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Chapter 85 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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A door was installed in the wide-open tree.

The students entered Besaha’s laboratory through that door.

Drip, drip.

Fron and I had to wait outside for a while for Samuel, who had started to devour Besaha’s corpse.

[This guy is quite tasty.]

Those human student bastards were tasteless.

Samuel added those words as he chewed and devoured Besaha’s flesh without leaving a single piece.

It seemed that the stronger the human he ate, the faster he recovered and the better it tasted.

After a while, Samuel finished his meal and spoke with satisfaction.

[I’ve eaten everything. But shouldn’t we also take some evidence that you killed the human instructor?]

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve already taken care of it.”

[That’s good.]

I touched the eagle-shaped Imperial Crest in my arms.

I had to submit it to Sytan as evidence, but I wondered if I could use it for something else later.

‘The Imperial Crest has endless uses.’

I could also use it to disguise myself as a human.

Then I might be able to get closer to the secret that the Six Families were hiding.

……In fact, this wasn’t the only piece of evidence I had.


I lowered my gaze and looked at the Angel flower badge on my chest.

This badge would have a ‘recording function’ installed.

Attacking the Imperial Academy was only a part of the midterm exam.

We would need materials to evaluate it in detail.

After all, we couldn’t collect the heads of all the humans we killed.

Soon, I took my eyes off the badge and spoke to Samuel and Fron.

“Let’s go in too.”

As we, the last of Sytan’s students, entered the lab, the door closed naturally.


Then, the shape of the tree shook and transformed into a small figure, and the surrounding scenery changed completely.

It was an ordinary forest with no trace of a fight.

It was the work of Besaha’s magic device.

* * *

Right after Terias returned to the Imperial Academy through the Return Scroll.

The auditorium of the Imperial Academy, the designated return location, was in chaos.

The instructors who had been guarding the third-year dormitory like iron had to rack their brains to sort out the current situation.

The instructors’ opinions were divided after seeing the students return injured.

They all agreed that they had to pursue and defeat the Demons.

However, there was also an opinion that they should be careful since they hadn’t yet accurately grasped the Demons’ strength.

After all, there was a chance that other Demons had invaded the third-year dormitory besides them, just as the spy, Kyle, had said.

Like that, the Demons’ attack turned the Imperial Academy into chaos in an instant.

Terias gritted his teeth and ground his shoulders at the sight.

‘That half-demon bastard……!’

He had clearly seized the opportunity to win.

But then, the snake that had popped out of the bastard’s arms bit his shoulder, and the pain that followed…

Because of that, Terias had no choice but to return.

No matter how much mana he poured into it, the poison in his shoulder wouldn’t subside.

The poison that had seeped into his shoulder was consuming his mana and growing thicker.

The more he tried to suppress it, the worse the wound became.

The bastard must have used some strange trick.

Terias sat down with a haughty expression, and a student who could handle divine power came over to start healing him.

He had healed all the injured students and was now going to heal Terias, who had been summoned.

Then, in the middle of it.

“What the hell happened?”

An instructor asked Terias, who was being healed.

Terias touched his shoulder where the snake's teeth marks were healing and answered.

“……During the raid on the secret realm, the demons attacked, and many students were killed or injured. Instructor Besaha is probably dead as well."

Terias didn't know exactly what had happened to Besaha.

Besaha, who had sent the students into the secret realm first, never showed up.


If he were alive, he would have come to save himself and the students.

He was convinced that Besaha had been killed by the demons.

"Besaha is dead?"

"That's impossible...."

The instructors and human students looked incredulous.

It was true that the demons were a threat from the students' perspective, but they didn't think anyone was stronger than Besaha.

If Sylvia hadn't told them to return with the Return Scroll, there were students who would have tried to hold out until Besaha arrived.

Furthermore, the instructors knew Besaha's magical abilities, so they found it even harder to believe.

"It seems the Demons have dispatched assassins on par with instructors."


Terias cut off the instructor who was guessing the strength of the demon students.

"There were only two demons with the strength of instructors. One of them stood out, but he was weaker than me."


"It's enough to just summon them."

For a moment.

Terias' eyes flashed with killing intent.

His close friends, a group of successors to the Six Families.

Terias intended to repel the demons with them.


"W, what... the healing isn't working...."

Suddenly, the student who had been pouring divine power into Terias' shoulder opened his eyes wide in shock.

A white aura gently enveloped Terias' shoulder.

The purple poison reacted against it and began to reject it.

Immediately after.


Terias' arm hardened like stone.

The poison, which was clearly in liquid form, suddenly solidified and petrified.

Terias groaned in pain as it struck him.


Terias' arm, which had completely turned to stone, broke off and fell.


Everyone who saw the scene was filled with panic.

Terias' eyes were bloodshot from the intense pain that surged through him.

“I’ll kill you…!”

The half-demon who had taken his arm.

Terias began to unleash his killing intent toward the man with a bone-chilling coldness.

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