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Chapter 63 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin


Baltan opened the door.

I entered the conference room and stopped in my steps.

“You're the class president of Class A?”

A massive student, clenching his fists, directed an intense fighting spirit towards me.

The atmosphere was strange as if it would turn into a fight at any moment.

I rolled my eyes.

'What is this situation?'

I just followed Baltan into the conference room.

Why is Guwar, who is presumed to be a family of the Seven Deadly Sins, picking a fight with me?

……Is it a trap made by Baltan?

I looked back slightly, and the sight of Baltan tilting his head came into view.

It meant that Baltan also did not know the reason why Guwar was picking a fight all of a sudden.

What the heck?

The moment I hardened my expression because of the incomprehensible situation.

"The idiot behind you is the one who lost to a mere half-demon."


Fron opened her eyes wide.

She must have been offended by Guwar's crude criticism of her.

It was natural for her to be offended by his attitude, which did not even have a speck of manners.


“These bugs are having a meeting with us? The passing Cerberus would laugh. Don't you think so?”

“Well, it's not wrong……”

Guwar's continued ridicule.

The boy behind him, who appeared to be the child of Sloth, expressed his agreement.

I quickly grasped the situation with a hardened expression.

'……The enemy is everywhere.'

Diana and Baltan were watching Guwar and me with interesting gazes as if they had no intention of intervening.

For some reason, Rene was staring at me with a face full of dissatisfaction.

Fron was trembling with humiliation, but she could not refute Guwar's words.

I calmly observed this series of events and sorted out the situation.

'Is it something the Principal set up?'

The tattooed girl who was watching this situation quietly with a puzzled expression.

If it was the Principal, she would have been able to stop Guwar, who was rushing at me.

Because she had subdued thousands of students with a single word.

However, the fact that Guwar was acting strong meant that there was the Principal's tacit permission.

‘I think I know the reason, too.’

They were curious about me.

Everyone here,

They’re all interested in the existence called ‘me’ and have come out to test me.

……Guwar seemed to have done it because he didn’t like the fact that I, a half-demon, was assigned the same position as him.

‘I guess I need to show them a little something.’

I didn’t plan on revealing all my abilities here.

However, I had a reason to continuously show my potential and abilities that were no less than the children of the Seven Deadly Sins.


This much should be fine.

“Oh my, are you not going to answer?”

*Poke, poke.*

Guwar repeatedly poked my forehead.

Then, a dagger popped out from the back of my hand.

At the same time.


I widened my eyes and released my killing intent.

An aura thickly imbued with mana was released towards Guwar.

Guwar, who was startled by the sudden turn of events, activated his ability.


In an instant, a hardness that ridiculously surpassed Defensive Aura dwelled in Guwar’s body.

“You half-breed bastard!”

Guwar cursed and reached out his fist towards me.


I was no longer there.

I activated Position Exchange, extended an arrow, and switched the position of the scabbard hanging from Guwar’s waist with mine.

Slipping into Gwar's embrace, I summoned Black Blades.

As many as thirteen blades.


“You’re using a cheap trick!”

Gwar, instantly recognizing the lack of mana imbued in the numerous blades, swung his fist.

*Thud, thud-*

As Guwar continuously struck the black blades, only a few were able to pierce his forearm.

Even those were so weak that they couldn’t deal any significant damage to Guwar.

*Drip, drip.*

Amidst the drops of blood spurting from Guwar’s fist and the daggers flying through the air.

There was one dagger that was particularly dark.

*Hum, hum-*.

In that split second, I activated Sword Lacquer.

Even Guwar wouldn’t be able to ignore this.

No matter how great the ability of Hardening was, at Guwar’s current level, he wouldn’t be able to block Sword Lacquer.


*Slash, slash, slash-*

Guwar had to allow my dagger to pierce and slice through his forearm.


Guwar screamed and clutched his forearm, collapsing to the floor.

He gasped for breath and glared up at me with eyes consumed by rage.

But I could see it.

Guwar was feigning his anger, and with the realization that he could not defeat me, he had finally lost his will to fight.

Several seconds passed like that.


Guwargritting his teeth in frustration, rose from his seat.

The blood flowing from Guwar ’s forearm had stopped.

But he no longer charged at me.

When our eyes met, he quickly turned his head away, avoiding my gaze.

He had tucked his tail between his legs.

He had realized that I was on par with him, or perhaps even stronger.

The atmosphere in the conference room changed in an instant.

“You’re stronger than I thought?”

Baltan looked at me with admiration.

“……Another skill I don’t know about.”

Rene glared at me with dissatisfaction.

“As expected of my slave.”

For some reason, Fron puffed out her chest with pride.

“Impressive. As expected of Rene’s escort.”

“Not bad at all……”

Diana and Aeron looked at me with interest.

Their reactions were different.

But one thing was for sure.

The one with the strongest presence in the conference room was none other than me.


I looked away from Guwar and turned to the Principal.


The Principal tried to remain expressionless, but she couldn’t hide the faint smile playing on her lips.

I opened my mouth to speak to her.

“Are you satisfied now?”

“That was enough.”

The Principal replied with a gentle smile.

She had never intended to hide it in the first place, and she readily admitted that she had been testing me.

At that, Guwar scratched the back of his head and stood up.

“I’ll admit it. You deserve to be here.”

“Loser, shut up. Who are you to admit anything……”


I ignored Guwar, who was about to lose his temper again, and continued speaking to the Principal.

“Can I sit down now?”

“Please sit over here.”

The principal pointed to the seat right next to her as the place for me to sit.

The meaning of the seat right next to the head seat was clear.

The principal had acknowledged that I was a top-notch performer even in this place.

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