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Chapter 65 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The Day of the Human Realm Invasion.

By the principal's orders, all first-years were to gather in the auditorium.

‘Our class is going to kill the humans’ hero, right?’

‘I heard my target is the enemy of our family. I’m looking forward to it.’

After the class presidents’ meeting yesterday.

Each class was informed of the areas and targets assigned to them.

I also told who my class would be facing.

“So, we're going to be fighting humans our age?”

“Let's show those humans the power of our Class A!”

The Class A students were fired up after hearing my explanation.

It was certainly a good thing to show enthusiasm before a battle.


But I couldn't even manage a faint smile and only made a stiff expression.

If things go according to the original story, all the students here will die in this midterm exam.


‘I have to change it.’

I have to change the bleak future that awaits them.

I've been working hard to make this midterm exam a success.

Not only have I trained my strength to fight the students of the Imperial Academy.

I also gained Fron's favor and prevented Luna, the healer, from being expelled.

What's more.

‘I even sent false information to the human side.’

That was the biggest turning point in this midterm exam.

Originally, there would have been several human instructors around the students.


『 The Demon Realm side plans to attack the third-year dormitory. Be prepared. 』

I used Kyle to send out this false information.

The instructors who were supposed to go outside for the students taking the exam outdoors would be guarding the third-year dormitory.

It would be difficult enough to deal with ‘that guy’, but if they had to deal with the instructors as well, their chances of winning would be slim.

That's why I decided to separate the instructors and the students for the time being.

However, even so, there would still be one instructor with the students.

‘A teacher is necessary to teach the class…….’

Still, I had a rough idea of which instructor would be with the human students.

‘Probably that 5-circle magician instructor.’

I could be certain.

There was his secret hideout in the place we were going to.

It was not far from the place where the human students had their lessons.

So, in case the students of the Imperial Institute entered his hideout, he would have no choice but to join the outdoor lesson to keep an eye on them.

And he would sneak into his secret hideout when he found a chance.

I had to wait for that moment.

What I had to do was,

‘Chase after that human instructor and kill him.’

In addition, I had to get the elixir in the secret hideout.

I didn’t have any pathetic doubts like, ‘Can I do it?’

Because I had to do it even if it was impossible in the current situation.

I would increase the survival rate of the Sythan students by killing the instructor, and I would also get the elixir to increase the insufficient amount of mana.

The moment I was thinking that.

*Beep, beep, beep-*

A noise rang in my ears.

It was the sound the principal made to draw the attention of the students.

Then the students stopped chatting and looked up at the platform.

The principal opened her mouth with a voice that contrasted with the gentle tone I had heard before.


With the principal’s resonant words, the students began to focus.

“The war will begin. You will face the humans who killed your parents, siblings, and close friends.”

Anger laced the principal’s voice.

Among the students of Sytan, there was no one who hadn’t experienced that pain.

Everyone here must have seen it.

The death of precious relatives.

“You cried while holding the bodies of your friends. We were helplessly attacked, and those cowardly and vicious humans insulted our parents and even tried to mutilate their bodies. So now…”

The small flame began to burn bigger and bigger.

Killing intent began to surge here and there, and thick anger overflowed.

At the end, the principal emphasized.

“It is our turn to hunt the humans.”

The moment the principal’s speech ended,


A thunderous cheer erupted from the students.

There was also a student who clapped his hands while shedding tears.

As if this sight was…….


No other word could adequately describe this situation.

The principal's speech had poured oil on the fire of the students' sorrow and anger, igniting it.

The method didn’t seem entirely good, but it seemed to have succeeded in raising the morale of the students to its peak.

“This concludes the assembly.”

The principal concluded her speech and immediately after,

She stretched out both arms.

"May you be blessed."

The moment she uttered those words,

*Woo woo-*

The tattoos covering the principal's body began to resonate, and a rosy light enveloped the students.

I could feel my body and mind relax.

'So this is a blessing.'

This was a type of buff.

The principal had bestowed a blessing on all the students with her power.

It didn't seem like a very powerful blessing, but to bestow a blessing on this many people was something that only a very skilled person could do.

And the principal didn't even look tired.

'……At that level, she's a monster.'

I couldn't understand why some of the students thought the principal was cute because of her delicate appearance.

All I could think about was how terrifying she would be if we were to meet as enemies.

As I stared at hwe with a mixture of fear and awe,

"The instructors will lead the students."

The principal finished speaking and stepped down from the platform.

And so, the instructors of each class began to lead the students away.

Finally, the moment had come for the students to head to the human world.

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