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Chapter 4 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Fundamentals of Magic

The first day after I woke up like that.

The bed was incredibly comfortable.

So comfortable that I wanted to lie down forever.

But I had a promise to keep with Silvia.

To learn magic.

"...It's not like I'm that talented."

I heard that talented people manifest magic even without learning it.

I didn't seem to be one of them, at least.

Since coming to this other world, I'd tried to use magic from time to time, but nothing worked.

So I had given up on my dream of magic, but yesterday I received a not-so-subtle threat, or rather, an offer, to become her disciple.

So I decided to learn magic starting today.

"Ah, this is such a pain."

I've never been a fan of studying.

Of course, I did well on tests even without studying.

But being good at studying and enjoying studying were two very different things.

Even if you have a head that memorizes everything just by looking at it once, it's no use if you never open the book in the first place.

Of course, I've never done anything that stupid, but you get the idea.

With that thought, I went to find the lab to knock.

Knock, knock.

Always start by knocking politely.

As I knocked gently, the door slowly creaked open.


Along with the sound of the old door opening, I saw Silvia sitting at her desk, engrossed in her research.

She glanced at me, then pushed her work aside for a moment and used magic.

The book that was in the corner flew over to me in an instant.

"Read that and memorize it. Ask if you have any questions. I'll be doing my research."

"Um, may I ask what kind of research you're doing?"

I asked as politely as I could.

I didn't know how much older she was, but she said she was much older.

It was only right to be respectful and use honorifics.

When I asked, Silvia gave a short reply, as if annoyed.

"Dimensional magic."

As soon as I heard that, I knew.

She wanted to go back to Korea.

But I didn't want to.

Of course, when I was broke, I wanted to go home... but now that my room and board were taken care of, was there really any need?

With that thought, I asked again.

"Dimensional magic, so... are you trying to go back to Korea?"

"Yeah. It's too boring here. I can't even play games."

"Can't you make games with magic?"

When I said that, Silvia gave me a look that said I was incredibly stupid.

"...To be able to do that, your brain would have to be beyond human capacity. Then it might be possible."

"Ah, yes, ma'am."

Asking any further seemed like I was picking a fight, so I decided to stop there.

I pulled out a chair and went to the corner.

I didn't want to disturb Silvia while she was doing her research.

The lab was so big that just going to the corner was enough to get some distance.

But then.


Silvia used magic to pull me and the chair towards her.

"Study next to me. Ask if you have any questions."

"Ah, yes, ma'am."

Doesn't it distract you when the teacher is watching you from the side?

That's exactly how I felt right now.

I felt like I was doing something wrong, like I didn't understand anything.

Feeling that way, I slowly checked the cover of the book.

[ Fundamentals of Magic I ]

It seemed to be a book distributed to mages from the magic tower.

As far as I could tell, Silvia didn't seem to have the time to write something like this.

With that thought, I slowly began to read the book.

The book had a table of contents.

I. Wind

II. Water

III. Fire

IV. Earth

'Ugh, I'm already bored.'

I was already bored just looking at the table of contents.

So I decided to take it slow.

And do other things while I was at it.

I glanced at Silvia, then opened the forum.

Countless posts filled the screen.

[Today's Saint's Boobs...jpg][13]

[Why are necromancers such terrible human beings?][4]

[I want to kill those magic tower bastards][2]

[Sometimes I wonder why I don't just kill that shittyprofessor...][6]

There were posts I couldn't resist clicking on, starting with the first one.

[Author: HeroOfOurTime]

[Title: Today's Saint's Boobs...jpg]

[Content: (Picture of a girl with pink hair looking at a monitor after a successful fishing session)]



"Nothing, I think I just figured something out."


I was drawn in by the title, but it seemed like a mistake.

The comments were probably filled with curses.

With that thought, I checked the comments.

L: You lying bitch, you said you'd show boobs


 ㄴ:What is this...

