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Chapter 82 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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In an instant.

The air seemed to freeze.

It wasn't because of the cold air emitted by Terias, but because a chilling silence had literally descended between them.

Sylvia, who had been glaring at Samuel as if she wanted to chew him up right away, opened her mouth.

"Hah, you bug-like bastards are now trying to distort the things you did? The things you guys did in the Harak territory are clearly recorded right now."

"It's not us who are distorting things, but you humans, isn't it? It was the humans who killed the demons first, and it was you guys who started the war."

Samuel also retorted to Sylvia's words without backing down.

The more they argued, the more complicated my head became.

Let me recall the setting I had made.

The gate can't only be crossed from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm.

It can also be crossed from the Human Realm to the Demon Realm.

Then, if a strong person from the Human Realm crossed over to the Demon Realm.

Would they have treated the demons, who are different from humans, as the same kind of beings?

'......No, they wouldn't have.'

It is possible that the demons who crossed over to the Human Realm through the random gate attacked the humans first.

Since it was the setting I had made, it is a clear fact that the demons who crossed over to the Human Realm attacked the humans.

However, there was one question.

'Let's recall the contents of Sytan's class.'

『 One day, humans with powerful strength attacked the residents of the territory everywhere, and eventually, two large-scale air raids by humans took place.

With so many casualties, the Human-Demon War began due to the invasion of the Human Realm while trying to confirm the exact damage. 』

From the demons' point of view, powerful humans who came to the Human Realm and the Demon Realm attacked the demons little by little, and one day, the humans suddenly started a war.

From the humans' point of view, the demons killed the humans first.

However, I didn't think that the humans who crossed over to the Demon Realm would have looked at the demons with friendly eyes.

You can see that by thinking about Duke Leon, who had ruthlessly destroyed Samuel's family, who had never even invaded the Human Realm.

That's why it's complicated.

Because it was the moment when it was revealed that the demons weren't completely evil.

Samuel growled again and spoke to Sylvia.

"Humans are shameless to the end. Why don't you guys admit your mistakes!"

Samuel seemed to be fuming with anger at Sylvia's words, which condemned the Demon Tribe as evil.

Listening to their conversation, I parted my closed lips.

“……Because it's profitable.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Samuel frowned as if he didn't understand.

I didn't answer him and instead organized the thoughts that suddenly came to mind.

When the gates connecting the Human Realm and the Demon Realm sprouted like bamboo shoots,

Which side benefited?

Was it the Demon Realm, which had fewer strong individuals compared to the Human Realm?


Was it the Human Realm, which had built up enormous power based on the Six Families?

The answer was simple.

There was no way the humans, who were superior in technology, ability, and military power, would have suffered losses.

Wasn't that what the outcome of the war showed?

Artifacts and elixirs existing in the Demon Realm. And even the Demon Tribe as slaves.

The Human Realm, especially the Six Families, had accumulated enormous wealth through the Human-Demon War.

Even at this point in time, when the war had broken out and many treasures had been plundered, wasn't the value of gold and silver coins, which would have been an enormous sum in the Human Realm, unusually low in the Demon Realm?

From their perspective, the Demon Realm was…

A land of gold.

Wasn't that what it was?

Perhaps my words had offended her.

“You're saying we started the war for profit? That's ridiculous! Even slander has its limits….”

Sylvia denied Samuel's words, gnashing her teeth.

I suddenly wondered about the reaction of Terias, the successor of the Leon Duke Family, one of the Six Families.

The moment I turned my head,


Terias's figure came into view, his lips tightly shut and his unfocused eyes looking down at Sylvia.

Sensing something off about Terias' attitude, I spoke.

"You're hiding something."


Swish, swish-.

In response to my question, Terias simply muttered and scratched his neck.

Then he looked at Silvia.

Silvia, who was staring at Terias' heavy, sunken expression.

"Terias! Kill those insect bastards, those disgusting..."

Before she could finish her sentence...


Her silver hair fluttered and sprawled on the ground.

Along with her head, which had been torn off in an instant.

Terias had ruthlessly killed the woman who had become his lover.


Before I could even ponder such questions, a desolate chill surged forth.

Terias had once again unleashed an ice storm at me.

Terias’s aura had suddenly changed, and I narrowed my eyes.

‘…An overreaction.’

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