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Chapter 27 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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It was a hideous monster, but somehow strangely cute.

Maybe because its body was made of slime.


The monster lunged at Dontas with incredible speed, swinging its fist.

Its arms and legs were human, but its head was that of a wolf. It seemed to be fighting like a wolf would.

It wasn't fighting rationally, so to speak.


The monster's fist collided with Dontas' axe.

“Ugh, it seems like it reinforced its hand with mana.”

“I think so.”

If it hadn't reinforced its hand with mana, there was no way its hand would be so intact after receiving an axe blow barehanded.


Dontas was actually losing the battle of strength.

The last time I saw him, Dontas was strong enough not to lose anywhere.

To think he would be pushed back so easily.

As I was thinking I needed to help, Hearts, who was standing next to me, started moving, using his footwork.


And at the same time, he circled behind the monster, aiming for its neck.


But the blade didn't dig in as expected.


Hearts immediately stepped back, using his footwork again, and this time, he moved even faster.

Aura rose from the sword in his hand.


And a moment later.


The sword, reinforced with aura, cut through the monster's torso.

“Is it over?”

And as soon as those words left his mouth, the monster's torso began to regenerate.

Perhaps because its torso was made of slime, ordinary attacks didn't seem to work.

Still, because it was attacked by a sword imbued with aura, the regeneration speed seemed to have slowed down.


However, as if angered by this fact, the monster let out a strange sound and started running towards Dontas with terrifying speed.

“Why is it going crazy at me when it got slashed elsewhere!!!”

Perhaps it felt that Hearts’s swordsmanship was formidable, because it seemed determined to take care of Dontas first.

The monster pressed Dontas with unexpected speed.

Clang-! Clang-!

The monster's hand and Dontas' axe clashed, creating a tremendous noise.

As Dontas continued to block the monster’s attacks, Hearts, who was behind it, quickly approached and cut through its torso again.

But again, the monster's body didn't get cut cleanly.

There seemed to be a reason why its torso was made of slime.

To make matters worse, Hearts’s sword got stuck in the monster’s torso and wouldn’t come out.

This meant that Hearts no longer had a weapon.

As soon as his sword got stuck in the monster's torso, Hearts tried to pull it out, but then, as if realizing it was useless, he immediately looked at me and shouted.

“Please help me!”

What should I say?

He was a very interesting Paladin.

To think he would ask for help as soon as he lost his sword.

Usually, people try to do everything they can before asking for help.

“If I lose my sword, there’s not much I can do. Please help me!”

“Ah, yes.”

He was a very reasonable person.

So I decided to help.

Fortunately, the sewers of the Middle Ages were relatively open, so I didn’t have to worry too much about gas explosions even if I used fire magic.

With that in mind, I thought about what magic to use.

What kind of magic should I use to inflict significant damage?

[Thought Acceleration]

I accelerated my thoughts and quickly chose a magic spell.

Lightning magic.

I didn't think water magic would work anyway, so I decided to use lightning magic to catch the monster.

[Lightning Chain]

[Lightning Rod]


[Lightning Spear]

I simultaneously deployed four magic formulas.

It wasn't easy for me either, but it wasn't impossible.

I deployed the formulas and poured mana into them.

I used the minimum amount of mana to complete the formulas, making sure it wasn't wasted.


The monster was immediately electrocuted on the spot.

Dontas was safe because Hearts had used his footwork to pull him to a safe place beforehand, so I was able to use lightning magic freely.

Despite being hit by the magic, the monster didn't die immediately.


Although it seemed to have taken a significant blow, the monster locked eyes with me and charged.


I always used Thought Acceleration during fights.

There was a huge difference between using it and not using it.

It took me less than 0.1 seconds to deploy the Teleportation formula and pour mana into it.

Fortunately, the monster wasn't that fast, so I was able to teleport behind it and buy some time to use magic.


Lightning magic seemed to be effective, but it lacked a finishing blow.

There were more powerful spells, but using them in the sewers would likely cause an explosion.

So, I asked Dontas and Hearts, who were nearby, for help.

“I'll restrain it for a moment, so please cut off its head then.”

“Got it.”


I could trust their strength.

If I held it back and they both attacked with all their might at once, I was sure they could kill the monster.

With that in mind, I cast my spell.


[Lightning Spear]


[Water Cannon]

I bombarded the monster with spells focused on restraint.

I could use up to seven spells at the same time, but there was no need to use that many in this situation.

It was a bit burdensome...


A spear of lightning shot out and electrocuted the monster. Then, water poured down on the paralyzed monster, sending an electric current through its entire body.

And finally, Bind.

It was a perfect combo.

At that moment, Hearts and Dontas charged in and cut off the weakened monster’s head.


But it wasn't over yet.

It didn't feel like a monster that would die so easily.

So, I immediately used another spell.


[Flame Wind]

I burned the severed neck, making sure it couldn't regenerate.

The body parts began to convulse.

The head was dead and unresponsive, but the slime torso, human arms, and legs twitched like a dying octopus.

Thump-! Thump-!

It swung its fists around indiscriminately.

As if it didn't care who it hit.

But we weren't going to be hit by those blind punches.



“...He got hit.”


Dontas was hit by the monster’s blind punch and slammed against the wall, passing out.

What should I say?

I felt like I was babysitting.

Like watching someone who was trying their best but not getting any results.

I walked over to the fallen Dontas and used a spell.

[Electric Shock]


First, I had to wake him up with an electric shock, then check where he was hurt before healing him.

Healing other people was a surprisingly high-level magic.

The formulas were different for each part of the body.

I had to decide how to heal them myself.

That's why there were people who specialized in healing magic.

After a quick examination...

I found out where Dontas was hurt.

“His spine is slightly damaged, so I'll treat that first. I don't think he's hurt anywhere else.”

“Of all the places to get hurt, it had to be his spine. We would have been in big trouble if you weren't here!”

“No, I think I would have had a hard time on my own.”

I meant it.

Because we were in the sewers, it was difficult to use powerful magic.

In such a situation, the two of them, who used swords and axes, were a great help.


I healed his spine and laid Dontas down properly.

He should be up soon.

He was just down from the shock.

Leaving Dontas like that, Hearts and I went to the monster's corpse to collect our reward.

“Ugh, the smell is awful.”

“It certainly was a strange-looking monster.”

I had never seen such a strange-looking monster in my life.

In a way, it was cute, but most people would have found it repulsive.

With that in mind, I started to put the monster’s body into a special container.

“I have a feeling this will fetch a good price!”

“I think so too.”

If a Paladin said that, it had to be true.

Paladins were experts at evaluating monster corpses.

As we were cleaning up the monster’s corpse, Dontas got up.

“Ugh... my head hurts. What happened?”

“You were hit by a blind punch and slammed into the wall, knocking you unconscious.”

“Ah, I see.”

Dontas said, getting to his feet and joining us in cleaning up the monster’s remains.

This was all money.

We couldn't miss a single piece.

It might have looked grotesque, but we wouldn't have to look at it ever again.

How long had we been cleaning up?


We found something strange in the monster’s remains.

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