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Chapter 86 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin



I shook my shoulders slightly because of the sudden chill.

I definitely felt like something big was going to happen soon.

‘It’s not……because of my mood.’

It’s probably actually dangerous.

The information Kyle had lied about, ‘The demons will attack the third-year dormitory,’ will probably still be valid.

The instructors won’t be able to come out in person because they are tied down to the Imperial Academy.

In that case.

‘……The bastards will have no choice but to move.’

The Student Council, the ones who drove the original Adel to his death, and the organization that gathers only the strongest people in the world.

They will come out to kill us instead of the instructors.

If we face the Student Council in our current state, it’s obvious that we won’t be able to avoid death.

My body and the students’ bodies aren’t in normal condition, and the difference in our strength is like heaven and earth.

‘Even if my body was fine, I wouldn’t be able to defeat those bastards.’

Didn’t we barely manage to drive out Terias when we joined forces?

Even then, if it hadn’t been for Gu poison, it would have been impossible to repel Terias.

In order to defeat them, I’ll have to pay an even greater price.

……Well, for now, I don’t even know what Adel took from me.

As I was speculating about how the situation would unfold in the future, Samuel’s voice reached my ears.

[Why are you making that expression? What are you worried about?]

“I don’t think we’ll be discovered here, but I’m worried because we have to leave this place tomorrow to enter the gate back to the Demon Realm.”

[……If we run into humans like that, we’ll be dead for sure. But I don’t feel like staying here any longer either.]

Samuel muttered in a low, subdued voice.

When the students of the Demon Realm saw the interior of the laboratory, they gagged or were in chaos.

Even Fron, who had maintained a bright expression until the end, couldn’t hide her complicated expression at the sight of the laboratory.

“How horrible…….”

The sight inside the laboratory.

Numerous demons used for experiments were lying dead on the floor.

It was a sight I had already seen once, but it still wasn’t easy to get used to.

I forced my reluctant lips apart.

“Mr. Samuel.”


“Can you eat those corpses?”


Samuel’s voice hesitated, as if he hadn’t expected my request.

Of course he would. He hadn’t eaten the corpses of the Demon students inside the Demon Realm.

So it was natural for him to feel disgusted when I asked him to eat the corpses inside the lab.

But I couldn’t help it.

‘Endemic disease.’

Since we came from the Demon Realm, we didn’t know what germs the Demons remaining in the Human Realm had.

Furthermore, the students were exhausted.

If they slept among the rotting corpses, they could get sick and face another life-threatening situation.

“……That’s why I’d like Sir Samuel to eat them. I’m sure they’d be happy if their corpses were used for the safety of the Demon Realm.”


Samuel seemed conflicted by my words, but soon he spread his thorns.

Snap-. Snap-.

Samuel’s thorns quickly devoured the corpses.

A sound came from Samuel’s thorns, which had devoured all the Demon corpses.

[……I’m tired. I’ll sleep now. Call me when you need me.]

Since Samuel hadn’t slept properly for several days, I allowed him to sleep.

“I understand. But how do I call you when I need you?”

[Just pour your mana into the thorns. Then, that’s all…….]

Samuel finished his brief explanation and fell silent, as if he had fallen asleep.

A long time passed like that.





Not only Samuel, but also the corpses of the Demons disappeared, and the students began to fall asleep one by one.

They must have been exhausted from what happened today.


I was also tired, so I found a comfortable spot and lay down.

“Mmm, mmm…….”

I turned my head slightly and saw Fron’s idiotic face, drooling as she fell fast asleep.

‘She’s already asleep.’

I lay down next to Fron and fell into deep thought.

About the Humans who would become our enemies in the future.

‘The main characters in my work.’

The student council of the Imperial Academy.

We would fight them in the future.

The problem was…….

‘It’s that they might be different from the guys in the original work.’

For some reason, the discarded settings had been erased from my memory.

Due to the nature of web novels, I couldn't help but describe them in fragments.

That's why I couldn't say I know everything about them, even though they're characters I created myself.

Like how I don't know what they had for breakfast.

So the characters in the story are already...

'Completely different people.'

They must be completely different from the ones I know.

...Meaning that even the most righteous ones could be nothing more than hypocrites.

Perhaps because of my complicated feelings, my mouth tasted bitter.

What if?

Just what if?

All the Student Council members, the children of the Six Families, knew about the secret Terias was hiding?


What choice would I have to make?

Would I have to fight them like Terias did?


Just as I was thinking that.


I heard someone calling out to me, lost in thought.

"Adel, are you okay?"

Luna, who had come close enough to fall into my arms, looked up at me with concern.

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