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Chapter 82 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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My mind swam.

My vision blurred.

My body screamed in agony.


A mouthful of blood splattered on the ground in front of me.

I leaned heavily on Sorrow, the familiar weight of the blade the only thing keeping me upright.

The wound in my stomach burned like fire, and I could feel my lifeblood draining away with each passing second.

—Gasp… Gasp…

A cold sweat broke out on my skin, and I shivered uncontrollably.

I could feel it now.

The icy grip of death closing in around me.

“You’re a mess.”

Recus said, his voice laced with amusement.

“Why don’t you just lie down and accept your fate?”

My body convulsed, wracked with pain.

My left arm hung limp at my side, broken in at least two places.

I was exhausted, my body at its limit.

A small, weak part of me whispered that it was over.

That I had fought well.

That it was time to rest.

But I pushed those thoughts away, clinging to consciousness with every fiber of my being.

I refused to give in.

Not yet.

“Still standing, I see.”

“Tell me, Hero… Are you not afraid of death?”

He sounded… genuinely curious.


I croaked, my voice barely a whisper.

“Not at all.”

He was right. I wasn’t afraid of dying.

Not anymore.

I had already died once.

What was one more death?

“Hmm… Interesting.”

—Cough… —The hell it is…

I may not have been afraid of dying, but I couldn’t bear the thought of Ray, or my friends, being hurt because of me.

—Brother, are you alright…?

—I’m counting on you, Raiden.

—I promise… I’ll always be by your side, Young Master.

Their voices echoed in my mind, giving me strength.

I wouldn’t let them down.

I couldn’t.

“I… won’t… let you…”

I had to stop him.

I had to protect them.

Even if it killed me.

“Trying to be a hero again?”

Recus sneered, his single eye narrowed in disdain.

He gestured towards me with his spear, his tone mocking.

“Go on then. Entertain me.”

I didn’t reply.

I simply tightened my grip on Sorrow and adjusted my stance.

“Good! That’s the spirit!”

—Ugh… Status window.

I stumbled forward, my vision swimming as I fumbled for the system interface.



[Special effect ‘Pain Oblivion’ activated.]

[Special effect ‘Haste’ activated.]

[Special effect ‘Sword’s Path’ activated.]

[Special effect…]


I poured all of my remaining stat points into enhancing my abilities.

It was now or never.


[Warning: Excessive stacking of effects may result in severe backlash.]


My heart pounded in my chest, a wild, erratic rhythm that threatened to burst out of my ribcage.

My vision swam, and blood trickled from my eyes, but I forced myself to remain standing.


Recus scoffed.

“You’re falling apart.”

“Shut… up…!”

Enhanced Senses was about to expire.

I had three minutes.

Maybe less.

A wave of dizziness washed over me, and I swayed on my feet.

Was this what it felt like to fall into the abyss?

I gagged, bile rising in my throat.

But I was still alive.

I could still see.

I could still breathe.

I could still fight.


—The match isn’t over until you sheathe your sword.

My father’s words, etched into my very soul, echoed through my mind.

I hadn’t sheathed my sword.

Not yet.

The match wasn’t over.

And it wouldn’t be over… until I won.

“I’m… not… done…”

A spark ignited within me.

A flicker of defiance in the face of oblivion.

Memories, long suppressed, surged to the surface, empowering me.

The world’s best Kendo Player.

A once-in-a-century prodigy destined to etch his name in history.

That’s what they used to call me.

I pushed aside the pain, the fear, the doubt.

I embraced the monster within.

“What’s this?”

Recus tilted his head, his single eye narrowed in surprise.

“Your aura… It’s changing.”

He was right.

I was changing.

The last bloom of a dying flower.

The promise of spring in the depths of winter.

“Yes! That’s it! Come!”

Winter had come.

It asked if I dared to face it.

I didn’t hesitate.


My foot lashed out, propelling me forward with explosive speed.

A monster’s fang aimed at the heart of a Wraith.

A single step towards the heart of winter.

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  1. Can someone help me remember who's Ray?

    1. Rachel the maid

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      Been reading a few other novels at the same time so I got confused.

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