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Chapter 60 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Before the fight,

“Can you wait a moment?”

I suggested to Ares.

“Is there something you need to prepare?”

“Well, to be exact, I’d like you to show me one thing.”

Ares’s brow furrowed at my unexpected words.

“What do you want me to show you?”

"It's not difficult. I just want you to show me the process of coating your sword with Sword Lacquer from the beginning."


“I think I’ll be able to get a feel for it.”


Ares let out a hollow laugh, as if he were dumbfounded by my impudent remark.

“You can’t use the Sword Lacquer just by watching it once. You have to achieve enlightenment……”


I cut off Ares’s words, which seemed to be getting longer.

And I uttered a dignified demand.

“Just show me once.”


Ares’s face became even more distorted as if he felt offended.

Soon, Ares let out a sigh and opened his mouth.

“Fine. I’ll show you once.”

*Watch carefully.*

Adding that Ares withdrew his Sword Lacquer, and the sword returned to its pure white color.


Then, red mana began to fill Ares' blade.

The red mana was compressed at a speed that could not be read unless one had excellent dynamic vision.

And the sword transformed as if only its color had been painted.

"Do you think you can use this?"

Ares growled and asked.

It was a remark closer to a threat than a question.

His tone was filled with the conviction that I would never be able to use the Sword Lacquer.

And that statement was valid.

Halfway, that is.

‘……You can’t use it by trying to understand it with your head.’

I was lost in thought, reviewing the series of movements that Ares had shown me.

'I still can't use Sword Lacquer with my head.'

Experience and skill.

It was because I lacked both.


‘……I think I can do it.’

Ironically, it seemed that I could use the Sword Lacquer if I didn’t use my head.

Because there was a talent in my body that could offset my lack of experience and skill.

I decided not to understand.

With my thoughts stopped-.


I infused mana into the dagger.

That was the moment.

The blade turned black.


My body and the sword began to resonate.

Just like breathing, my ego was sucked into the dagger.

Soon, my body succeeded in thinly expelling mana.

Not my head, but my body instinctively controlled the mana perfectly.

“How is it?”

I asked, looking at Ares.


Ares remained silent, unable to respond.

His gaze was fixed on my dagger.

A dagger painted black.

‘I couldn’t contain the chaos attribute.’

It was disappointing, but even though I had succeeded in manifesting Sword Lacquer, I couldn't imbue it with the chaos attribute.

I had only managed to imbue it with the Bares' darkness attribute.

If I had contained the chaos attribute, it would have been painted gray, not black.

Manifesting Sword Lacquer itself was a joyous occasion, but I felt a slight sense of disappointment.

‘I could easily apply the chaos attribute when using the Stealth skill.’

I couldn't imbue Sword Lacquer or any other traits with the chaos attribute.

Was it also luck that I succeeded in obtaining Absolute Stealth?

‘Still, I feel good.’

I had expected it to take at least a few years to use Sword Lacquer.

But after seeing Rene's Sword Lacquer, I manifested it in just a few days.

As I was making a satisfied smile.


In that breathtaking silence, I heard Ares’s gasp mixed with admiration.

I succeeded in manifesting the Sword Lacquer just by holding the dagger.

“......I guess I have to acknowledge your talent.”

Ares spoke as if he had seen a rare genius.

The talent my body possessed wasn’t something that an ordinary person could understand.

A god-given talent only for daggersmanship and assassination.

Since I was the one who had given myself that talent, a smile formed on my lips.


"It's still impossible..."

My smile didn't last long.

I succeeded in manifesting the Sword Lacquer with just my body’s talent, but I overlooked the amount of mana used for the Sword Lacquer.

Just 5 seconds.

The time I could maintain the Sword Lacquer was very short.

Still, with my body's talent, I could make good use of those 5 seconds.

After organizing my thoughts, I spoke to Ares.

“Shall we begin?”


The moment Ares nodded.

Without a word.


Our swords clashed and intertwined.

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