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Chapter 71 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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It was night, and I returned to my dormitory after a long, tedious day of classes.

The ticking clock struck 1:00 AM.

The sun had already set beyond the horizon.

Only the faint moonlight and starlight, embraced by the darkness, gently settled into my room.

A soft sound filled the quiet space.

*Scratch, scratch...*

It was the sound of the quill pen in my hand, gliding across the paper.

The pen, magically enchanted to prevent the ink from running out, diligently etched black letters onto the notepad.

As I moved the pen diligently, a soft sigh escaped my lips.


A weak exhale, heavy with fatigue.

Perhaps it was from gripping the pen for so long.

My wrist ached.

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I set the pen down for a moment.

As the scratching sound ceased, a tranquil silence filled the room once more.

"...This is exhausting."

My unintentional murmur cut through the silence.

I rummaged through my desk drawer and pulled out a box of deathweed cigarettes I had hidden inside.

Taking one out, I put it in my mouth.

*Click, hiss...*

Lighting the cigarette, I inhaled deeply.

The fragrant aroma of herbs wafted into my nostrils.

As I watched the smoke curl upwards, a strange sense of introspection washed over me.

I never thought I'd be stuck studying like this.

To think that I, who never studied even in my past life, was now cramming in a fantasy world.

It was a truly lamentable reality.

"Damn, these final exams..."

Wiping the smeared ink from my fingers, I rubbed my dry eyes.

Just as I was about to slump back in my chair, defeated, a knock came from behind my closed door.

*Knock, knock...*

"Young Master, it's me. I'm coming in."

A cheerful voice followed, and the closed door creaked open.

Standing in the doorway was a girl with brown pigtails.

Her eyes met mine, and a soft smile graced her lips.

"You must be tired. Have some fruit while you work."

With those words, Rachel set the plate she was holding down in front of me.

The plate was neatly arranged with various fruits known for their revitalizing properties, such as strawberries and lemons.


I gazed at her with gratitude, touched by her thoughtfulness.

As expected, Rachel was the one who cared for me the most.

"Hehe! You look like you really appreciate it!"

"Thanks... I'll enjoy it."

After expressing my sincere gratitude to Rachel, I picked up a slice of lemon from the plate and popped it into my mouth.

The moment my teeth sank into it, the plump flesh burst with a tangy explosion.

Simultaneously, the sour juice from the crushed pieces assaulted my tongue.

"Ugh... That woke me right up."

"Right? I told you sour is the best cure for drowsiness!"

Rachel flashed a refreshing smile as bright as the lemon itself.

For a moment, I was mesmerized by her radiant smile, then quickly snapped out of it and turned my head away.

For some reason, I felt my face flushing.

Maybe I had the heater on too high.

"Thanks for this, but... why are you still awake? It's already past one in the morning."

"Well, I am sleepy, but... I can't sleep knowing you're up late studying..."

She was worried about that?

"I'm fine. You go ahead and get some sleep."

"......Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. Besides, you have to wake up early in the morning. You'll be exhausted if you don't get some rest."

As I waved my hand dismissively, Rachel seemed to fall into thought.

"Then when are you planning on going to sleep, Young Master?"

"Me...? Well, I can't seem to fall asleep, so I thought I'd get some studying done..."

"......Are you still having trouble sleeping at night?"

Rachel's expression darkened at my words.

I forced an awkward smile and fiddled with my sleeve.

"Well... Insomnia doesn't just disappear overnight..."

"What about the sleeping pills I gave you last time...?"

"They don't seem to be very effective."

Of course, the reason the sleeping pills had no effect was because of my 'Iron Will' trait.

Rachel bit her lip, her expression a mixture of concern and frustration.

She seemed genuinely worried about my inability to sleep.

"That's strange... I'm sure you were sleeping soundly that day."

"That day...?"

"You know, the day you were discharged from the infirmary."


She was talking about that day.

The day after the banquet hall attack.

The day I cried myself to sleep in Rachel's arms.

"Why are we suddenly bringing that up...?"

I averted my gaze, feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over me as I recalled that mortifying memory.

Seemingly oblivious to my reaction, Rachel remained deep in thought, her chin resting on her hand.

Silence fell between us, punctuated only by Rachel's soft murmurs as she pondered the situation.

Then, she suddenly spoke up.

"Say, Young Master... How about I sleep in your room tonight?"


What did she just say?

Sleep in my room? With me?

As I furrowed my brows, unsure if I had heard correctly, Rachel looked at me with a serious expression.

"I was thinking, maybe I could try putting you to sleep like I did that day."


"I could bring my bed from my room and..."

As Rachel continued to outline her bold plan, my mind went blank, unable to comprehend the situation.



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