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Chapter 74 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

‘Let’s recover my mana first.’


I took out a bottle filled with a black liquid from my arms.

It was a mana potion.

I had already used the medium-grade mana potion to cast Absolute Stealth and the Black Blade Rain.

So, I only had the high-grade potion left.

However, I didn’t feel any regret.

I had to fight Terias again anyway, so I needed to recover my mana quickly.



I swallowed the potion in a few gulps.

“It doesn’t taste like anything.”

I frowned and stuck out my tongue.

The price of using Absolute Stealth.

This time, I had only lost my sense of taste.

If I had lost my hearing or sight instead of my sense of taste….

I would have been nothing but a burden if I had joined up with Samuel’s group.

I relied heavily on my senses to fight, so losing the most important senses in a fight would have been devastating.

I was relieved.

Mana began to fill slowly, proving that it was a high-level potion.

Soon, my mana was fully recovered.

Only then did I raise my body.

Let’s not forget the original purpose of facing Besaha despite the danger.

‘There must be an elixir in this lab.’

I looked straight ahead at the giant tree.

Before entering it.


I bent down and removed the ‘Imperial Crest’ from Besaha’s chest.

This was evidence.

An object that could prove to Sytan’s side that I had killed an instructor of the Imperial Academy.

I had to take this.

After carefully folding the eagle-shaped crest into my arms.

I stepped into Besaha’s secret lab.

* * *

I walked forward without thinking.

The interior of Besaha’s lab was not complicated.

Unlike what was tightly hidden by magic, it was simple in form.

In the first place, it was a hole dug into a large tree.

It would have been difficult to make it complicated even if he tried.

After walking for quite some time.

‘What is that rotten smell…….’

A terrible stench that suffocated me filled the air.

At the same time, it was getting darker and darker as I went deeper.

‘Ah, it’s over there.’

Then, a lamp that lit up came into my view.

It was a convenient artifact that lit up when mana was poured into it.

They were common in the Human Realm but likely expensive in the Demon Realm.

So I decided to take this later.


The lamp began to glow faintly as I poured mana into it.

I followed the path that had become visible again.

But for a moment, I had to frown before I could even take a few steps.

It was the moment the identity of the stench that filled the lab was revealed.


My mouth wouldn’t open.

I looked at the tragedy that unfolded before my eyes with my mouth shut tight.

A horrific sight that I could not bear to look at was everywhere.

The identity was corpses.

The remains of the demons who had been used and discarded as tools for Besaha’s experiments.

‘I knew about it.’

Wasn’t it me who described that Besaha conducted experiments on demons?

I justified the inhumane acts by portraying demons as absolute evil.

So, I couldn't feign ignorance.

...What is this complicated emotion?

I couldn't figure it out.

The hearts and brains of the Demon tribe corpses were missing, as if they had been eaten by rats.

The Imperial Academy gave Besaha Demon tribe prisoners to use those two organs for experiments.

Even living Demons.

The brains and hearts of the Demon tribe were used to create 'that.'


'It failed and was discarded.'

Despite using numerous Demon tribe corpses, the experiment failed.

What Besaha was trying to create.


To create a new artificial life and overcome death.

It was created with this purpose, but how could it succeed?

As a price for invading the realm of God, only a huge budget was blown away.

And all that remained in this laboratory was a 'failure.'

"Perhaps this is it."

I turned my gaze and looked at the table.

It seemed to be the desk Besaha had prepared for the experiment.

There was something covered with a black cloth on the desk.


I removed the cloth to reveal a cylindrical, transparent container holding a fist-sized fetus.

'It's not a pretty sight.'

I frowned as I slowly examined the Homunculus.

It even seemed to give off an unpleasant stench.

'Robolt would probably like it if I brought it to him.'

He's also a guy who's crazy about experiments, so he'll definitely like it.

However, I didn't like the idea of using the Homunculus, which was created by sacrificing countless lives, as a mere subject for another experiment.

Something felt a little creepy.

It was the moment I was feeling troubled and scratching my head.


Something that had been sleeping in my arms began to move.

Gu poison was starting to react to the Homunculus.

Why is this guy suddenly acting like this?

I was bewildered and didn't know what to do.

- !!

Gu poison jumped out of my arms and charged toward the glass container holding the Homunculus.

Then, with its sharp fangs, it completely shattered the glass container.


The Homunculus, which fell to the floor with the glass shards, was,


Swallowed whole by Gu poison.


Something that spewed out of Gu poison's body rushed towards me.

That something,

Was heading towards the pendant hanging from my neck.

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  1. Is he slowly gathering parts of the god inside his necklace and giving it form or something? Is that why Gu, who’s had a lot of Adele’s Mana and is likely synchronized with him in some way, did that?