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Chapter 5 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Instead of going to sleep, I went out to the yard for a while.

Originally, I was just going to sleep deeply, but seeing what Silvia said, it seemed like I would be facing a real challenge soon, so it seemed wise to practice in advance.

And then, I try to use magic.

I understood all of Fundamentals of Magic I, but apart from using flame wind, I had not actually tried any magic.

So, practicing outside was necessary.

Theory and practice are different.

This is a three-story mansion a little away from the city.

If magic is used moderately, there should be no sign of magic elsewhere.

"So... fire magic..."

I did use the flame wind, one of the fire magics, but it wasn't that difficult.

It's like casting it as you think.

But controlling the output was a bit difficult.

So, it seemed necessary to adjust it finely... I felt like I needed to try it out.

I put mana directly into the formula in my head.

And then—


The wind of fire strikes the air strongly.

"I didn't control this."

Since it was a technique from the Fundamentals of Magic I book, it wasn't that strong.

Perhaps I need to get a more advanced book to learn stronger magic.

But I didn't feel like going that far.

Based on the information I got from the forum, acquiring an advanced magic book was rumored to be very difficult.

With thoughts like that, as I poured mana into the formula, I delicately controlled the mana to prevent it from leaking out as much as possible.

It's like coloring practice.

"Talking about coloring practice makes it seem like there's hardly anything to it."

But that was the truth.

How well one could infuse mana into a predetermined formula determined the level of a mage.

The more complex the formula, the harder it was to keep the mana from leaking out.

“So… like this here.”

Using the technique of the Flame Wind again.



A wind of fire, seemingly several times larger than before, flew towards the mansion—

Driven by a sudden gust of wind.

And after a moment.


It seemed like I would have to brace myself for a scolding.

* * *


I lay in bed to sleep, but today, sleep did not come easily.

Was it because there was someone of the opposite gender in the mansion?

That was not it at all.

I had no interest in the opposite sex to begin with.

There was only one reason I couldn't sleep.

A sense of accomplishment.

It was a feeling I hadn't experienced in a long time.

Whenever the surrounding wizards told me to take on a disciple, I would always respond with something like, "What disciple?" But perhaps because my disciple's learning ability was unbelievably exceptional, it felt rewarding to teach.

"...Faster than me."

I had also mastered magic with incredible talent when I came to this world, but my disciple's growth rate was even faster.

However, there was one problem.

It didn't seem like he was putting in much effort.

'I finished it in three days.'

Even though he had completed the Fundamentals of Magic I in just one day, there was no sign of joy on his face.

As if learning magic was a bother.

I couldn't understand that attitude at all.

"How can magic not be fun?"

Infusing mana into a technique and creating new techniques—how could that not be fun?

Just watching it was entertaining.

Thinking such thoughts, I got up from the bed and sat on a chair, looking outside.



I could see a man with black hair outside.

"...He's not the type to work hard."

It had only been a day since I met my disciple, but I had already figured out his character.

A person with talent but no will.

That was my disciple.

Yet, here he was, practicing outside at dawn.

It could be said that it was a ghostly sight.

But at that moment.


The disciple used flame wind in the air.

‘Hmm, not bad.’

It was certainly a talent of the highest caliber.

A talent surpassing my own.

I watched the disciple with admiration.

But then.


The disciple used the flame wind again, and it swept through the air, striking the mansion.

Fortunately, it didn't reach the second floor where I resided.

“..I guess I'll have to make tomorrow's test harder.”

I vowed for a small revenge.

How dare he set the house on fire.

* * *

So, after practicing magic at dawn, slightly scorching the 1st floor wall with fire, I quickly returned to the 2nd floor and lay down on the bed.

However, sleep did not come.

Perhaps because the corners of the room looked too eerie.

Unable to sleep, I logged into the forum.

Today, who will be there?

["Today's Mage Panties Black...jpg"]

[Running in the dawn ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ]

[It's dawn, so it's refreshing...]

