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Chapter 60 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

As soon as the exam began, I opened the test paper and checked the questions.

'There are these kinds of questions too.'

There were several questions about the families that were ruling the human world.

Other than that, most of the questions were about human nature and characteristics.

Since they were all things I was familiar with, I had no difficulty answering the questions.

'This is easy.'

Scribble, scribble-.

I quickly wrote down the answers.

However, I stopped the pen that was moving when I came across a question.

It was something that felt very unfamiliar to me.

'This is…….'

It wasn't a multiple choice question, but an essay question.

The content of the question was as follows:

What are your thoughts on humans? (No points awarded)

A question with no points.

Considering that essay questions usually have more points than multiple-choice questions, I couldn't help but wonder.

And doesn't the question itself seem a bit strange?

'What do I think about humans.'

It was a question that only required me to write my thoughts, but I couldn't write an answer.

The students of Sytan would think of humans as their nemesis and enemy.

Then what about me…….

'It was the humans who trampled on my bloodline and family.'

But strictly speaking, my enemy wasn't humans.

It was true that the original Adel suffered because of humans.


'I'm also their father.'

Numerous humans and demons.

I was the one who created both of them.

That's why I couldn't write an answer and just stared at the question.

For now,

'It would be right to call them the enemy.'

Sytan's goal.

It was to kill the students of the Imperial Academy and eventually rule the human world.

Then I just need to give them the answer they want.

'……It feels disgusting though.'


I wrote just one word.

I could have written insulting remarks about humans, but I was quite reluctant to do so.


And just like that, the bell rang, signaling the end of the human understanding subject exam.

* * *

Second Exam Period

The second exam that started right after was Weaponry, which Ares was in charge of.

We left the classroom and went outside for the exam.

And then we could see Ares waiting for us at the training ground.

"You're all here."

Ares muttered after looking over the students once.

"Let me tell you how the exam will be conducted."

Ares explained how the Weaponry exam would proceed.

The rules were simple.

Each student would showcase their full power and spar with Instructor Ares, who would use his ‘real’ strength.

It didn’t matter what weapon they used.

“Students who primarily use magic can use it instead of a weapon. After all, this exam was originally intended to improve their lacking stamina and combat instincts.”


“You must follow this one rule. Do not run away from the fight because you are afraid. That is the only rule of this exam.”

It meant that there were no exceptions once you started.

Luna, who had been listening to the explanation in silence, turned pale at those words.

Could it be that she had intended to forfeit?

‘……Rather than that.’

It seemed that she had instinctively noticed that Ares was serious about the exam and was frightened.

After all, the aura he was exuding today was extraordinary.

‘A duel with the instructor...? This is brutal.’

The students were filled with fear.

Ares ignored them and called the students’ names in order.

The students were called out one by one.

Ares did not show mercy, just as he had said, and fully unleashed his power.

‘He really is merciless…….’

‘He defeated them in an instant.’

The students couldn’t withstand Ares’ fist for even a few seconds.

Ares used only his fists against the students who were armed with weapons.

The vast gap between the students and Ares.

The students felt the difference in their strength to the bone, and they were somewhat depressed.

“Samuel, come out.”

Ares called out.

Samuel was small in stature, but he exuded a stronger presence than any of the other students.

Thus began the confrontation.

“Use all your strength.”


Samuel nodded and revealed his unique ability.

Grotesquely bumpy masses with thorn-like teeth visible between them.

Samuel spread out his Gluttony and reached out towards Ares.

Ares muttered as he watched the Gluttony approaching him.

“I guess I’ll have to use a little more strength.”

Ares drew his sword from its sheath.


The sword was soon painted red.

The manifestation of Sword Lacquer.

Ares' main attribute seemed to be fire, as the blade was dyed red.

‘As expected of Instructor Ares.’

Unlike Rene, who could only use it for a split second, Ares wielded his Sword Lacquer steadily and stably.

Was this the realm of perfect Sword Lacquer?


No matter how strong Samuel was, it seemed he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long against Ares, who was using his Sword Lacquer.

Just as I had expected.


As Ares swung his sword, Samuel’s Gluttony was cut off.


But Samuel didn’t give up and restored his Gluttony.

It was at that moment that Ares, who had been watching with interest, swung his sword again.

*Clang, clang, clang!*

Gluttony revealed its numerous teeth and began to chew on Ares’s sword.

It wasn’t a force to be ignored, as the muscles in Ares’s arm began to twitch.

“Not bad.”

Ares let out a genuine exclamation of admiration.

It was commendable to possess this level of skill as a first-year.

After all, ordinary students wouldn’t even be able to catch a glimpse of Ares’s sword.


“It’s dull.”

As Ares swung his sword with several bursts of strength, Gluttony was torn to shreds as if it had been cut at some point.


Samuel’s eyes widened at this.

Overwhelming speed and power.

Before Samuel could even think to do anything else, Ares had already arrived in front of him.

“Do you have anything else?”

Ares asked, pointing his sword at Samuel’s neck.

The moment Samuel gritted his teeth and looked up at Ares.


Teeth sprang out from behind and bit Ares on the shoulder.

It was one of the pieces of Gluttony that Ares had severed and left alone.

“I seem to be getting injured in the shoulder a lot lately.”

Ares muttered, but there was no sense of crisis in his voice.

Samuel had managed to land a critical blow, but…

It wasn’t enough to subdue Ares.

Samuel’s Gluttony had run out of strength and disappeared with a thud.

Ares chuckled and retracted his sword from Samuel’s neck.

“Now that I see it, your judgment isn’t bad either. You can go now.”


Samuel still looked dissatisfied, but he obediently nodded and retreated.

And next up…

‘It’s my turn.’

I realized that Ares’s gaze was now directed at me.

“Adel, come out.”

As expected, he called me.

I pulled out the Fang of Darkness from my waist and faced Ares.

‘He told me to go all out.’

So there was no reason to use an ordinary dagger.

It didn’t matter if I used all my tricks, Ares would still be able to defeat me.


Ares said, pointing his sword, which was painted red with Sword Lacquer.

A thick killing intent emanated from him as if he intended to properly punish me this time.

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