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Chapter 92 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin


In the conference room where the headmaster and instructors were gathered.

The instructors were in the middle of grading the midterm exam scores based on the contents of the Angelic Flower Badges submitted by each class president.

"I wonder how it'll turn out. We'll finally see which class president is the strongest."

Idea expressed his anticipation before playing the video recording of the Angelic Flower.

Ares responded lightly.

"It'll probably be the president of our class or Class E."

“……It somehow strangely annoys me, but I can't argue since it's true."

Idea grumbled at Ares's words.

Just as he said, Idea also knew that the strongest class presidents were Ares's Class C and Class E.

First, the president of Class C,

"Wasn't she definitely the Demon King's daughter? She certainly stood out the most during class."

"That's right."

Ares nodded.

Class C had Diana as their president, so they couldn't help but be strong.

Her magical talent alone was on par with Samuel, the Glutton's Child, and on top of that, she possessed 'sealed' power.

Moreover, it wasn't sealed by someone else, but a power that Diana herself had sealed.

The power she possessed was so dangerous and powerful that she had no choice but to install a device to control her power.

If the seal on that power were to be released, there was only one person who could match Diana.

Ares, who had been silent for a moment, uttered that name.

"But the best is still Baltan."

"His understanding of magic is a bit lacking, but physically speaking, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he's blessed by the world. If he matures, he'll grow into a powerhouse who will leave a mark, no, several marks in history."

"Yeah, he excels in every aspect related to combat, and his swordsmanship is already at a level where I can't say I'm better than him."

Ares continued after Robolt, the instructor in charge of Class D and the magic class, spoke.

As they said, Baltan's magical talent was slightly inferior to Diana's or Samuel's, but everything else was far superior to the other students.

It was enough to say that he was at a level where he could defeat Ares purely in terms of martial arts.

However, Idea grumbled with dissatisfaction at the instructors' praise of Baltan.

“……I don't like that guy."

“Why do you hate him? He has a good personality.”

Baltan’s personality wasn’t bad at all.

Ares recalled the names of three students among the Seven Deadly Sins.

Aeron, the successor of Sloth.

True to his family’s name, not only did he not participate enthusiastically in Ares’ weapon technique classes, but he also tried his best to avoid them.

Every time that happened, Ares would show him what overwhelming violence was and force him to participate in class.

And Samuel, the Lord of Gluttony.

That guy grumbled about everything, was quick-tempered, and often talked back to Ares, his instructor.

Lastly, Fron, the successor of Lust.

Ares had been a teacher for half of the first semester, but Fron was the only student who didn’t show him any respect.

'...In terms of personality, that guy seems much better.'

Didn’t Adel always use honorifics when speaking to the instructors?

It couldn’t be helped since he was born with killing intent, but there hadn’t been any casualties within Sytan yet.

Of course, the reason why Kyle, an excellent student, dropped out after his fight with Adel was still unknown, so it was clear that he needed to be careful.

And so.

“Good looks, excellent skills, high potential, and a good personality. Isn’t he an excellent student?”

Ares praised Baltan.

However, Idea just shook her head.

“Jeez, are you a demon with muscles for brains?”

“……That’s harsh.”

"Hmph, I don't like that kid. He smiles without a soul, his eyes wide open."

“You like the guy in your class who smiles with his eyes half-closed and made him the class president?”

“……I don’t know why you’re bringing that up, but I guess this will be a chance to prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“Why I chose Adel as the class president. Well, looking at how many students got hurt, I guess I overestimated him…….”

“Hmm, we’ll see.”

As Ares and Idea’s argument came to an end, Lucian, who had been watching them with a smile, opened his mouth.

“Then, whose class video do you think we should watch first?”

“Reverse order, of course!”

"...I agree. I wanted to see Baltan's actual combat."

“I also want to see that child’s skills.”

This time, Ares and Idea’s opinions were the same, and the other instructors also readily agreed, curious about the skills of Baltan, Sytan’s first-year strongest student.

And then.

“Well then, let’s take a look.”

Baltan’s figure emerged from the screen that had emerged from the Angel Flower curtain.

The fierce battle between Baltan and the E class’s target, the Mercenary King, was intense.

It was truly a battle between a dragon and a tiger.

The two who faced each other swung their weapons without hesitation.

Baltan’s spear and the Mercenary King’s sword clashed fiercely, and a deadly exchange continued where the slightest mistake would lead to death.

The other E class students or the Mercenary King’s subordinates were not even allowed to interfere in the battle between the two.

Their abilities were so extraordinary that they could only watch the battle without acting rashly.

Neither side could move in the battle between the two.

If they were to get caught up in it, it was clear that they would be torn to pieces like paper by Baltan’s spear or the Mercenary King’s sword.

And so, Idea, who had been watching the battle between the two, opened her mouth.

“Yummy, it’s a shame I can’t hear the sound. Something like this should be watched with a little sound.”

“……It’s clear that the snack you’re eating is annoying.”

“Would you like one too, senior? The person who works in the cafeteria made it for me separately.”

“……You’re quite witty.”

Drip, drip-.

Ares and Idea focused on the video of Baltan while stuffing a handful of yellow popcorn into their mouths.

Soon, the fierce battle between the two came to a standstill.

The Mercenary King, who judged that it would be disadvantageous if the battle dragged on, began to prepare a blow that would gather all his strength.

“He’s starting to put his fighting spirit into his sword.”

Ares muttered as he watched the energy flowing into the Mercenary King’s sword.

The space around his sword was being compressed.

He intended to deliver a blow filled with fighting spirit to cut off Baltan’s breath.

It was certainly not an attack that could be blocked at the level of a student…….

For some reason, none of the instructors in the conference room thought that Baltan would lose.

The Angel Flower curtain was attached to Baltan’s chest, so it could not show his face, but the gestures of Baltan’s slowly extending hand were too relaxed.


“He still can’t put his fighting spirit into it. In fact, it’s natural that it’s not easy to put fighting spirit into it at the level of a student.”

Idea muttered as she munched on her snack.

As she said, there was no fighting spirit to be seen in Baltan’s spear.

The blade of the spear was stained red with the manifestation of Sword Lacquer, but that was all.

However, Ares shook his head.

“No, Baltan can infuse his weapon with fighting spirit.”

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