[Mages whose morning is actually now, thumbs up lol ㅋㅋ]

As I browsed through the posts, I came across an intriguing one and clicked on it.

[Author: DieIllegally]

[Title: Mages whose morning is actually now, thumbs up lol ㅋㅋ]

[Content: whose day and night have changed, let's press the thumbs up button, shall we?]

[Likes: 13] [Dislikes: 28]

L: ?? Why the dislikes?

 ㄴ: It's bragging, you bastard.

 ㄴ: Real bragging lol

L: I wish those wizard bastards would get raped to their souls by a Necromancer, that's my long-time wish.

 ㄴDieIllegally: I'm going to find you by using location tracking magic, idiot.

 ㄴ: Yeah, if you were at that level, you'd have already escaped from here.

 ㄴDieIllegally: Shit lol


I think it's right to leave a comment on this.

So I left a comment.

L: I wish those wizard bastards would get raped to their souls by a Necromancer, that's my long-time wish.

 ㄴDieIllegally: I'm going to find you by using location tracking magic, idiot.

 ㄴ: Yeah, if you were at that level, you'd have already escaped from here.

 ㄴDieIllegally: Shit lol

 ㄴReallyDirtPoor: What does it mean to escape from here?

As soon as I posted the comment, a reply was posted.

Maybe it's because it's dawn for everyone.

They seem to be good at replying to comments.

With that thought, I checked the comment.

 ㄴReallyDirtPoor: What does it mean to escape from here?

 ㄴDieIllegally: When wizards transcend, they can go to Earth using dimensional magic, so if they're skilled enough to track the location of someone browsing the forum, it means they've already escaped from here.

I already had an idea of this.

Because Silvia had told me.

Therefore, I left another comment.

I knew it was a nuisance, but there was nothing as certain as asking a mage.

 ㄴ ReallyDirtPoor: Then wouldn't everyone be a wizard? Why bother with martial arts?

As soon as I left a comment, another one popped up.

 ㄴ DieIllegally: All the martial artists are idiots, and you can't be a wizard without talent lol.

 ㄴ ReallyDirtPoor: Oh.

No wonder.

Now I understand why not everyone is a mage.

I was wondering why everyone wasn't a wizard, and that's why.

By the way, I found out something a little shocking.

"More importantly than that for now..."

I heard that transcending allows you to travel to Earth using dimensional magic.

I don't know if it's a rumour, but that anonymous user was a very famous wizard in the forum.

Therefore, the likelihood of him lying was low.

Of course, I heard it from Silvia last time, but getting this cross-check made it certain.

"Is transcending possible?"

Transcending was a level above an Archmage.

It's been said that no Archmage has ever transcended before.

However, seeing the wizard's reaction, it seemed that there was a wizard who had transcended.

That's why they say that if you transcend, you can return to Earth through dimensional magic.

With that in mind, I left a concluding comment.

 ㄴ ReallyDirtPoor: I knew it all along.

And then I closed the forum.

I found out everything I wanted to know.

'Oh, well.'

In fact, I didn't need to worry about transcendence or anything.

Right now, I had just finished Fundamentals of Magic I.

The level of 'transcendence' was too far off for me.

With that thought in mind, I fell asleep.

How much time had passed?

Chirp chirp—

I woke up because of the sound of birds outside.

As much as I wanted to go back to sleep in my mind, I was already awake and couldn't fall back asleep.

Thinking about that, I headed to my room.

As I sluggishly made my way downstairs, there was already a guest.

"Oh, hello."


Silvia was already there, eating.

Since it was boring to just eat, I struck up a conversation with Silvia.


"Did you set the fire yesterday?"

"How did you know...?"

It seemed like I did it very quietly.

I was curious how she found out.

As I stared at Silvia with that gaze—

"There are warding and protection magic spells cast on the mansion. Naturally, I would know."

I didn't know that fact.

First, it seemed appropriate to apologize.

So, I immediately apologized.

"Um... I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose, I was just practicing."

After apologizing, Silvia chuckled and spoke.

"If you feel that sorry, then go buy something in the city."

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