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Chapter 85 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Shatter, Scatter, Hate (1)

"Well, now... what do I do with this?"

Golden Boy muttered, glancing at Raiden slumped over his back.

Raiden was unconscious, barely clinging to life.

Sticky, crimson blood oozed from his wounds, staining Golden Boy's clothes.

".......I just washed this not long ago."

He grumbled, furrowing his brows. With a flick of his wrist—



As the short incantation left his lips, the bloodstains on him and Raiden vanished. Golden Boy brushed off the lingering mana from his fingers, examining his now-spotless attire.

"I should probably take this maniac to the infirmary…"

He had used magic to stop the bleeding, but it was a rudimentary fix at best.

Raiden needed a proper healer for the deep gashes that marred his body and his mangled torso.

Considering the severity of his condition, every second counted.

"But… something's off."

Golden Boy’s gaze swept over the unconscious boy.

Raiden's chest rose and fell in ragged breaths, his body occasionally twitching.

A plain white mask covered his face.

A mask imbued with the magic of Recognition Reduction and Appearance Alteration.

“Why wear a mask like this…? It must’ve been a nuisance during the fight, obstructing his vision.”

The thought crossed his mind, but the mask’s purpose was glaringly obvious.

A mask that hid one’s face.

And the magic it bore.

Golden Boy could only arrive at one conclusion.

"He was trying to hide his identity."

…But why?

Golden Boy tilted his head, perplexed.

What reason could Raiden possibly have to conceal his identity?

"Don't tell me he was planning something nefarious?"

The thought was fleeting. Golden Boy quickly dismissed it.

"People don't usually fight tooth and nail to protect others for nefarious reasons."

There had to be another explanation.

He didn't know what it was, but…

"Well, it's not like the maniac would wear such a bizarre mask without a good reason."

He didn't understand, but he didn't need to.

He was just a helper who had briefly stumbled onto the stage of this enthralling play.

A mere extra like him didn’t need to know everything about the protagonist.

"Well~ A protagonist with a few secrets is more interesting, right? Adds depth to the character. Don't you think so, maniac?"

Golden Boy asked the unconscious Raiden, but naturally, there was no response.

Only the faint sound of ragged breathing filled the air.

Golden Boy chuckled and started walking.

"Guess I'll take you back to the dormitory. You might actually kick the bucket if those wounds are left untreated, but I'm sure the maniac can handle it, right?”

His white hair swayed as he strode towards the dormitories.

The rhythmic thud of his footsteps filled the silence.

The Academy, which had been a scene of chaos just a few hours ago, was relatively calm now. The battle at the main gate must have ended as well.

“Well~ Case closed? Looks like everything worked out in the end.”

The fierce battle had reached its conclusion as dusk settled over the Academy.

Above, the winter sky was ablaze with hues of crimson.

The faint glow of the setting sun peeked through the thin veil of clouds, casting long shadows of the two boys.

A gentle breeze rustled their white and black hair.

Golden Boy brushed aside his bangs and continued walking.

The shadows stretched, then faded, swallowed by the battlefield now devoid of its actors.

The short yet long defense of the Academy had come to an end.

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