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Chapter 86 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Terias, whose arm had been severed, was carried on a stretcher and transported to the medical facility inside the Imperial Academy.

Terias resisted quite a bit during the process, but the instructor forced him to receive treatment.

The Imperial Academy's instructor, Madeleine, ran her fingers through her purple hair and fell into contemplation.

"What should I do...."

Terias had said that the guy was weaker than him, but she couldn't just believe him.

Sylvia, a promising talent, had died, and the Demon had even taken Terias's arm.

It wouldn't be a good choice to take this situation lightly.

Terias might have been drunk on his arrogance and underestimated the guy's strength.

But that wasn't the only problem.

"If it wasn't a spy in the Demon World who betrayed us...."

They also had to prepare for the possibility of an invasion of the third-year dormitory.

If the Demons didn't invade the dormitory, then they could assume that a spy had betrayed them.

But she felt it was too hasty to make a judgment yet.

“As expected, there’s no other way.”

The small group of elites that Terias had mentioned earlier, possessed strength comparable to instructors.

They needed to step forward.

Students who would each grow to be talents who would one day lead the Empire.

Their potential made even the Six Dukes, who had been called heroes during the Human-Demon War, seem like a joke.


Madeleine opened the door to the room where they were and entered.

Five students entered her field of vision.

Originally, there should have been six people in the room, but since Terias had been taken to the medical facility, there were only five.

Even though their numbers had decreased, their strength was not something that could be ignored.

After all, they all possessed strength that rivaled the combat instructors.

That meant they were monsters who could overwhelm instructors like Besaha, who focused on teaching theory.

As Madeleine stared at them, one of the female students spoke up.

She was a student with fiery red hair and sharp, cat-like eyes.

"What is it? Aren't you instructors busy? What are you doing here?"

The female student spoke to Madeleine with a mocking smile.

She knew that it was the rule to use honorifics when addressing an instructor like Madeleine, but she acted arrogantly.

Seeing her like that, one of the male students spoke up.

“I suppose it’s urgent enough for you to come looking for us? Let’s try to understand the instructors’ situation.”

“……Thank you for saying that.”

Madeleine felt like flames were raging inside her, but for now, she decided to yield.

Because, as the student had said, it wasn’t them she felt sorry for, but herself.

How much time had passed like that?

A student who had been flipping through documents looked at Madeleine with a blank expression.

“I heard that Terias was critically injured. And many students died and returned injured.”

“Yes, it’s not a good situation.”

“But since there’s a possibility of an attack on the third-year dormitory, it must be difficult to allocate manpower.”


Madeleine couldn’t hide her surprise at the student’s following words.

The student had deep, dark blue eyes that seemed to pierce through her intentions.

His pupils, which seemed to contain the deep sea, urged Madeleine on.

But despite the color of the deep sea, his eyes were not dark at all.

They were bright despite being black, as if reflecting the student’s personality.

Madeleine stuck out her tongue as she looked into those upright eyes.

‘……He’s definitely not at the level of a student.’

He was supposed to be just a first-year student.

A guy with insight and skill that overwhelmed her, an instructor.

Madeleine couldn’t help but sigh.

While admiring his outstanding talent, on the other hand, she couldn’t help but picture the Empire’s defeat or ruin as long as such a student existed.

‘Is blood thicker than water?’

Madeleine looked at the student.

The son of Sword Saint, Sel, and the future lord of the Nina family.

Nina Hamel.

He was the representative of this group.

Even so, Hamel did not show any arrogance and treated her with respect and politeness.

Madeleine smiled faintly at this sight and spoke.

“Your words are correct. We have to defend the third-year dorms, but we don’t know the enemy’s strength well enough, so we’re having trouble distributing personnel.”

“So you’re trying to ask us for help.”

“Yes, can you help us?”

Madeleine’s request.

Of course, the student’s answer was,

“I will help you.”


Hamel, who carried out justice, could not refuse Madeleine’s request for the students.

That was why he was also the student Madeleine trusted the most.

Hamel was a student who would never do anything unless it was just.

He would kill all the Demon bastards who were no different from pests.

“Instructor Madeleine, please tell us the exact story.”

Hamel opened his mouth, his blue eyes shining.

“If so, we will show you that we can defeat those bastards.”

An organization to which only the best students of the Imperial Academy belong.

‘Student Council.’

They threw their declaration of war.

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