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Chapter 70 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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After a while, Ariel finally left for her own class, still grumbling under her breath.

Golden Boy and I, now alone, headed towards the Second Annex.

As we walked along the path, the chilly air settling around us, I fiddled with the muffler Ariel had given me.

Ariel seemed really upset.

I wonder how long she'll stay mad this time.

Hopefully, she'll have calmed down by dinner.

Lost in thought about Ariel, I didn't notice Golden Boy calling out to me.

"Oh, right. Did you see this?"

He pulled something out and waved it in front of me.

It was a bundle of dark gray papers.

"What's that?"

"Newspaper articles about the academy field trip attack."

"Hmm...? Isn't that old news? I think I read about it a fortnight ago."

Golden Boy shook his head.

"Back then, they just reported that 'a tragedy occurred' without any details."

"So they're releasing the details now?"


Well, it has been a while.

I guess it's time for the information that couldn't be released before to be made public.

"Let me see."

"Here. Start reading from the fifth page."

Taking the newspaper from him, I began to read slowly.

Unlike the vague articles from a fortnight ago, these ones were filled with specific details.

There was no sign of propaganda or fabrication, and the information seemed accurate.

But there was something strange about it.

[Raiden Lishite, eldest son of house Lishite, saves the Academy from attack!]

[His second heroic act following the recent attempted assassination of the Imperial Princesses.]

[Has a new Hero emerged in these tumultuous times?!]

What the...

I mean, it's all true, but...

It's just... strangely...

"These articles are awfully favorable, don't you think?"

"......I'd say they're more than just awfully favorable. They're blatantly biased."

I frowned.

It was as if the newspaper staff had gone insane.

The people who used to praise Raiden's mischievous deeds were now suddenly changing their tone.

There were even parts that seemed deliberately exaggerated.

As I pondered over this with a growing sense of unease, Golden Boy smirked and spoke.

"Looks like the Academy put some pressure on the newspapers."

"The Academy...?"

Why would the Academy suddenly get involved?

I looked at Golden Boy with a puzzled expression.

He shrugged.

"You know... two major incidents in the span of just three months?"

"The banquet hall attack and the academy field trip attack..."

"Right. Those two. And the scale of those incidents was huge."

'Huge' might even be an understatement.

The first incident involved an attempt to assassinate the Imperial Princesses and the next Saintess of the Holy Kingdom.

In the second incident, a professor from the Academy was killed.

Not to mention, many students were almost harmed.

And all of this happened at Reynolds Academy, the most prestigious educational institution on the continent, in just three months.

"With things like this happening, people are starting to talk."

"So the public is starting to doubt the Academy's ability to handle these situations."

"Exactly! So, wanna take a guess? How do you think the Academy decided to fix this mess?"


I stroked my chin, considering his question.

What solution did the Academy come up with?

Covering up the incidents was not an option.

There were too many witnesses, and the scale of the incidents was too large to hide.

Admitting their mistakes wasn't a viable option either.

It would deal a significant blow to Reynolds Academy's reputation, and they had too much to lose.

The most likely solution was...

"To divert attention. Away from the incidents."

The Academy had placed me in the position of a hero.

So that people would focus on the 'birth of a hero' rather than the 'incidents'.

"So they're trying to silence the criticism by making me the center of attention."

It was a classic tactic, but not a bad one.

By throwing in such a sensational element, it would be easier to divert the public's attention.

And since the actual damage was minimal despite the scale of the incidents, it was a feasible strategy.

"Correct again. You're pretty sharp when you want to be."

Golden Boy gave me a thumbs-up and spread out his newspaper.

[The Maniac Young Master, Reformed?]

[Getting to Know Raiden Lishite.]

[House Lishite: The Undisputed Top Family Protecting the Empire.]

He pointed at each of the articles about me and added,

"See? You really are the best at attracting attention."

"You're one of the most famous nobles in the Empire, after all.

Even if it's for all the wrong reasons...

Anyway, you're perfect for grabbing the public's attention.

And you never really respond to public opinion or newspaper articles, do you?"

"It must have made it even easier for the Academy to use you."


I let out a small laugh.

"They're quite cunning... Well, that's probably how they've managed to remain the top educational institution for almost a century."

"Aren't you angry? They're using you, after all."

"There are some benefits to it."

They were turning around my negative public image.

It wasn't entirely a loss for me.

If this could help me shed the 'Maniac' image that I had been stuck with for so long, then it might actually be beneficial.

"So you're just going to sit back and reap the benefits?"

"Now that you mention it, you're right~"

Golden Boy nodded in understanding.

Handing the newspaper back to him, I said,

"This conversation has gone on long enough. Class is about to start."

"Ugh... I really don't want to go..."

"Get a grip. Final exams start next week."

"Shit, that's right."

With a groan, Golden Boy trudged off toward the academy building.

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