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Chapter 68 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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As Korn continued her solitary memorial service, a man stood behind her, silently watching.

He was a middle-aged man of sturdy build, with characteristic black eyes and hair.

The man, who had been ruminating on the sobs ringing in his ears, slowly walked towards the woman.


A deep, heavy voice called out to Korn.

However, Korn didn't bother to turn her head.

She could tell who the man was just by his presence.


Steiner Lishite.

The current head of the Duke Lishite family.

And a close friend she had known since childhood.

Steiner let out a small sigh as he saw Korn's tear-stained face.

"How long have you been here?"


Korn remained silent.

Steiner turned his gaze away as if he understood her silence.

His eyes were fixed on the memorial stone engraved with Lucas's name.

Steiner murmured quietly, gazing at it.

"...He was a bright child."


"Even after the war, he was a remarkable child who didn't lose his light."

Steiner recalled the past along with his monologue.

The green-haired boy who had sought hope even on the blood-soaked battlefield.

He had once wished that his own son would grow up to be as bright as him.

That was already a story from ten years ago.

As Steiner was lost in thought for a moment, Korn suddenly asked a question, her voice thick with tears.



"How... how can you bury this pain and go on living...?"


"You lost Philippa too... how are you enduring this sorrow...?"

Golden eyes stained with despair.

Steiner hesitated at the question that pierced his hidden reverse scale, but soon opened up.

With his characteristic expressionless face, he rummaged through his pants pocket and pulled out a cigarette, putting it in his mouth.

"Because there are things I have to be responsible for."

Steiner answered calmly, lighting the tip of the stick.

The thick, ash-gray smoke scattered into the cold night air.

"The family I have to support, the Empire I have to protect, the people of my territory I have to rule... If I collapse, there will be too many problems."


"I didn't endure it, Korn. I just couldn't afford to break down."

Steiner exhaled slowly.

The pungent smell of cigarettes spread, covering the refreshing scent of autumn.

Steiner spoke to Korn, who was sitting on the ground.

"I hope you do the same."


Venom flashed in her unfocused golden eyes at the harsh advice.

Korn glared at Steiner as if she wanted to kill him.

"This child was all I had left...! After the war that took everything from me, this child was the only meaning in my world...!"

She had no parents from birth.

Her younger sister, who had endured hardships with her, had died in the war.

And to make matters worse, her beloved lover had died in an accident.

To talk about responsibility in such a situation...

It sounded like nothing but mockery.

"What do you know...!"

"I know."

"Shut up!!"

"It's a problem because I know too well."

Steiner gazed silently at his friend, who was consumed by despair.

He felt as if he were facing his past self.

The death of his beloved wife, and the family he had failed to care for because he was blinded by his emotions.

Steiner, chewing on the bitter regret that was welling up, crushed the cigarette he was smoking on the back of his hand.

"You may not see it now... but there will be. Things you have to be responsible for."

Don't miss those who remain by your side.

Otherwise, one day, a greater loss will engulf you.

Although I, drowned in sorrow, ended up creating regrets...

"...I hope you will be different."

With those last words, Steiner turned around.

And he left the park with steady steps.

Only the lingering cigarette smoke and an empty sense of deprivation remained where he had been standing.

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