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Chapter 85 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

― Beep!

It was when I was about to escape the secret realm.

Sijo, who had been hiding in an invisible place, suddenly jumped out.

Sijo flapped its wings and approached me, landing on the back of my hand.

[Are you alright?]

― Beep…….

The guy must have seen the whole situation, and glared at Samuel, who had turned into a thorn.

It seemed that it had grown fond of him in the short time they had spent together.

“Let's go.”

With that short greeting, the students and I escaped the secret realm through the secret passage.

I could barely walk on my own, so I had to be supported by Fron.

Fron, who was relatively less injured among us, volunteered to help me.

Even so, Fron must be quite tired.

Feeling grateful to her, I asked her a question.

“Are you not feeling heavy?”

"It's fine. This is a piece of cake for me."

“That's a relief.”

Fron, who was full of bravado as usual.

I pointed in one direction with a small smile on my lips.

“Let's go that way.”

We headed to Besaha's lab.

As I had explained to the students earlier, the only place that could protect us now was there.

Ironically, the place where countless demons had been subjected to vivisection was the safest place.

“We have to go that way from here.”

“The path is so complicated.”

Fron, who was following my lead, muttered in disbelief.

“We're almost there, so please bear with me a little longer and speed up.”

I encouraged Fron and the students, who were exhausted, and looked around.

‘……Fortunately, the Imperial Academy's personnel haven't shown up yet.’

The human students had torn up the return scroll and headed to the Imperial Academy.

Dozens of minutes had passed since then, but the human instructors had not yet appeared here.

Perhaps they thought it was a diversion.

After all, the information that the third-year dormitory was being attacked could not be confirmed as false yet.

But that would only be for a short while.

They were bound to show up before us soon, so we needed to hurry.

Did we walk for about ten minutes?


I stopped the students at a certain point.

We had arrived at Besaha's lab.

The lab was located at the exact opposite side of the Imperial Academy, so we could avoid encountering humans.

However, the students looked bewildered, as if this place was no different from any other.

[Is this really a safe place? It doesn’t look any different from other areas.]

Samuel asked.

It was a valid question.

Besaha’s lab was once again covered in magical devices.

“First, please go to that tree.”

I didn’t answer and walked towards a tree with Fron’s support.

And then.


I slammed Samuel into the tree.

Then, a voice filled with absurdity rang out.

[What the hell are you doing all of a sudden?]

“This tree is not an ordinary tree. You need to activate the device with your power, Mr. Samuel.”

[……Just wait a moment.]

Samuel remained silent for a while, as if searching for something.

Only after a while did Samuel’s voice ring out.

[As you said, there is a device installed, but I can’t activate it with my power.]

“Why not?”

[I figured out how it’s designed. However, my body hasn’t recovered yet, so I can’t use mana. It seems like I’ll need another day to use mana…… I guess I should leave it to that frivolous woman instead.]

If he meant a frivolous woman…….

My gaze naturally turned to Fron, who was supporting me.

Fron frowned at this.

“Frivolous to me……!”

[I didn’t say it directly to you.]

“Then you didn’t mean it for me?”

[Do you think so?]


Just before the two of them started arguing.

I mediated between Samuel and Fron.

“Calm down, everyone. You can fight once we get to a safe place.”


Fron still looked displeased, but she soon raised her hand to the tree, thinking that what I said was reasonable.

Then, she looked at Samuel, who had transformed into a thorn, and asked.

“What should I do now?”

[Slowly inject mana and figure out how it’s designed.]

“……That’s not as easy as it sounds.”

[Tsk, tsk, I’ll tell you in detail. If you continue to inject mana into this tree, at some point, the circuit will follow the pattern of the millstone…….]

That’s how Samuel’s explanation began.

I listened to it in silence, and as the story progressed, I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Samuel had perfectly figured out Besaha’s magical device in this short amount of time.

This was too overwhelming to be simply described as talent.

Moreover, what I found even more amazing was…

‘He explained it so easily that even an outsider to magic like me could understand it…….’

Samuel’s explanation was concise and accurate.

Even a child under the age of ten could understand it.

“I see how it’s done.”

As proof of this, Fron also understood Samuel’s explanation at once and began operating Besaha’s device.

And by the time a few minutes had passed.


A loud noise was heard, and a large tree appeared.

The surrounding scenery also changed.

Dozens of trees were cut down and broken, as if to prove how fierce the battle between me and Besaha had been.

When I turned my gaze, I saw Besaha’s body, which had become a cold corpse.

Samuel, who had been able to watch that scene in sync with my vision, opened his mouth.

[……You really killed the instructor of the humans all by yourself.]

“He was a difficult opponent, but he was still easier to deal with than that monster.”

[Who’s calling who a monster…….]

Samuel clicked his tongue as if he was annoyed.

I ignored him and gestured to the cadets who were looking at me in admiration.

“Let’s go inside.”

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