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Chapter 89 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The appearance of another Main Character.

I narrowed my eyes as I figured out the identity of the woman who was sniping at us like we were prey.

The distance between us and her was 5km.

There was no one among us who could close that distance in one go.

Not even me.

Would it be possible to close a distance that would take an hour to walk in just a few seconds?

‘It would have been possible if my proficiency in Position Exchange was higher…….’

But my Position Exchange was still too short to move such a distance.

Moreover, Samuel was in his thorn form, unable to exert his full power.

So the best course of action would be to run away.


‘……There's no way I can escape from that woman.’

If I knew the identity of that human woman, I would realize how foolish it was to expose myself from the leaves.

Divine Archer, Wendy Siscella.

The daughter of the Wendy family, one of the Six Families, and the person who would one day represent the Empire as the Divine Archer.

Her talent and ability were on par with Terias, who had driven us to the brink of death.

Even if we joined forces with the students of Sytan, the chances of defeating her were slim.

Especially when the distance was so great.

‘……I can never win in a long-range battle.’

Even if I threw my black blade, it wouldn't even reach near where Siscella was.

On the other hand, her arrows boasted tremendous power and accuracy even at this distance.

Just looking at the pieces of leaves that had been pierced through and had holes in them made me shudder with fear.

‘How did I describe it?’

I recalled the abilities that Siscella possessed in the original story

『 Siscella's Horned Bow is extremely fast and accurate.

Her arrows, imbued with the will to pierce her target, cannot be dodged by anyone less than a high-level expert.

She compresses mana imbued with fighting spirit into her Horned Bow and shoots arrows at her enemies that can pierce targets even in a typhoon. 』

As I thought about it, I could clearly see the extent of Siscella's power.

To imbue an arrow with ‘fighting spirit’.

To imbue a weapon that had left one's hand with fighting spirit was like a skill in itself.

Even I, who had inherited part of Adel's power, could not imbue a dagger with fighting spirit…….

'Fighting spirit.'

It was an ability that was the next level up from sword energy or Sword Lacquer.

A power that only the combat instructor level of the Demon Realm or the students of the Human Realm Student Council could use.

This was the reason why I couldn't overwhelm Terias even after inheriting 20% of Adel's power.

'...All the members of the Student Council can infuse their weapons with fighting spirit.'

Among them, Siscella had an outstanding talent for manifesting fighting spirit.

In other words, at this point in time, Siscella was a powerhouse who overwhelmed me.

...I didn't know I would use this ability again, but the time had come to use it again.

'Eye of Arrogance.'

An ability that originally greatly enhances dynamic vision when killing an enemy.

It was an ability that was originally useful in one-versus-many combat situations, but I hadn't used it because such a situation had rarely arisen.

Normally, the Eye of Arrogance is activated when killing only living beings with mana in their bodies, such as mosters, humans, or the Demon race.

However, in order to deal with the arrow that Siscella was about to shoot, I had to activate the Eye of Arrogance.

That's why.


I forcibly opened the Eye of Arrogance by pouring in nearly half of my mana.

Then, the black pupil in my left eye appeared.

If I break the rules and activate the Eye of Arrogance in this way, not only will the ability be halved, but my eyesight will also be severely damaged.

But, it's better to lose my eyesight than to die.


Soon after, everything started to look slow.

I could see every single movement of the swaying branches.

Not only that, but my eyesight had improved to an absurd degree.

Her face, which had seemed like a tiny dot, was now visible in great detail, as if I were using binoculars.

A beautiful girl with short auburn hair and a somewhat haughty smile.

She was wearing a dress that pressed down on her chest to make it easier to shoot an arrow.

In addition, with the activation of the Eye of Arrogance, I was able to observe Siscella's actions in detail.


Siscella was reloading her arrow after failing to pierce me with her arrow.

She clicked her tongue in regret.

That's why she glared at me with both eyes, as if she didn't want to miss me this time.

And then came her next attack.


I cursed inwardly.

Through my enhanced vision, I could see a ghastly mana clinging to the bowstring that Siscella had drawn.

Mana imbued with the attribute of rock.

Her intention was not just to pierce us, but to crush us.

I could feel the vast flow of mana concentrating on Siscella.

It was only natural, since she possessed more mana than even Fron and me.

[……If we get hit by that, at least one of us will definitely die.]

Samuel, who was in a thorny state and sharing his vision with me through my enhanced eyes, muttered in a low voice.

I shook my head.

“That’s not the end of it.”

[What are you talking about?]

“I mean it’s going to be even more dangerous than you think.”

[Ha, no matter how powerful it is, it’s just an arrow. I’ve heard stories of people piercing several birds with a single arrow, but do you think it’s possible to pierce several Demons with it?]

Clack, clack.

I shook my head as my answer to Samuel’s question.

If he were to experience Siscella’s abilities firsthand, he wouldn’t be able to deny my words.

Only one person will die?

That’s ridiculous.

That statement is underestimating Siscella.

Not one, but at least five people will die from that arrow.

……And they won’t be pierced, they’ll be crushed to death.


The space around Siscella’s arrow began to compress.

The concentrated energy of her will to annihilate us.

It was the manifestation of fighting spirit.

……Among the current Demon students, there shouldn’t be anyone who can handle fighting spirit, except for Baltan.

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