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Chapter 83 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter thanks to '@jrwvf6' for subscription to 'Sword Lacquer' tier on Ko-fi.


Terias groaned as he retreated.

His shoulder, bitten by the Gu poison, was turning blue.

The venom of Gu poison was so potent that if even a little more time passed, his arm would have to be amputated.

Furthermore, it was an extremely deadly poison that could drive him to his death.

Terias had to make a choice.

Whether to continue fighting.

Or else…….


I lowered my gaze and looked at Terias’ pocket.

The Return Scroll that Terias had intended to give to Sylvia.

However, Sylvia was already dead.

Terias had killed her after judging that it would be dangerous if Sylvia were to notice something that the Six Families were hiding.

I was very curious about what they were hiding, and an intuition that I had to find out suddenly raised in my head.

‘……I can’t capture Terias, so it’s impossible for now.’

It was true that he was poisoned by Gu poison's venom, but if he set his mind to it, he could still eliminate us.


‘My mana’s been depleted…….’

I, too, couldn’t continue fighting any longer.

My mana was depleted, and my ribs were shattered.

Among them, there were some that were piercing my organs.

If I didn’t get treated soon, even my life would be in danger.

That’s why I had to swallow my saliva with tension and watch Terias’ decision.

After a while.

Terias, who had finished judging his own body, opened his mouth.


Terias’ face, which had always been relaxed, was distorted like a demon’s.

A cold chill was emitted from him.

My whole body was surrounded by a cold, and my body temperature seemed to plummet in an instant, giving off a surprisingly cold aura.

I released the Killing Intent trait with the slightest bit of mana.


My Killing Intent drove away Terias' chill.

Since my mana had run out, it couldn’t be called perfect Killing Intent.

However, its rank had risen to the point where it could suppress the chill.

Since I was bleeding heavily right now, there was nothing as dangerous as my body temperature dropping, so it was something I had to do.

Like that, we faced off for a long time.


Terias cursed.

Then, he took out the Return Scroll from his pocket.

He had decided that treating his shoulder was more important than subduing us, and he was going to return to the Imperial Academy.

Towards such a Terias, I smiled faintly.


“I hope to see you again.”


At this, Terias glared at me with killing intent before opening his mouth.

"...I hope so."


With those words, Terias tore the Return Scroll.


Before I knew it, his body was enveloped in a bright light, and finally, he disappeared.

In the end, he withdrew from the battle and returned to the Imperial Academy.


I let out a sigh of relief and collapsed onto the ground.

It was a gamble.

And it worked.

If Terias had cut off his poisoned arm and continued the attack, I wouldn't have been able to escape death.

Huff, huff-

I was panting and brushing my sweat-soaked hair back when-

“……Is it over?”

Samuel, who had been lying face down on the ground, crawled over and asked.

“Yes, it’s over.”

“That’s a relief. I thought this was the end for me……”

And with that, Samuel laid down flat on the ground.

It was awkward to say that he was lying down since he was missing an arm and a leg, but that was beside the point.

I glanced at him and opened my mouth.


“What are you asking all of a sudden?”

Samuel frowned at my question, which lacked a subject.

I didn’t answer Samuel right away and rummaged through my pockets.

I was looking for a cigarette.

But soon, I realized that I didn’t have any and scratched my head.

When I lived as an author in reality, I always had a cigarette in my mouth.

But after I became Adel, I didn’t smoke because I was too young.

Smoking wasn’t good for growing children.

Helplessly, I took out a candy from my pocket.

A stick candy that I had bought a few of while purchasing food for the Sijo.


I put the stick candy in my mouth and pretended to exhale cigarette smoke as I spoke to Samuel.

"You shouldn't smoke things like this."

“……You’re crazy.”

Samuel let out a hollow laugh as if he couldn’t believe it.

Regardless, I rolled the candy around in my mouth and asked him what I wanted to ask.

“If it were you, you could have abandoned the students and run away. But you didn’t. Even though you ended up like this.”


Samuel’s shoulders flinched as if he hadn’t expected the question.

Soon, Samuel opened his mouth.

“I had to protect them, so I did.”

"Even the half-demons?"

“Yes. Even if you don’t like it, they’re still part of Sytan, aren’t they? …They’re also friends.”

“I see.”

A small interest arose within me.

Despite having been betrayed by a Half-Demon in the past, he still considered them a friend.

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