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Chapter 83 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Burning of Sorrow (5)

Meanwhile, as Raiden was fighting the demon with all his might…

The news that Reynolds Academy was under attack by monsters was spreading like wildfire.

"The Academy is under attack? Did I hear that correctly…?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The news had reached the Imperial Palace first.

Milliam's face hardened as he listened to the report from Austin, the captain of the Imperial Knights.

"What's the situation?"

"It's difficult to say for sure, but we don't expect it to be good."

"Contact the noble families near the Academy immediately and ask for their assistance."

"We've already received word from Duke Trinia, Viscount Letern, and Viscount Siria. They said they would mobilize their private troops."

"You should go as well. Gather the remaining members of the Imperial Knights and head to the Academy."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Austin received his orders and immediately left the audience chamber to assemble the troops.

Left alone, Milliam let out a groan, his hand gripping his forehead.

The corners of his wrinkled eyes twitched slightly.

"What in the world…"

His murmur was a mixture of bewilderment, anxiety, and worry.

For a moment, his mind threatened to be consumed by chaos, but he fought to remain calm.

He was the Emperor of the Empire.

He could not afford to lose his composure, no matter the situation.

Taking a deep breath, Milliam collected his chaotic thoughts.

The monsters had targeted the Academy.

This was the second time, following the attack during the field trip.

Not once, but twice.

This raised a crucial question.

"Why the Academy…?"

While the first attack could be dismissed as a coincidence, the second one painted a different picture.

Something was amiss.

Milliam coldly analyzed the situation.

'I hear the monsters formed a legion and stormed the Academy…'

It was strange.

There was no way an ecosystem capable of sustaining such a large number of monsters existed near the Academy.

And even if there were, the idea of those ferocious creatures cooperating to attack the Academy was…


"…It simply doesn't make sense."

How could he explain this situation?

Monsters with the intelligence of, at most, parrots were acting as if they had planned this rampage.

"This can't be a natural occurrence."

There had to be some kind of intervention.

The monsters were behaving as if they were being controlled.

Of course, such a thing was unheard of.

There was no record in history of anyone successfully taming monsters.

But how else could he rationalize their actions?

"This is… a disaster."

Milliam muttered, his voice heavy with despair.

He felt a weight settle upon him, a feeling of facing an insurmountable problem.

Come to think of it, about 30 years ago…

He had visited the underground archives of the Holy Land.

He had snuck a peek at the forbidden 'Book of Prophecy' and a particular sentence flashed through his mind.

《Descendants, darkness will return.》

《But fear not, for when the darkest night falls upon the world…》

"…The most brilliant light will also appear in the world."

Milliam ruminated on the last sentence he remembered.

He had forgotten about that sentence, so why did it come to mind now?

It was as if fate itself had brought it back to his attention.

A feeling of frustration gnawed at his thoughts.

If he could just read the Book of Prophecy again, he might find a clue.

But with the recent tensions between the Empire and the religious sect, it would not be easy.

Milliam sighed and bit his lip.

As he continued to ponder, lost in thought with a hand on his forehead, a commotion suddenly erupted outside the audience chamber.

"Please calm down, Your Highness! Please wait a moment…!"

"I can't calm down! How can I stay calm in this situation!?"

The doors burst open, accompanied by a furious voice.

A golden-haired girl strode into the audience chamber, paying no heed to decorum.

It was an act worthy of reprimand, barging into the presence of the Emperor of the Empire, yet Milliam didn't utter a word of rebuke.

He simply replaced his troubled expression with a small smile.


"You're here, Lucy."

"Is it true? Is the Academy really under attack?"

Lucy asked urgently.

Milliam stroked his beard with a wry smile.

His silence was an affirmation.

Lucy's face turned pale as a sheet.

"Oh, no… Raiden is still at the Academy…"

The girl's eyes trembled as if they might spill tears at any moment.

Her delicate hands quivered slightly.

"Don't worry. Many reinforcements have already been dispatched to the Academy. Young Master Lishite will be safe…"

Milliam suddenly trailed off, struck by a thought.

Young Master Lishite.

Why had he forgotten about him?

The boy had accurately predicted this situation and sent the princesses back to the palace.


Milliam tapped his fingers on his throne, sinking deeper into thought.

The monsters' strange behavior, the attack on the Academy, the Book of Prophecy, and lastly, Young Master Lishite.

The pieces of the puzzle swirled in his mind, making the situation even more complicated.

"…This is truly a perplexing situation."

After a long silence, Milliam shook off his thoughts and regained his composure.

Dwelling on it wouldn't bring him any closer to a solution.

Right now, he had to focus on resolving the situation at hand.

Hundreds of the Empire's future leaders were in danger.

Among them was someone who might even become his son-in-law.

"I pray for your safety, Young Master Lishite…"

Milliam muttered to himself, his fingers fidgeting restlessly.

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