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Chapter 84 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Ignoring the warning flashing in my status window, I continued my assault.

The blazing tip of my sword represented the misfortunes of my past, the sorrow I had buried deep within.

My vision swam.

I gritted my teeth, pushing through the dizziness.

Combat was cruel.

And brutally honest.

But so what?

Life had always been cruel and brutal to me.

I had endured too much to simply kneel before it now.


[Remaining duration of Extrasensory: 1 minute]

A short message blinked before my eyes.

One minute. That’s all I had.

It was time to end this grueling duel.


I pushed back against the spear, putting distance between myself and the demon.

Gripping Sorrow with both hands, I assumed a basic kendo stance.

Recus, sensing the final confrontation, glared at me with murderous intent.

He pointed his spear at me and roared,

“Come, boy!!”

I didn’t bother responding.

I simply stomped on the ground.

A trail of brilliant embers followed my movement, carried by the wind.


With a flick of his wrist, Recus spun his spear, initiating a Formula.

It flowed seamlessly from nothing to a point, from a point to a line, from a line to a form.

—Recus Style Defensive Spear Arts, Secret Art—


In the blink of a eye, it transformed into a vast constellation of spear thrusts.

The ultimate defensive technique that had effortlessly blocked even Allen’s finishing move in the original story.

An impenetrable wall.

I silently prayed to the sword in my hand.

Please, let your strength reach that star.



Just before our weapons clashed…

I whispered the name of my trump card, the one I had been saving until the very end.

“Blink × 2.”


With a flash of sparks, my vision went dark.

In the next instant, I found myself behind the demon.

Recus, a beat too slow, tried to turn but it was already too late.

The azure blade of Sorrow was already slicing through his neck.


The sound of flesh being cleaved.

The demon's head, once held high, tumbled to the ground.

His lifeless body swayed for a moment before collapsing onto the ground.

“Ha… Ha…”

I collapsed to my knees, utterly spent.

My hands were covered in the demon’s black blood, a testament to his demonic lineage.

It was over.

The Demon King’s strongest spearman was dead.

And I, the one who had orchestrated his demise, could only gasp for breath, my body on the verge of collapse.

‘I… I can’t fall yet…’

The biggest obstacle was gone, but…

Countless monsters still swarmed behind him.

If I lost consciousness now, the Academy’s back gate would fall.

My Extrasensory was fading, but it was alright.

I could handle these small fries even without my special skills…


[Trauma deterioration progress --> Current: 300%]

[Deterioration has exceeded 300%. The skill will now be forcibly deactivated.]

[User will experience temporary loss of consciousness due to severe backlash.]



“Cough! Ugh…!”

Blood surged up my throat.

A wave of dizziness and fatigue washed over me, threatening to drag me under.

‘No, I can’t…’

We were so close.

Just a little bit more…

Why now…?

“…Damn it…”

A string of curses slipped past my trembling lips.

My eyelids felt heavy, my vision fading.

I desperately tried to fight it, but it was no use.

My consciousness sank into a dark abyss.

The last thing I saw before my vision went completely black…

“Heh… As expected, you’re the most thrilling one of all.”

…Was a head of white hair, catching me as I fell.


Before the question could fully form in my mind, darkness consumed me.

And then, I blacked out.


“Heh… As expected, you’re the most thrilling one of all.”

Golden Boy caught the falling Raiden with one hand, a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

“That was like watching a grand play… Truly spectacular.”

His white hair fluttered in the wind, revealing eyes that crackled with blue electricity.

He let out a delighted laugh.

“Well then~ The main actor has taken his leave. Now it’s this supporting character’s turn to shine.”

Humming a cheerful tune, he turned to face the horde of monsters that had gathered behind him.

—Kiiiik…! Kuwaaaak!!—

They shrieked and roared, their eyes filled with bloodlust.

Golden Boy calmly observed the wave of monsters, ready to break through the gate at any moment.

“Now, now, just wait a moment. I’ll take care of this in a flash.”

He gently laid Raiden on the ground.

Then, he pulled out a single glove from his pocket and slipped it onto his left hand.


He looked up, his eyes meeting the bloodthirsty gazes of the monsters.

A smirk played on his lips as he raised his gloved hand.

—Crackle, crackle…—

Blue sparks danced around his arm.

A predatory gleam flickered in his normally vacant eyes.

“My, oh my… It’s been a while since I’ve used this spell.”

Gathering the crackling electricity in his hand, he began to chant.

“The Book of Sacrifice.”

Oh, Primordial Thunder Dragon.

Your descendant calls upon your might.

Take this fleeting future, and grant me power in the present.

One hundred years of my life I offer.

In exchange for a taste of your divine power.


—Zernoth Style Forbidden Magic, First Verse of Paradox—

—Lightning Strike—

With a flick of his finger…


A small sound echoed in the air, followed by…

—Boooom! Crash!—

A colossal bolt of lightning descended from the sky.

The blue lightning engulfed the monsters in an instant.

Their bodies were ripped apart, disintegrating into dust before they could even let out a scream.



The monsters were gone, wiped out without a trace.

“Oops… Did I overdo it? I was hoping to leave some corpses behind…”

Golden Boy stood amidst the scorched earth, watching as the embers of his spell danced in the air.

His lips curled into a small smile.

“Ah, right. This is what they call a ‘Thunder Punch’.”

Scooping up Raiden’s unconscious body, he hummed cheerfully.

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