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Chapter 26 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Slime Werewolf

The reason we're exploring the sewers like this is simple.

We took on a request.

And once we've taken a request, we can't just sit around being scared.

That's why we're wandering around like this right now.

"It's probably because they're scared, so they're not coming out."

"You're telling me."

I thought it was probably because we were still at the entrance, but I decided not to say anything.

We continued walking, illuminating the surroundings with torches.

It was certainly noisy when we were in Baruk, but when we went down to the sewers, everyone became incredibly quiet.

It seemed like everyone was overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

"Um... Should I use Light magic? I think it'll make the surroundings brighter."

I was trying to conserve mana as much as possible, but at this rate, it seemed like it would take forever to move forward so passively, so I decided to take the lead.

"Will you have enough mana?"

"Well... it does consume a bit, but I'm not alone. The others can protect me."

"That's true, I suppose. We're constantly relying on the mage."

Dontas said, sounding a little sheepish, but he didn't try to stop me from using magic.

Well, it couldn't be helped.

I had heard rumors that adventurers avoided sewers.

But the reason people still gathered here was simple.

The reward was incredibly good.

Of course, I accepted without even looking at the reward because Esily suggested it, but the others must have carefully considered the conditions before joining this party.

Having a mage in the party must have played a big role.

With that thought, I deployed the art.


I deployed the art and poured mana into it.

And then, the surroundings became bright.

I'd say it was like broad daylight.

I had never used Light magic before, so I didn't know it would be this powerful. It was stronger than I expected.

I made a mental note to reduce the output a little next time I used it, and started moving forward.

"Um... Have you ever seen a mutated monster?"

I tried to lighten the mood with some small talk.

Relieving tension with this kind of casual conversation would allow us to move more comfortably in actual combat.

"Well, I've seen many mutated monsters as a member of the Schurk Paladin Order. I even encountered an Ogre variant on my way here, but it ran away as soon as it saw us. Even I wouldn't be able to handle a monster like that."

It seemed that even a Paladin found it difficult to deal with an Ogre variant.

Or rather, it should be said that it was difficult to fight them.

Ogres were already known for their strength, and the thought of them becoming even stronger through mutation...

It made my head spin just imagining it.

Warriors and fighters who fought in close combat had to face them with pure strength, and in that respect, they were a natural enemy.

Well, I wasn't sure if we would all be able to take it down together.

"Wait, you met an Ogre variant and came back alive? Is that even possible?"

"Haha, I was lucky. And they say Paladins have a secret technique passed down through generations. With that, it's much easier to escape."

I could see why so many people wanted to become Paladins.

If you became a Paladin, you could learn swordsmanship and footwork exclusive to Paladins.

And you could get healed too.

There were many advantages.

"By the way, how strong is an Ogre? I'd like to see one for myself."

I wanted to meet an Ogre or a Troll at least once.

They were monsters known for their incredible strength.

It would be good to test my magic on them.

I also wanted to see for myself how much mana it would take to completely drain me.

"...An Ogre is a crazy monster that even a Platinum Badge would struggle with. It's best to avoid encountering one if you can."

"Ah... Okay."

I didn't need to be confident and say I wanted to meet one after hearing all that.

It wasn't like I could just meet one because I wanted to.

We continued chatting and wandering around for a while.


We heard the sound of someone running away.

And then-


Hearts, who was next to me, jumped up in an instant and disappeared before my eyes.

And a moment later.

"Got them."

In that short amount of time, he had caught the unknown person who was running away.

It was amazing. How could he move so fast?

I thought that even with my Haste magic, I would only barely be able to see his movements.

As I was thinking that, I checked the appearance of the person who was caught.

"Hieeeek...! Please spare me..!"

It was an emaciated man.

He was so thin that you would think the saying "skin and bones" was coined after seeing him.

I carefully spoke to him.

"So, they say there's a monster here that's a combination of a slime and a werewolf. Do you happen to know its location?"

I asked very politely.

Although he ran away from us, looking at Dontas's face next to me, running away seemed like a good choice.

Even though he was in trouble for getting caught by us.

When I asked, the skinny man cautiously opened his mouth.

"I... I... don't know.."

"Mage, move aside. I'll interrogate him."

I wasn't very confident in my interrogation skills, so I handed the man over to Dontas.

His tone seemed to know something.

And a moment later.


A scream of pain echoed through the sewer.

And after all that interrogation, the information he managed to get was just one thing.

If we went down one more level from here, we would find the monster we were talking about.

It took us about 30 minutes to get this one piece of information, but I didn't regret it.

It was necessary.

We bound the skinny man to the wall with binding magic and headed down one level.

But then-

Thud-! Thud-!

We kept hearing the sound of people running away from somewhere.

Hearts tried to catch the fleeing people, but after catching one and getting the same answer, he stopped.

He focused more on guarding my surroundings.

Perhaps my light was more important to Hearts.

As I was thinking that-

Squeak-! Squeak-! Squeak-!


All sorts of noises came from all directions, and a huge swarm of rats appeared behind and in front of us.

And from the sides, a large number of cockroaches appeared.

"Wow... This is really disgusting."

I expected these creatures to be in the sewer, but I didn't think they would be organized and attack us like this.

To think they would all attack at once like this.

It seemed clear that someone was controlling these creatures to buy time.

So, I decided to push myself a little and deploy my arts.

First, Lightning Chain.

[Lightning Chain]


Chains of lightning shot through the enemies, instantly electrocuting them.

Second, Fire Spear.

[Fire Spear]


A spear made of fire instantly pierced through where the enemies were, setting them ablaze.

Third, Storm.


I used Storm to further enhance the remnants of [Lightning Chain] and [Fire Spear] that remained in the surroundings.

And then, a spectacle unfolded.

A storm of fire and lightning swept through the sewer.

Even after using so much magic, I didn't feel like I was running out of mana.

After all, I had used the optimal amount of mana when deploying the arts and pouring mana into them.

And I had a lot of mana to begin with.


The storm of fire and lightning swept through the enemies, but there were rats that continued to approach us, their bodies burning as if they had lost their minds.

The rats were huge.

They were about the size of an average cat.

Maybe that's why they looked so disgusting.

As I was about to cast another spell-

"Stop, we'll take it from here. We can't keep relying on you like this."

"That's right. We've seen enough of your skills, so we'll take care of it from here!"

Hearts and Dontas said and began to wreak havoc.

I say havoc, but it was more like a display of skill.

They were using techniques to show off their skills, even though they could easily take them down.

As a result.

The surroundings were drenched in blood.


I couldn't help but periodically purify the surroundings.

And then.


A very ominous sound came from somewhere.

It was a voice that clearly said, "Look at me, I'm the boss."

I didn't get goosebumps... I just thought, "Oh, okay."

It didn't seem that strong.

And a moment later.


A chimera appeared withthe face of a wolf, the body of a slime, and the arms and legs of a human.

"...What is that."

It was incredibly hideous.

How could something that looked like that be pleasing to the eye?

“That’s one unholy looking monster.”

“Ugh, I need to poop.”


“I’m so nervous I need to poop.”

“Ah, okay.”

Why was everyone around me so strange?

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