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Chapter 82 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Hadn’t Terias continued to show a relaxed demeanor?

But there seemed to be something that had pricked him in his current state.


Thinking about it, it was strange.

Compared to the Demons, the superior Humans wouldn’t have meekly suffered and invaded the Demon Realm just for revenge.

'A kind of justification?'

It didn’t make sense for the superior Humans to have suffered such great losses to the inferior Demons.

The flawed setting I had created, where humans were purely good.

And on top of the fact that the Humans had gained a huge advantage in the Human-Demon War, the reason for the main characters to invade the Demon Realm and wage a war of conquest in the latter half of the story…

Terias must have known about that connection.

Even settings that I, the author, didn’t know about…

Perhaps he knew something because he was the successor of one of the Six Families involved in the war.

‘It can’t be helped that I don’t know.’

I had scrapped all the settings I had come up with at the beginning of the serialization.


…For some reason, those settings were faintly tinged and I couldn’t remember them.

As if they were covered in ‘fog’.

Was it because too much time had passed since I had created and discarded those settings?

Or maybe it was because my imagination had created this world, but I didn’t know everything because I hadn’t recorded and described it all.

One thing was for sure.

I was only just now starting to get a sense of it.

Between the Demons and the Humans, it was becoming increasingly difficult to tell who was good.

The members of the Six Families knew the secret of the war and were trying to hide it.

And it was clear that it was not ‘good’.

It was when I moved my feet to avoid Terias’s ice attack.

“…Why are those guys suddenly killing each other?”

Samuel’s voice, filled with doubt, echoed faintly through the canyon.

Terias’s face turned blue at his words.

Was he interpreting Samuel’s ignorant words as mockery?


I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

Then, with a smile on my face, I answered Samuel’s question.

“Isn’t it because they’re shameless, enough to kill their own lovers?”

"What's that Cerberus nonsense?"

Samuel asked with a puzzled expression, but I didn't have time to answer him.

Before I knew it, Terias's ice storm was right before my eyes.

I hurriedly spread out Sword Lacquer and countered Terias's ice storm.

Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang!

I deflected the ice crystals flying from Terias's hammer with my dagger and used telekinesis to slow down the storm.

'......It's still not easy.'

But it was the same as using force.

If I had lost my mind and charged in like I did just now, it would have been easier to deal with.

On the contrary, Terias was launching an even calmer attack.

In the end, I decided that it wouldn't be easy to block Terias's hammer and switched positions.



I moved to the boulder behind Terias, and I quickly swung my dagger.



Terias's kick was a little faster.

I was kicked and thrown far away.

Terias could react even to 'Position Exchange Ⅳ' when he was serious.

I gritted my teeth at this.

'As expected, it's impossible to capture Terias and interrogate him.'

Moreover, Terias is one of the new stars in the human world.

Even if he knows the secrets of the remnants of the old era, he probably doesn't know as much as the heads of the six families.

Even so, with my skills, I couldn't defeat Terias, let alone capture him.

For now, I need to focus on landing a blow on Terias.

'A blow that even Terias can't ignore.'

I already had that ability.

That's why if I could just create a small opening, I could survive this place.

That's why.

"Mr. Samuel, please help me."

I barely managed to utter a word as I dodged Terias's hammer and ran away.


Samuel's gaze turned to me.



I used Position Swap to move to Samuel's side in an instant.

It was only a few seconds, but it was enough time for me to convey what I wanted to Samuel.

"Tie him up so he can't move."

"......I understand."

"Then, excuse me for a moment."

I flew towards Terias with Samuel in my arms.

And Samuel, who was in my arms, began to use his ability, squeezing out all his mana.

Hundreds of thorns began to sprout on Samuel's arms.

They transformed into four-pronged ropes and tied up Terias' ankles and wrists.


The moment I confirmed that Terias' movements had stiffened, I swapped places with his hammer and changed positions.

It was a split second.

As Terias' hammer fell to the ground, I manifested my Sword Lacquer and swung it.

An attack condensed with all my remaining mana.


It was enough to pierce through the protective aura surrounding Terias' body.


"You little bug, you're using tricks."

Terias, who had noticed his weakness, poured his strength into his protective aura, so the dagger only managed to cut his shoulder.

And the moment Terias' hammer was retrieved to his hand-.

Something shot out from my arms at the speed of light.


Terias' pupils dilated greatly.


A venomous snake bit his shoulder and began to inject venom like crazy.

It was the extremely poisonous Gu poison, who had consumed a homunculus and transformed into a living being, who had bitten Terias.


The moment I felt joy from landing a blow.

The hammer that had returned to Terias struck my body violently.

I had also fully exposed my body, so my ribs were crushed and my bones pierced through my flesh and protruded outward.


Crimson blood dripped from the corner of my mouth. In that situation where even breathing was difficult, I,

"......As you said, I am a bug."

Could only laugh and speak to Terias.

"But remember this one thing."

That bug.

Is a venomous serpent carrying poison.

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