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Chapter 63 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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-Pitter, patter…

Raindrops began to fall from the sky.

The sudden autumn rain showed no signs of letting up.

The weather mirrored the somber mood perfectly.

A procession of people stretched across the field, the thin rain drawing lines across the scenery.

We were at the Square of Seasons, a park located near the main building of Reynolds Academy.

Originally, it was a place that boasted a different kind of beauty with each passing season.

But today, there was no vibrancy to be found.

Was it because of the dark clouds obscuring the sun?

Or was it because of the shadows cast by the people gathered below?

I pondered for a moment, but ultimately, I couldn't arrive at an answer and lowered my head.


I could feel the rain falling on the ill-fitting black mourning clothes I wore.

The cold shower seemed to be eating away at the little warmth I had left in my heart.

The raindrops grew heavier as if trying to devour everyone present.

Autumn had arrived like a storm.

As I stared blankly into the distance, a faint voice reached my ears.

"Thank you to everyone for joining us today…"

"In memory of Professor Lucas, Head Professor, who has now departed to be with the stars after the tragedy a fortnight ago…"

Turning my stiff neck to the side, I saw Professor Sharon standing on a small platform.

She was reciting a eulogy, her voice trembling.

I quietly engraved the image of the woman's shaking blue eyes into my mind.

In front of me stood a neatly arranged gray tombstone.

[A hero who saved the Empire from danger, and a teacher who gave his life for his students.]

[Lucas Crayden, rests here.]

Those were the words etched onto the tombstone.

My stomach churned as I read the inscription, devoid of any color or warmth.

"Professor Lucas was a role model for all educators…"

"He was a dependable colleague to his fellow professors and a respected teacher to his students…"

Sharon's voice mixed with the sound of the rain, creating a cacophony.

I struggled to keep my legs from giving out.

As I stood there, hiding my emotions behind a mask of indifference, someone spoke to me from my right.

“...Hey, Maniac, you doing alright?”

It was a familiar voice, yet it sounded different somehow.

Perhaps it was the absence of his usual flippant tone.

I glanced at Golden Boy, who was looking at me cautiously, and replied flatly,

“I’m fine.”

“Is that so…”

Golden Boy looked away without another word.

He seemed to lose interest in me for a moment before speaking again.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Why are we standing here? I only came because you told me to stand in the front row…”

“Couldn’t be helped.”

The spot where Golden Boy and I were standing.

The space right in front of the tombstone was actually reserved for the Headmistress, Korn.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, she was unable to attend the funeral, and we were filling in for her.

And if you were wondering why it had to be us…

"I'd like Student Raiden and Student Golden Boy to stand in my place."

"As the key figures who resolved the attack during the field trip, I believe others will understand."

"I apologize for burdening you with this task as well."

I couldn't refuse her request.

After all, Korn was the one who was hurting the most right now.

She was in a position where she couldn't even express her grief over the death of her beloved.

I wanted to give her at least this much.

I brushed back my damp hair.

The tears falling from the sky traced a path down my forehead.

As I stood there, lost in my thoughts, I noticed Sharon preparing for the final part of the ceremony.

"Professor Lucas always enjoyed recording things…"

"He would always leave his thoughts and stories in his crystal ball."

"Whenever asked about it, he would say that it was a habit he had picked up during the war, leaving behind his last words just in case."

It was a story I was familiar with.

He had told me himself.

Sharon then retrieved something familiar from beneath the podium.

The moment I saw it, I couldn't help but shudder.

"This… is the last crystal ball Professor Lucas recorded."

"It was recorded on the first day of this month."

"Before we send Professor Lucas off to the stars, I wanted to let you hear his voice one last time."

It was the crystal ball from that day.

The one he had shown me when I asked him about it while we were resting at the training ground.

Sharon muttered something under her breath and channeled her magic into the crystal ball.

The image within the crystal ball projected into the air, magnified for all to see.

-"You look pale, Student Raiden."

The recording began with the same words I remembered from that day.

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