Frondier. It meant that Sylvain had judged that Frondier was absolutely necessary in this battlefield.

Above all, Enfer, who had seen Frondier fighting, was also feeling a little relieved.

Frondier was capable of ranged attacks. Anyone would be afraid of dying. Frondier would be the same. He would soon fight from a distance with his specialty, weapon throwing. Then at least he wouldn't die pointlessly.

But Frondier, not knowing when to back down, fought at the front, blocked the flying rocks, did reckless things that were clearly overdoing it even from here,

And now he was riding a horse and crossing the barrier.

"No! Frondier!"


Enfer shouted towards Frondier, but an Ogre blocked his way. Of course, it wasn't just one. Enfer was in the most dangerous situation here right now.

The most vicious and ferocious ones in this battlefield were all clinging to Enfer. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to stop him.

Even the Ogre right now was one that needed to be cut five times to die. The fact that it died after five strikes showed Enfer's strength, but there were too many, and Enfer couldn't leave his position.


Meanwhile, Frondier galloped on his horse. Judging by his direction, he was aiming for the Cyclops. However, even though there were no monsters around it, monsters were swarming everywhere else. Before he could even kill the Cyclops, he would obviously be overwhelmed by the pouring monsters.

"Run away! Frondier, you...!"

In the midst of the battlefield where even his voice wouldn't reach, Enfer saw Frondier's back. He saw the monsters pouring in like a tidal wave.


Weaving, Obsidian

Rank - Divine


He saw the hammer imbued with lightning, born in his hand.


First, lightning struck the dry sky, and 16 of them fell over, burnt to death.

As he swung the hammer, 23 of them were pierced by the lightning that stretched out from it.

Even those that approached Frondier's vicinity had their joints twisted grotesquely by the gestures of the woman sitting behind him, 11 of them.

Frondier cleared the surroundings, and Selena finished off the monsters that tried to take advantage of the gaps.

Cassian's speed didn't decrease. He automatically grasped what was in front of him and moved along the optimal path to advance.

Frondier, brushing past the blood and flesh of monsters, cutting through the sandstorm rising from the ground, and advancing at high speed. His eyes shone blue due to the influence of Mana, and his flushed face caught Enfer's eye.

Enfer saw and felt it at the same time. Frondier's weapon, the might of his power, and the tremendous Mana he felt.

And Frondier's principle of not acting without reason, which he had shown so far.


Enfer recalled.

The words of his other son, Azier, who had his complete trust.

-At least, he won't come back dead.

Remembering that, Enfer raised his Mana.

And then came his huge voice, shaking the entire battlefield.

"Roachch Knights!!"

The cry of the head of the family, Enfer.

This order was an absolute command that even included the Knight Commander, Sylvain.

"Open the way for Frondier!!!"

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