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Chapter 3 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

I became an adventurer in other world, still gotta browse through the forum. AWAF,Korean Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Begger,Forum,Master

Become my disciple.

It was a real beggar, carefully eating a piece of stale bread.

Honestly, it was not a common sight to see in this other world.

I'd heard there were beggars among those active on the forum.

But it was my first time seeing one in person, so I was a little surprised.

But that didn't mean I was fazed.

I simply brought him home.

And when I got home, I gave the beggar a shower.

I couldn't stand the filth.

Though I didn't like it when he asked for my name as if we had become close... I still told him my name.

Just in case something happened, I used an alias.

And so began my connection with a beggar.


As I savored the bread and soup, I felt my stomach filling up a bit.

I'd always been a big eater.

That's why living on the streets had been a bit of an ordeal.

Hungry stomach, no food.

So I wandered the streets all day, looking for something to eat.

As I got up from my seat, lost in thought, Silvia, who was sitting in a chair staring into space as if she had been looking at the forum, looked at me and said,

"Then do some cleaning. You know how to sort things, right?"

"Ah, yes."

I'm good at sorting.

Knowing where to put what.

You could say I'm good at categorizing things.

So even as a beggar, I used to organize things as I walked down the street.

Well, it was a pointless endeavor since it would soon be messed up again.

With that thought, I followed Silvia up the stairs to the third floor.

'Can't she just teleport?'

I thought about it, but Silvia must have her reasons.

As we climbed the stairs, we arrived at the third floor.

There was a very large laboratory on the third floor.

"Oh... this is the lab. It's bigger than I thought."

"I enlarged it a bit with magic. It's a bit of a difficult spell, though."

"Ah, yes."

Not that I was particularly curious.

As I listened to her, I began to look around.

Where should I start cleaning?

That's what I was wondering.

I looked around and finally looked at Silvia—

"Then get to cleaning."


Suddenly, I was ordered to clean.

"I said clean. Or do you not want to?"

"Ah, no. It's not that I don't want to... but you have to tell me what to sort and how."

If I made a mistake and categorized something incorrectly, the responsibility would be entirely mine.

That's why I needed to know how to sort.

To avoid making mistakes.

As I spoke, Silvia used magic to retrieve a book wedged somewhere and handed it to me.

"Here, read this and get started. I'm going to get some sleep. Wake me up when you're done."

"Yes, ma'am."

With that, Silvia slowly walked down to the second floor.


It was a pretty thick book.

About 500 pages long, you could say.

Well, it's only natural for a mage to have books like this.

And this was probably on the shorter side.

Judging by what I've seen posted on the forum, there were a lot of really thick books.

With that thought, I began to devour the book.

"...This is easier than I thought."

It was a bit messy—

It was a book about how to categorize things.

But it was a bit disorganized.

As if it was intentionally written to be difficult.

But it wasn't difficult for me.

So I skimmed through the book and immediately started organizing.

"The potions can't be stored with this..."

The contents of the book were already in my head.

So I immediately started organizing the things scattered on the floor.

I gathered the experiment results separately and threw away the trash.

I might be wrong about what I was doing, but if I was wrong, it was more likely that the book was wrong, not me.

I rarely forget what I see once.

How much time had passed?

I had neatly organized the entire laboratory, which was about 3,300 square feet.

By the way, I was curious.

'Could anyone else have done this?'

I was only able to categorize everything because I'm a little better at memorizing things than others. If it had been anyone else, it would have been overwhelming just to touch anything.

But why did she just give me the book and go to sleep?

Thinking it was quite absurd, I went down to the second floor.

And I knocked on Silvia's door.

Knock, knock.

"I'm done cleaning."

Silvia didn't get up despite my words.

She must have been sound asleep.

So I knocked on the door again.

Knocking at a regular tempo might go unnoticed, so I knocked loudly and irregularly.

Bang-! Bang-!

As I knocked like that, the door soon opened and a seemingly annoyed Silvia emerged.

"..You're done already? I haven't even slept for five hours yet."

"Well, how long does that take?"

Honestly, I was a little nervous.

I was worried if I had sorted something incorrectly.

But I trust myself.

If it was me, I must have done a good job.

With that thought, I went up to the third floor with Silvia.


So, I was a little annoyed.

I was planning on sleeping for at least ten hours, but the cleaner woke me up after only five.

I don't know his name yet, so it's probably best to call him a cleaner.

It's a bit awkward to ask his name now.

With that thought, I trudged up to the third floor.

I could have teleported, but that would have completely drained my walking stamina, so I was walking for my health.

Of course, I knew the magic to restore walking stamina... but it came with physical pain.

So it was better to walk intentionally and often.

As I went up to the third floor and opened the door, a clean laboratory came into view.


But I could have done this too.

Just one spell and all the trash would disappear.

Of course, all the research materials would disappear too.

That's why I hired a cleaner.

But it felt like everything had been thrown away.

If that was the case, it would be annoying, but I could just use magic to restore it.

So I asked.

"Did you throw everything away?"

My words came out a little sharp because I might have to go through the hassle.

But the answer was worth hearing.

"No? You gave me the book with the sorting method, so I organized everything according to it."

"...You did all that in five hours?"

That's impossible.

I don't know about other wizards, but it was impossible for an ordinary person to look at that book and organize everything in five hours.

It wasn't even close to impossible.

It was impossible.

It meant it couldn't be done.

But he did it.

Honestly, it was hard to believe.

"...Then I'll check."

"Yes, ma'am."

The cleaner answered confidently.

Honestly, I didn't expect much.

Even if he could read the sorting chart, it was impossible to meticulously categorize everything according to it.

As I inspected the sorted items...

"..It's real."

The lab was perfectly organized.

And it wasn't a small lab, it was 3,300 square feet.

To organize a lab of this size in five hours, you would have to place each item in its designated spot without a single mistake.

At that moment, I realized.

This cleaner, he's a genius.


I felt a little uneasy.

She came in and suddenly muttered, "It's real?" and seemed lost in thought.

'She's not going to kill me all of a sudden, is she?'

I imagined a scenario where she'd say, "You did a great job cleaning," and then kill me.

Logically, it didn't make sense, but wizards weren't exactly known for making sense.

With that chilling thought, I flinched and started to slowly back away from Silvia—


Silvia used magic to pull me closer as I was moving away.

Then, she looked into my eyes and said,

"You, be my disciple."

Honestly, I was a little taken aback.

I had no interest in magic in the first place, and I only came here because she offered me food and shelter.

I had no desire to learn magic.

But looking at Silvia's face in front of me—

"Yes, ma'am."

I couldn't refuse.

I felt a strong intention that she would kill me on the spot if I didn't accept.

Well, she might not have actually killed me, but that's how I felt.

As I accepted,

"Good. Then get some rest today. You've worked hard."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Come to the lab when you wake up tomorrow, and if I'm not there, knock on my door and wake me up."

"Yes, ma'am."

My reactions were slow because the situation was a bit overwhelming.

I came here to clean, and suddenly I'm being chosen as a disciple.

The novelty was overshadowed by the fear that there might be some hidden scheme.

But I couldn't run away.

There was nothing more futile than running away from a mage.

So I had no choice but to become a disciple.

'..Ah, I hate studying.'

I really hated studying.

Ah, I don't want to be a mage-.

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  1. Eidedic memory it seems. Wonder why he hates studying?

    1. Well, it's studying. It's boring even if you have some useful tools available to you. Even if you have photographic memory, memorizing content that doesn't interest you will still bore you. (I assume, considering I unfortunately do not have eidetic/photographic memory)