LCthulhu: I'm gonna kill myself if you don't show us boobs

 ㄴ:This is so messed up...

 ㄴ:Just kill yourself already

L:Where boobs? Where boobs?

 ㄴ:Where boobs?

 ㄴ:Where boobs?

 ㄴ:Where boobs?

 ㄴ:Where boobs?

 ㄴ:Where boobs?

 ㄴHeroOfOurTime:Shut up, you asshole

There were a lot of high-level users, but that didn't mean they were all active on the forum.

The reason was simple.

They had busy lives in reality.

Mages were busy with their research, farmers were busy farming, and adventurers were busy adventuring.

I figured martial artists were probably the most active on the forum.

It was a job that didn't really involve much besides walking around town and occasionally extorting money from people.

You could call it a stereotype, but it was the plain truth.

With that thought, I clicked on the next post that piqued my interest.

'Just one more post and then I'll study.'

If I kept browsing the forum, I might get sucked in.

So I decided to read just one more post.

[Author: MayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace]

[Title: Why are necromancers such terrible human beings?]

[Content: They're all crazy psychopaths who traffic people.]

L: Well, that's their job

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: That's just an excuse.

 ㄴ:What am I supposed to do about it?;

LHeroOfOurTime: I have a necromancer humiliation doujin, wanna trade for two bottles of holy water?

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace:...Leave a comment.


'What the hell is wrong with this guy?'

If you're going to commit to a persona, at least do it properly. If you keep throwing out temptations like that, people won't even try to resist and will just give in.

That being said, I was a little curious about the necromancer humiliation doujin.

Necromancers were usually depicted as voluptuous and into BDSM... I shook off the irrelevant thought.

It was then that I started studying.

I figured I should at least learn the basics since I was supposed to be learning magic.

With that thought, I read the first chapter.


To be honest, it was a little easy.

I understood what it was saying, if that made sense.

I guess that's what made it basic.

If even the basics were difficult, no one would even try to get started.

With that thought, I read the detailed explanation about wind.

How much time had passed?



Night fell, and the only sounds in the lit laboratory were the sounds of pages turning and scribbling.

I bet Silvia was browsing the forum too.


"Ah, I'm done..."

I had finally finished reading the book, though I had no idea how much time had passed.

I felt a sense of accomplishment.

As I said that and looked to the side, Silvia took my book.

She stared at me intently before speaking.

"Tell me the formula needed to create a fireball."

"Ah, that's-"

Fundamentals of Magic was exactly what it sounded like: fundamentals.

It only had weak-looking magic spells like fireball.

So it was easy to answer.

After I rattled off the answer, a moment later...

"Hmm... Then the flame wind formula as well."

"That wasn't in the book, though?"

"Just improvise and create it."

"Um... Then like this-"

I improvised and created the flame wind formula.

And then, the flame wind formula suddenly activated.


The book burst into flames.

"Uh... I didn't mean to do that."

"...You managed to burn only the book."

I really didn't mean to do it.

I couldn't swear to God... or at least, not entirely.

And then, a moment later...

"Alright, let's retake the test."

Silvia restored the book to its original state using magic, then put up a barrier around it before starting the test again.

How much time passed?

Finally, the test was over.

"Alright, you passed. Now take the book and study even in your sleep."

"But I can't study in my sleep."

As I said that-

Silvia whacked me over the head with a nearby wooden stick.

"Are you talking back to your master...?"

"I'm sorry."

And so, the day I mastered Fundamentals of Magic I in a single day.

I began learning Fundamentals of Magic II.

'Ugh... I really hate studying.'

That was my honest feeling.

I had learned the basics of magic today by learning Fundamentals of Magic I.

It wasn't that difficult, just using formulas to manipulate mana.

But Fundamentals of Magic II seemed a little more challenging.

Of course, I could understand it quickly if I put in the effort... but the process was just so tedious.

With that thought, I headed to my room.

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