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Chapter 64 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The scent of flowers

-You look unwell, Student Raiden.

-Is something bothering you?

On the screen, the face of a man I could no longer see was being projected.

The scene of our conversation was captured exactly as it was.

I stared blankly at the afterimage of the one who had departed.

-Everything will be alright. You're doing well enough.

-I know you're working harder than anyone else, Student Raiden...

-Why else do you think I'm giving you one-on-one lessons?

His characteristically positive energy seemed to overflow from beyond the crystal ball.

Professor Lucas had a bright smile on his face, but those who looked at him couldn't do the same.

I could hear the muffled sobs of students from all around.

-Yes... That war was hell. But it wasn't all there was.

-On the battlefield overflowing with rage and sorrow, I saw something at the end of it all.

-Children... innocent children who didn't lose their smiles even when looking at their burned-down hometowns.

The professors weren't any different.

Sharon's face was already a mess of tears, and Aron and Kate were trembling, focusing on the deceased's last words ringing in their ears.

-Seeing them gave me hope in life.

-I felt like I could do anything to protect those bright smiles.

I couldn't see very well because I was in the front row.

But at least everyone who had a connection with Professor Lucas seemed to be shedding tears.

Only the faint sound of sorrow echoed through the park, shrouded in grief.

I had to use all my strength to keep my carefully constructed mask of indifference from slipping.

The video was already nearing its end.

-Alright! Since Student Raiden is right here... how about my goal for this month be to hear Student Raiden call me 'Master'?

-You're the only student in the Academy who inherited my unique magic, so wouldn't it be fair to call us master and disciple?

-Just you wait...! I've set it as my goal for this month!

I felt a lump in my throat.

Or maybe my throat really was closing up.

Something cold pierced my lungs.

An ordinary day that I had thoughtlessly let pass now struck me like a sharp boomerang.

The title of 'Master'.

Come to think of it, I had never called him that.

I had several opportunities, but I let them slip away, thinking it would be awkward.

To be precise, I had avoided it because I was afraid of getting closer to him.

Professor Lucas' death was foreshadowed in the original story.

To be exact, two years later, he was destined to die from the side effects of the magic he used during the war.

I was afraid.

I was afraid that if I got close to Lucas, I wouldn't be able to handle the sense of loss that would follow.

I tried to ignore the kindness and advice he offered me.


In the end, this is what happened.

Lucas met an unexpected end, different from the one in the original story.

And a deep sense of loss was tormenting me.


Lucas was the first adult who approached me in this world.

He was one of the few people in this world who treated me warmly.

In the beginning, when I had just possessed this body and other professors were wary of me with prejudice, he recognized my potential and even passed down his unique magic to me.

He was my benefactor, in a word.

My trembling eyes followed his last moments on the screen.

-Sigh... I guess we'll have to start training again.

-Should we stop recording here for today?

-Well, we can do it again next month...

And the video ended.

I stared at the screen, a hollow feeling lingering in my chest.

The green-haired young man no longer existed there.

All that remained was a blacked-out screen.

A heavy silence hung in the air.

The professors were covering their faces with their heads bowed.

Golden Boy, who was standing next to me, also kept his mouth shut, as if reminiscing about something.

Only the dreary sound of rain echoed around us.

"I'll miss him... He was a good man."


I couldn't bring myself to respond to Golden Boy's murmur.

I didn't think I had the right.

My eyes stinging, I straightened my posture.

"Lastly... let us offer flowers to him who has left us."

"May he find peace among the stars."

Sharon stepped down from the podium after reciting the last sentence of the eulogy.

And then, she laid down a single chrysanthemum in front of the lonely tombstone.

One by one, the other professors followed suit and laid down their flowers.

The procession of that heavy scent continued for a long time, making me dizzy.

As I struggled to hold onto my wavering consciousness, my turn came.

A bouquet of white carnations was placed in my hand.

With heavy steps, I faced the tombstone.

-Hello, Student Raiden.

-It might be a little difficult... but would you like to learn?

-Well then, let's get along. You'll keep coming to learn from me, right?

If only I had refused your offer back then at the training ground.

I wouldn't be feeling this regret now.

I pulled myself together and slowly laid down the bouquet.

A thought crossed my mind.

What should I say to you as you depart?

I stood there for a moment, frozen, then finally parted my lips with difficulty.

"Thank you for everything."

A trembling sentence escaped my throat.


Only at the very last moment could I finally bring myself to call him Master.


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