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Chapter 75 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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I fell into silence.

Why did the necklace related to the Demon King suddenly react?

Before I knew it, the light of the necklace was almost half full.

I looked down at the necklace.

'It doesn't seem to be reacting to Gu poison.'

Perhaps it reacted when the glass tube broke and the homunculus revealed itself.

But does that mean there is a connection between the homunculus and the Demon King?


'I might have gotten the wrong idea.'

This necklace may not be related to the Demon King but to another being.

I quietly closed my eyes and recalled the homunculus's settings.

Homunculus is a word that refers to an 'artificial life form.'

If you have a homunculus, you can avoid the death that comes to you.

The homunculus will die instead of the owner.

Of course, this is only possible in theory.

Because this is a failed product.

I couldn't find any clues about the being related to the necklace in the homunculus's performance.

In that case.

Let's go back and look at it again.

'The reason Besaha started this experiment was because he found a magic book.'

A mysterious magic book whose creation date is unknown.

The only thing that could be understood was that a homunculus could be created from the organs of a demon.

Since nothing else could be interpreted, only numerous failures were born.

'The book that describes how to make a homunculus....'

It probably doesn't exist in this world anymore.

Besaha set it up so that he would memorize all the methods of making a homunculus in order to monopolize the results of the experiment.

He then burned the magic book.

In the end, was this another wild goose chase?

It was when I looked down below with a disappointed heart.

Snap, snap-.

Gu poison was staring at me with its tongue flicking.


"Why do you look like that?"

Gu poison's appearance had completely changed.

After swallowing the homunculus, it had smooth scales as if it had shed its skin.

If its original form slightly resembled a dragon, it now looked like a viper.

...It's become even more disgusting.

'It seems to be the effect of absorbing the homunculus.'

Before, it felt like an inanimate object, but now it looked completely like a snake.

Wait a minute.

If Gu poison ate a homunculus that replaced life.


I stretched out an arrow toward the Gu poison.

However, the arrow did not reach the Gu poison and just veered off course.

The Gu poison was reborn as a living being from an inanimate object.

Is it a story that a failed product that could not replace a human life worked on Gu poison?

It was an unbelievable story, but I had no way of finding out about the correlation.

So I sighed deeply.

‘Should I like this?’

Gu poison that became a living being by consuming a failed product for some reason.

Wouldn’t this change have been conveyed to Crete?


I shook my shoulders slightly at the ominous imagination that suddenly crossed my mind.

For now, it would be better to finish what I had to do and think.

‘At least for my mental health.’


I opened the chest of my uniform after finishing my thoughts.

Then the Gu poison obediently came back into my arms.

Nothing will happen right away just because it has become a living being.

‘For now, taking the elixir is the priority.’

I had to find the elixir that Besaha had hidden.

Because Samuel’s party must be struggling.

To help them, the mana I currently had was not enough.

Not long after I started looking for the elixir.

‘It was here.’

I could find the ‘Ginseng’ with a graceful appearance placed on one side of the shelf.

It was a ginseng that was hundreds of years old.

If I consumed it, I would be able to renew the total amount of mana.

Fortunately, Besaha had cleaned the soil so that it would be easy to eat.

Crunch, crunch.

I started chewing on the ginseng while operating my mana.

After chewing it finely until the sap came out and swallowing it, I felt a hot heat from within.

The feeling of all my blood vessels expanding and the intense heat that followed.


I slowly inhaled, working hard to absorb the mana and energy contained within the ginseng.

As a result,


A dark energy began to surge within my body.

The sudden increase in the enormous amount of mana caused my darkness attribute to overflow.

At the same time, I realized that the darkness attribute had evolved to a new level.

Moreover, the changes shown on the status window were truly astonishing.

【 Arsene Adel 】

: Race - [ Half Demon ]

: Tendency - [ Chaos ]

: Talent - [ Position Exchange ‘Ⅱ’ ]

: Trait - [ Interest ] [ Absorption ] [ Killing Intent Ⅱ ] [ Darkness Ⅱ ] [ Mana Manipulation ] [ Eye of Arrogance ] [ Telekinesis ] [ Sword Lacquer ]

: Mana - [ 2072 ]

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