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Chapter 75 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

‘This is insane.’

Somehow, my total amount of mana has exceeded 2000.

Accordingly, the unstable Sword Lacquer was recognized as a trait and settled in the status window, and the Killing Intent and Darkness traits each rose by one level.

I’ll have to try using Killing Intent directly in combat to see, but I could tell right away the changes that occurred as the Darkness trait evolved.

From now on, all the mana I emit will be replaced with darkness.

Like right now.


When I used Mana Manipulation to strengthen my right arm, darkness surged over that area.

‘If the previous Darkness trait was making the mana colored.’

Now it has become a complete ‘color’.

The Darkness trait, which used to act as a brush, has now become the ink.

There were countless ways to utilize this ability.

Just by wrapping my body with mana, I could hide my presence in dark places.

‘Sword Lacquer seems usable too.’

Originally, it was a technique that I could only use by leaving it up to my body’s instincts.

But from now on, I could use Sword Lacquer whenever I wanted.

I wouldn’t be able to use it as freely as when I left it up to my instincts.

But this alone was a satisfactory result.

With this, it seemed like I had gained everything I could from the lab.

‘I have about 10 minutes of free time left.’

I had spent 30 minutes fighting Besaha and up until now.

Terias will reach the end of the secret passage where Samuel’s group is in 10 minutes.

If I leave now, I’ll make it in time.

‘Then let’s go.’

As I was leaving Besaha’s lab, a sudden curiosity arose.

How are Sytan’s students doing?

I decided to connect my senses and vision to watch the battle.

Then I could see Samuel cornering Sylvia, the woman who would become Terias’ lover.

As expected, Terias hadn’t reached the end of the secret passage yet.

They’re doing well.

The moment I felt relieved at that sight.

My eyes widened.

“What the.”

I narrowed my eyes sharply at the strange phenomenon that appeared before me.

‘That necklace’ was emitting light, blocking my vision.

As if it wanted me to use it.

And then, right after.


I felt a tickling sensation as if something was being written on the information paper in my arms.

Dumbfounded, I pulled the information paper out of my arms and unfolded it.

On the information paper,

『 You can see the recent past. 』

Something's usage method was written.

Even if it didn’t refer to the subject specifically, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what it was referring to.

The Pendant’s usage.

Even though I didn’t ask anything.

Even though I didn’t pay any price.

This was the first time the information paper had come out like this.

When I got the necklace, it only repeated the words to offer God when I asked about its identity.


Suddenly, I became curious.

The only time the information paper spoke to me first without me writing anything was when I didn’t know how to use it and left it alone.

My contemplation didn’t last long.

Because I wouldn’t get an answer even if I thought about it.

‘Rather than that.’

I focused on the Pendant’s function.

According to the information paper, I could see the past using the Pendant.

I couldn’t see the distant past, but I could see the recent past.

However, the standard for distinguishing between the recent and distant past was unknown.

Because there was no other explanation written on the information paper.

‘It doesn’t seem like it’ll give me any more information…….’

There must be a reason why the information paper only told me that one sentence.

If it was going to give me more information, it would have shown me the next content right away.

But just in case.


I used the blood on my finger as a substitute for a fountain pen.

The Pendant’s identity.

But the information paper didn’t give me a friendly answer like before.

『 Offer God. 』

It only showed the same vague, incomprehensible words as before.

I had nothing of value greater than a god, not even in Besaha’s lab, and it was questionable whether such a thing even existed in this world.

‘……No, wait.’

Thinking about it, there was something.

‘Holy Relic.’

There were several temples in both the Human Realm and the Demon Realm, and each of them possessed a rare treasure called a Holy Relic.

If I offered that, the information paper might open its mouth.

The problem was that it was more difficult to obtain than picking stars from the sky.

If I went to the temple with my current abilities, I would die without even being able to enter the entrance.

The temple of the human world is teeming with powerhouses that surpass Besaha and Terias.

The temple of the Demon World probably has powerhouses that are no less powerful.

If we were to raid the temple, we would need to have the strength of at least the Seven Deadly Sins' masters.

So, I had to put off finding the holy relic and getting the complete information on the necklace for now.

It wasn't a priority right now.

What should I do?

'Whose past can I see?'

It's certain that I can see the past using the pendant.

But, there was no other explanation written, so I couldn't figure out how to use it specifically.

Whose past can I see,

and if it's recent, what exactly is the time frame?

I was frowning, trying to figure out how to use the pendant when all of a sudden.


My vision reconnected with Sijo.

Samuel’s face came into view.

Samuel was the student closest to Sijo among the others.

The moment Samuel and Sijo’s eyes met,


The pendant began to emit a bright light again.

……Somehow, it seemed like I figured out how to use it.

If I pour mana into the currently glowing pendant, I can use it, and the pendant will inject information into my head.

As if it had an 'ego'.


At first, it was curiosity.

Because the secret of the pendant, which I had not been able to use until now, was being revealed.

"Use it."

The moment I quietly uttered a word.





With the sound of a clock winding back, my vision turned black.

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