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Chapter 89 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

All the members of the Student Council, including Terias and Siscella, were able to use fighting spirit.

My mouth let out a sigh at the overwhelming gap in our abilities.

[What’s the matter?]

Samuel asked in a tone that suggested he didn’t understand.

He was a mage who was unfamiliar with martial arts, so it seemed he didn't know what fighting spirit was.

It was only natural, since it was a concept that had never appeared in the regular curriculum of the Sytan class.

Those monsters are the strange ones.

‘……As expected, were the students of Class A all destined to die here?’

Even if they had escaped from Terias, they would have encountered Besaha, and even if they had defeated him, they would have encountered Sissela like this.

The future that I had described.

It was as if the world was forcing death upon the students of Sytan.

But here's where it differs from the original.

I'm here.

In order to uncover the secrets hidden by the Six Families, the help of the Sytan students is essential.

That's why.

'I will save them, no matter what.'

I, the author, will personally twist the original story to my will.

The moment I made up my mind.


Siscellae's arrow, filled with fighting spirit, shot towards us.

The arrow, creating a circular ring as it burst through the sound barrier, threatened to pulverize the trees where the Sytan students were hiding.

That was when.


A giant purple circle appeared where the Demon students had been standing before they climbed the trees.

A gate opened by the Sytan instructors.

However, it was flickering and unstable, as if to imply that it would take time to fully open.

If we were to enter the gate in its current state, we would lose our way in the dimensional labyrinth and die.

Swish, swish.

I activated my Eye of Arrogance, looking back and forth between the gate and Siscellae's arrow.

I don't know when the gate will open properly, but Siscellae's arrow will reach us in exactly 5 seconds.

This is the distance I deduced using my body's excellent analytical abilities and Eye of Arrogance.

'I'd better give up on the idea that the gate will open within 5 seconds.'

If we wait for the gate to open, Siscellae's arrow will already have swept past us.

But if I give the evacuation order to the students, it's doubtful that the ordinary Demon students will be able to avoid Siscellae's arrow.

Not only that, but there's a chance that the gate will open and close while we're dodging.

So, what's the best move?

My actions were faster than my thoughts.


My body had already moved to the ground through Position Exchange.


Before Samuel could finish speaking, I opened my mouth.

“Unleash the storm.”

[Damn it, got it!]

Samuel seemed to realize that this was not the time to argue with me and immediately sprang into action.

The mana flowing from Samuel's thorny form transformed into a purple storm that began to swirl rapidly around the trees.

Standing at the center of the storm, I,


Drove the Fang of Darkness into the ground.

And with half of my remaining mana, I colored the purple storm.


The black storm was finally complete.

The storm, a collaboration between Samuel, who had grown stronger after being clad in darkness, and me, clashed with Siscella's arrow.

At that moment.


A deafening roar shook the area, and a storm of razor-sharp wind began to swirl in all directions.

A fragment of the sharp wind tore through the flesh of my cheek, leaving a bloody gash.

Bitterness surged through me, but I ignored the pain and watched the situation unfold.

Samuel stuttered at the dangerous sight that appeared before him.

[T-that, isn't that piercing through?]


Siscella's arrow was trying to pierce through the black storm.


…unbelievably, her arrow showed no signs of losing power, as if it were about to break through our combined efforts at any moment.

'……It's already been 5 seconds.'

The storm and Siscella's arrow had already clashed.

However, the gate was still only rippling, unable to function properly.

At this rate, all the students would be annihilated by Siscella's arrow.


I stroked my eyes, where the Eye of Arrogance resided, and squeezed out all the remaining mana I had.

I had to restore the black storm.

[……Dammit, I can't use any more magic.]

Leaving Samuel behind, who was blaming himself for not being able to help with his own power, I activated my telekinesis.

With the Eye of Arrogance, I meticulously analyzed the structure of the storm that was about to be pierced by the arrow.

And through telekinesis.


I mended the gaps in the storm.


And finally, the storm was restored, successfully deflecting Siscella's arrow.

At that moment.


As enough time had passed, the gate to the Demon Realm opened completely.

"Jump in, now!"

At my urgent cry, the students jumped down from the tree and began to leap into the gate.

"Adel, I'll support you!"

Supported by Luna, I also entered the gate.

"Let's go. Quickly."


The students and I ran through the gate, which was filled with swirling spatial currents and countless whirlwinds.

As soon as I entered the gate, I staggered from the sudden dizziness.

The students also gritted their teeth and focused on running, knowing that if they hesitated here, they would die.

I glanced back and saw that the entrance to the gate we had entered was beginning to close.



Just like that, we reached the end of the gate.




“Aren’t you a little too late?”

I could see Idea, who greeted us with a playful smile.


We had returned to the Demon Realm from the Human Realm.

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