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Chapter 68 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Side Story - Purple Rose

The sun, which had been warmly illuminating the world, hid itself beyond the horizon.

The sky was left with only the tranquil twilight of autumn.

A lonely darkness was breaking over the park, following the halo of the moon.

Unlike the daytime, which had been filled with the bustling atmosphere of the funeral, the sound of crickets chirping thinly echoed across the grass.

The memorial service had long since ended.

Everyone had bid farewell to the deceased with their own grief, burying his name in their hearts.

However, it was only after everyone had returned to their places that a woman was able to stand before the tombstone, a single flower in hand.

"I'm sorry, Lucas... I'm a little late..."

Her rich red hair was ruffled by the whipping wind.

Even in the biting chill, her golden eyes stared blankly at the gray tombstone.

The woman bit her lip silently.

The woman was none other than Korn Ronezia.

The headmistress of Reynolds Academy.

And the lover of Lucas Crayden, who had now returned to the stars.

Korn, who had been standing still, took out a crystal ball from her bosom.

It was the record that Lucas had left behind, calling it his last will and testament.

Not the usual video that had been played at the funeral, but a truly serious recording.

It was a message he had given to Korn, telling her to watch it if he were to die someday.

"You bad boy... You really made me watch this..."

Korn couldn't hold back her words of resentment at the welling emotions.

She quietly moved her fingers to operate the crystal ball.

Before long, the surface of the crystal ball glowed blue, and a nostalgic voice began to play.

-Hello, Master.

-If you are watching this record... I guess it means I have left the world.

The green-haired young man who appeared on the screen had a bitter smile on his face.

Korn lowered her head, feeling a lump in her throat.

-I don't know how my end was, but I'll apologize first.

-I wanted to be by your side forever, Master...

-I guess it wasn't meant to be just by wishing.

-Please forgive your incompetent disciple, Master.

The disciple apologized with a remorseful expression.

However, it only made the Master’s heart ache even more.

While Korn's vision gradually blurred, Lucas continued his will.

-Still... I think my life was pretty happy.

-There were times when misfortune came, but I overcame it in the end.

-There were so many people I was grateful for.

-Mr. Gillius, whom I met on the battlefield, Young Master Lishite, and the comrades who left the world before me.

-And the fellow professors and students who welcomed me at the academy.


-My beloved Master.

Korn finally couldn't hold back her tears.

Transparent lines were drawn pitifully across her white cheeks.

Lucas smiled mischievously as if he could see right through Korn.

-You're crying, aren't you, Master?

-You're softer than you look.

At the playful smile of the young man, Korn rubbed her damp eyes.

Nevertheless, the downpour that had started once didn't seem to stop.

-I remember the first time I confessed my love to you, Master.

-You yelled at me with a flushed face, 'Don't be ridiculous!'

-Haha... You were so cute back then, Master.

Korn's body trembled.

It was a moment she also remembered.

How could she ever forget?

In her long life, there had never been a time when she had been so embarrassed and ashamed.

-It was only after almost a year of courting you that you finally accepted me, Master.

-After that, it was truly a series of happiness.

-Waking up by your side, working with trustworthy colleagues, teaching bright students...

-It was such a happy daily life.

A sense of contentment and relief could be seen in his green eyes as he reminisced about the past.

Lucas was looking at Korn with a bright face.

-So, I hope you won't be too sad about my death.

-I'm leaving very peacefully.

-It breaks my heart to leave you alone, Master... but I believe you will overcome it.

-Please don't grieve for too long, even if I'm gone.

-I loved you more than anyone else in the world.

-My Master.

A final confession of love.

With that, the video ended.

Korn stood still, holding the extinguished crystal ball in her arms.

At some point, she had fallen to her knees in front of the tombstone, sobbing miserably.

"Ah, ah..."

A terrible sense of loss consumed her.

The woman who had lost the fragment of herself she cherished most sang a song of sorrow.

She had survived countless hells, including war, but this pain was too much to bear.

The grief of losing a loved one.

The sharply honed awl of misfortune pierced her heart.


A single flower she had dropped from her hand fell in front of the tombstone.

A purple rose wet with tears rolled pitifully across the grass in the autumn wind.

Korn reached out a trembling hand and stroked the lonely tombstone.

The cold chill that touched her fingertips made her stomach churn.

"If you leave like this... I..."

It was only a month ago.

We were having dinner, facing each other.

We were taking care of the Academy business.

We were lying in bed, whispering words of love in each other's ears.

And now I'm here, pouring out my grief in front of your tombstone.

"...You wicked thing."

Didn't you promise?

Didn't you swear that you would never use magic that consumed your life force?

Didn't we agree to enjoy the rest of our time in peaceful daily life?

What are the students anyway?

Were they more precious to you than I was?

To me, you were more precious than the entire Academy.

Yet you leave my side.

And you say you love me? How cruel.

"I... I love you too, Lucas..."

Korn confessed, her forehead pressed against the tombstone.

The hero of the Empire, the woman called the strongest of humanity, was, in the end, just a human being.

Hot tears dripped onto the cold tombstone for a while.


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