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Chapter 92 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin


Idea could only blink in disbelief.

As a magic-type ability user, she was not a weapon specialist, so she did not know much about it, but she had seen many people who could handle fighting spirit.

That was why Idea also knew how difficult it was to manifest fighting spirit.


“A mere first-year student can use fighting spirit?”

“Well, don’t you know? How strong the students of this batch are. You must not have seen Baltan using fighting spirit during class because it hasn’t been long since he was able to use it.”


“He learned fighting spirit just before the midterm exam. I haven’t checked yet how much he has achieved, but I am looking forward to it.”

“That’s ridiculous……”

Idea muttered in a vain voice at Ares’ explanation.

Were they really raising a monster?

At this point, Ares could not understand why he was restraining Adel, not Baltan.

According to Ares’ explanation, the person the instructors should have been watching carefully should have been Baltan.

Idea, who had been looking serious for a moment, soon raised the corners of her lips.

No matter how much she thought about it, it was unbelievable that a first-year student could use fighting spirit.

Then Ares must be exaggerating, which was rare for him.

“Senior, you’re still lacking. It’s not good to favor a student just because you like them. Instructors have a duty to treat all students equally……”

However, Idea had to stop talking.

Because, just as Ares had said, a blow infused with fighting spirit was unfolding behind Baltan’s back.

A powerful blow that surpassed the blow of the Mercenary King infused with fighting spirit was unfolding from Baltan.

Baltan’s fighting spirit did not remain as a mere spear.


Idea uttered an exclamation that contained both admiration and absurdity.

Baltan had summoned a ‘giant spear’ with his fighting spirit.

Soon after.

The spear made of fighting spirit destroyed the Mercenary King’s blow and tore apart the limbs of the surrounding humans.

All the instructors had no choice but to acknowledge that overwhelming scene.

Baltan did not show any commanding ability or leadership.

However, the force he had shown so far was so outstanding that the instructors could not help but nod their heads.

“Perfect score.”

“I can’t disagree with that.”

“……Wow, is that really the level of a student?”

“Can’t you tell? Aside from me, who’s in charge of combat, I can say for sure that there’s no instructor who can defeat Baltan.”

Ares let out a smirk at Robolt and Idea’s admiration.

Baltan already possessed the power to match the instructors of Sytan.

Everyone here was convinced.

Baltan would become one of the strongest who would lead the Demon Realm in the future.

Idea grumbled as she looked at Ares, who had a proud expression on his face.

“It’s really unpleasant to hear you brag like that when he’s not even a student in your class.”


In the end, Ares closed his mouth.

That’s how Baltan’s video ended, and the next recording was released.

Following Class E, it was Class D’s turn to appear on the screen in reverse order.

The class president of Class D was Aeron.

Aeron, who had deep black hair and languid eyes, gave off a decadent aura.

The target he was assigned was the Knights Order belonging to the Six Families.

“This one’s a bit easier. According to the information, it’s a Knights Order that was created not too long ago.”

“Yes, it’s a Knights Order created by the Nina family, whose Lord is the Sword Saint, but since it was newly formed, there are less than seven of them, and except for the Captain of the Knights, they’re all at a level that can be defeated by students.”

Aside from the children of the Seven Deadly Sins, the students had also passed the entrance exam and were talented individuals who participated in Sytan’s regular classes.

That’s why they judged that they could definitely win against them.

And that was the truth.

“Well, not bad.”

“Aeron’s commanding ability seems to be a bit lacking. Still, his skills aren’t bad.”

After watching Aeron’s video, the instructors gave him a moderate score, neither high nor low.

Aeron had taken a nap during the operation, so he lost points for that.

It was only natural that he would lose points for being a commander who behaved like that.

Still, he had shown considerable strength against the Knights Order, so they gave him a good score just for that.

After Aeron’s video ended.

“Next is our class.”

Ares muttered with eyes full of anticipation.

And two people appeared from the Angelic flower.

Rene and Diana.

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