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Chapter 94 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The instructors made bewildered expressions at the series of actions.

He had already taken care of the strongest target, Besaha.

In fact, it was almost as if he had achieved the purpose of this exam.

That’s why they didn’t understand why Adel was running in such a hurry.

In the end, Adel manifested his Darkness and forced open the entrance to the secret realm.

And he starts running again.

Adel’s figure teleports in an instant as he uses teleportation in succession to reach the end of the secret realm through the secret passage.

And the end of the secret realm is revealed.

“Why aren’t there any students?”

“Only Samuel is there from Sytan’s students. Are those corpses I see?”

“…..How horrible.”

The sight of the dead Demon students and Samuel wriggling on the floor with his limbs torn off comes into view.

What on earth happened here to create such a horrific scene?

At that moment.

Adel moved his foot and rescued Samuel, who was about to die after being hit by the hammer.

Then, he carried Samuel to safety and glared at the human student who had caused this scene.

According to the spy's report, there was an unusually strong guy among the human students, and it seemed to be the student in front of him.

And then.

Adel and the human student began to clash.

In the ensuing exchange of blows, the instructors gasped for two reasons.

The first was that Adel's power had become even stronger than when he faced Besaha.

However, considering Adel's usual demeanor, it was understandable that he had been hiding some of his abilities all along.

Rather, it was the second reason that drew the instructors' sighs.

The human student began to overpower the much stronger Adel, toying with him as if in mockery.

"That student seems to be stronger than the King of Mercenaries. It seems there was an omission in the information transfer process. Perhaps he's a bit stronger than that kid Baltan."


Headmaster Lucian's explanation that he was stronger than the King of Mercenaries.

The instructors couldn't help but widen their eyes since it was a statement coming from one of the strongest beings in the Demon Realm.

She even said that he was stronger than Baltan, the strongest student among the Sytan students.

That meant,

"Isn't this the story of how the area we thought would be the easiest turned out to be the most difficult?"

"Yes, it's hard to believe, but if there had been any other way, everyone would have died there."

Ares realized that it wasn't Adel's lack of judgment or killing intent that had harmed the Class A students.

It was simply that the opponent was too strong.

They had been confronted by a powerhouse who should not have been there.

In that case.

"How did the president survive against that monster?"

Idea's question.

If he had been able to join forces with Samuel, it would have been different, but Samuel was already out of commission.

It meant that Adel was the only one who had to deal with the human student.

That was why Idea couldn't help but watch the battle with a restless heart.

She wasn't too worried since she knew that Adel had survived, but it had been such an unfavorable fight.

That was when Adel was kicked by the human student and coughed up blood.


The black mist emitted from Adel’s body swelled rapidly.

Darkness surged so violently that it seemed to devour everything.

For a moment, even the Angel Flower’s veil was obscured.

When the darkness finally receded and the vision became visible.

A serpent emerged from Adel’s embrace and bit Terias on the shoulder.

The serpent was so bizarre and fearsome that even the instructors flinched.

The human student seemed to prioritize healing the wound from the serpent’s bite and tore the scroll to retreat.

It was impossible to know why the human student had killed the woman who seemed to be his ally, or what conversation they had exchanged.

But Adel had succeeded in dealing with the unexpected variable.

And after gathering the Demon students who had re-entered the Secret Realm, he led them to where the human instructor had been killed and hid their bodies.

Then, joining forces with Samuel, who had parasitized him, he managed to escape the human realm with the students.

That was the content of Class A’s exam.




The instructors who had watched the entire footage were speechless.

This was a 1st year student…….

No, it wasn’t a level of difficulty that could be handled by students.

At the very least, it was a level of difficulty of an ‘operation’ that even Sytan’s instructors would risk their lives to carry out.

Adel had adapted perfectly to the sudden increase in difficulty.

Was that all?

During the exam, he had made perfect use of the terrain to secure a safe zone for the exhausted students.

Furthermore, he had united the students, controlled the ill-tempered Gluttony, and achieved excellent synergy.

So, Class A’s score is,

“I don’t think my opinion and that of all the instructors will differ much.”

“Of course! Who could possibly find fault with our proud class president!”

Idea, who agreed with the Headmaster’s words, glanced at Ares.

Her eyes were asking Ares, ‘Who could possibly look down on Adel?’


Ares let out a deep sigh and spoke.

“……I admit it.”

Class A, perfect score.

Ares muttered those words, and Idea let out a cheer that seemed to soar through the air.

Could Adel be trusted?

Or should he not be trusted?

The bet between Ares and Idea had ended in her complete victory.

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