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Chapter 65 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Just how much money did they spend?

That was the thought that naturally came to mind as I boarded the train to the human world.

To warp a hundred or so people to the human world…….

They must have spent the price of several castles.’

They must have invested an amount that would make one’s jaw drop for this midterm exam.

I couldn't even begin to imagine how many magic stones and how much manpower had been used.

And yet, in the original story, this invasion had failed…….

The principal must have been more than a little bitter about it.

Still, it probably wasn’t as much as they had spent when the Human-Demon War broke out.

'After all, the setting was that the number of Gates connecting the human world and the demon world would continue to increase as the story progressed.'

The fact that the number of gates was continuously increasing meant that the human world and the demon world were merging.

Ultimately, the human world and the demon world would fuse and be reborn as a single dimension.

The closer we get to that time, the easier it will be to find and create Gates.

By then, the Demon Realm will have completely transformed into a hellish landscape.

‘……There’s always a bigger fish.’

This time, we are attacking the human world, but one day, humans will surely invade our world.

Well, for now.

‘Let’s focus on this test.’

I was in the middle of worrying about how to do well on the midterm exam.


The inside of the train shook.

【 The train to the Dimensional Station will depart soon. 】

【 Passengers, please brace yourselves for the upcoming impact. 】

Dimensional Station.

The time to go to the human world was not far off.

“We will arrive in one hour, so please rest comfortably for now!”

Idea urged the students with stern expressions to rest.

We mustn’t be exhausted before we even arrive in the human world.

I should close my eyes for a bit.

The moment I leaned my back against the train seat.

“Adel, do you want to eat this?”


Luna, who took out beef jerky from her bag, poked my cheek.

I had no choice but to get up, my sleep interrupted.

Right, what sleep…….

“I’ll gratefully eat it.”

*Munch munch.*

I sighed inwardly and chewed on the beef jerky that Luna gave me.

It was made with buck meat, so it was both familiar and savory.

I was hungry anyway.

My head felt much clearer after eating the oily food.

I checked my status while chewing on the beef jerky.

‘Status window.’

【 Arsene Adel 】

: Race - [ Half Demon ]

: Tendency - [ Chaos ]

: Talent - [ Position Exchange ‘Ⅱ’ ]

: Trait - [ Interest ] [ Absorption ] [ Killing Intent ] [ Darkness ] [ Mana Manipulation ] [ Eye of Arrogance ] [ Telekinesis ]

: Mana - [ 1381 ]

My mana level is still abysmal.

I’ve been reciting Bares’ Mana Method every night before I go to sleep, but I’m still in this state.

But if I can just get my hands on the elixir this time, it will be a problem that will be solved quickly, so I don’t have to worry about it.

The most noticeable growth among the traits is, without a doubt, Telekinesis.


I tried using Telekinesis.

“Wh, what……!”

Then Luna was lifted up from her chair for a very short moment.

I could only lift it up about 3cm from the floor.

But this alone is a huge development.

‘I can use it sufficiently in actual combat.’

I won’t be able to lift the weight of an adult male, but I can stop a sword for a moment or lift a dagger.

I’ll probably be able to do things like that.

The status check is over, but there’s still a problem I haven’t solved.

‘There’s just one thing that’s bothering me…….’

I’m going to the Human Realm right now.


There are people in the Human Realm who know about my true identity.

‘The knights of the six families.’

I killed some of them during my escape, but I don’t know exactly how many survived.

In the original, Adel killed all of them except Peltz.

But this time, at least one or two more would be alive.

‘The fortunate thing is that Peltz probably reported to his superiors that I was dead…….’

In the original, Peltz reported to his superiors that Adel had fallen off a cliff and died because he was afraid of being reprimanded.


Adel was alive.

Because of this, there was also an episode where Peltz went to kill Adel again.

‘He reported that I was dead this time as well.’

I don’t know if it would be the same if I had fallen off a cliff.

No, I went to the Demon Realm.

And I went there with the status of an Arsene.

The Arsene is a family whose ancestor was a Demon Realm traitor, and a family that even killed the Demon King.

So Peltz has no choice but to judge that I’m dead.

Even so, it’s not bad to be careful…….


I was thinking about finding something to cover my face when.


The train stopped.

It had arrived at the Dimensional Station.

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