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Chapter 62 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I wonder which class president he had already fought with.

Baltan shows interest and jealousy in his opponent's specialty or strength and shows a desire to climb up on him.

That kind of guy became interested in me, so I could see what would happen in the future.

‘I hope he doesn’t act annoyingly.’

I prayed for that as I walked.

“Over here.”

Baltan stopped walking and stopped in front of a door.

[ Conference Room ]

A nameplate was attached to the door.

The aura felt from inside was extraordinary.

There were several people with powers comparable to Baltan.


‘The one emanating the strongest aura is the principal.’

It’s probably right.

According to Baltan, the principal called for this meeting.


Baltan grabbed the doorknob and turned it.

I followed him into the conference room.

* * *

Right after Baltan, the class president of class E, left the conference room to bring the class president of class A.

A boy sitting on a chair yawned.

It was ‘Aeron’, the class president of class B.

One of the Seven Deadly Sins, the embodiment of Sloth, he gave off a decadent atmosphere because of his slightly covered black hair and seemingly frail body.

Aeron spoke, leaning comfortably on the sofa and yawning greatly.

“I heard the class president of class A is the descendant of the Lust family…… If that vulgar thing is the class president, there’s nothing more to see……”

Aeron’s tone clearly disregarded class A.

Among the Seven Deadly Sins families, Guwar, the embodiment of Greed and the class president of class D, who had been listening to those words silently, opened his mouth.

A guy with sturdy muscles that were hard to believe belonged to a seventeen-year-old.

Just as the instructors had predicted during the entrance exam, the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins had begun to stand out, and so they were given the class president positions.

“But I heard there’s a guy in class A who succeeded Gluttony.”

“Gluttony? I heard they were destroyed.”

“One of them survived, but of course, now their family is so shameful that even being associated with the Seven Deadly Sins is shameful.”

Guwar let out a cackle.

To them, class A didn’t even qualify to be in this meeting.

Of course, there was also an objection.

“……There’s a strong guy in class A too.”

Rene, who had come to the meeting following Diana, the class president of class C, spoke.

Originally, Rene wouldn’t have been able to participate in this meeting because she wasn’t a class president, but thanks to the discretion of Diana, who was also the Demon King’s daughter, she was able to attend the meeting.

Rene was a skilled individual recognized by other class presidents, so Aeron asked with surprise at her words that there was a student she recognized in Class A.

“Hmm, was there such a person?”

Guwar let out a snicker.

“It seems like you know who it is, are you talking about that half-Demon brat who looked so unpleasant during the entrance exam?”

An unpleasant-looking brat.

Rene opened her mouth at this.

“……He’s not unpleasant looking.”

Rene inwardly expressed her dissatisfaction with the other students’ evaluations.

The student she was talking about was Adel.

At first, she had also been put off by Adel’s appearance, but now that she had gotten used to it, she thought he looked fine.

In the first place, Rene was not the type to care about appearances.

Just as Rene was about to open her mouth.

“Now, now, everyone calm down.”

Diana clapped her hands, stopping the children’s conversation.

Her gaze was directed at the girl sitting at the head of the conference room.

A petite figure with deep pink hair.

In contrast to this, she had tattoos that were so dense they were almost garish.

The principal of Sytan, Luzian.

Luzian spoke as her gaze focused on her.

“I’ve been paying quite a bit of attention to that student as well. Since the establishment of Sytan, he’s the only half-Demon to become a class president.”

Luzian’s words caused a great commotion among the class presidents.

"Wasn't the child of Lust the class president?"

“Huh, I can’t believe it.”


Rene also blinked her eyes at this story that she was hearing for the first time.

Thinking about it, Adel had never really talked about himself.

He would just listen to other people’s stories.

Rene frowned at this, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

“What, is your escort amazing?”


Even as Diana approached her with a chuckle, Rene could not open her mouth due to a strange feeling.

Rene could not figure out that this feeling was a kind of regret.

Luzian smiled faintly at the reactions of the various class presidents.

‘I’ve been curious about what kind of child he is.’

A half-demon student who had earned Ares' vigilance and boosted Idea's pride.

According to her personal information, Rene’s escort had been personally appointed by Crete, the head of the Bares family.

He had even managed to break through her aura during the entrance exam.

‘He was an interesting kid.’

His individual strength might have been inferior to the children of the Seven Deadly Sins, but he seemed more dangerous than anyone else.

What was he hiding?

Lucian secretly wanted to confirm Adel’s true identity.

Whether he was worth Ares' vigilance.

And that opportunity,

“It’s hard to admit.”

came when Guwar raised his large frame.

His muscles twitched with fighting spirit.

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