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Chapter 94 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter thanks to '@Mush' for subscription to 'Eye of Arrogance' tier on Ko-fi.

Ares's expression twisted.

Is it possible for a single student to possess so many talents to this extent?

Not only does he have the rare ability of 'Teleportation', but now he even possesses a sense ability.

What about his talent with the sword?

Adel mastered the swordsmanship he demonstrated at a glance.

His versatile talent was so unreasonable that he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

If only he hadn't been born with killing intent, he could have taken a place as a figurehead leading the Demon Realm like Baltan.

The more Ares saw of Adel's talent, the more regretful he felt.

In fact, it was his duty as an instructor to prevent Adel from going berserk.

That was why Ares had always paid attention to Adel in everything he did.

It would be a lie to say that there were no emotions involved in the process, but at least it was for Adel's sake.

'Besides, you'll see if you watch.'

Adel's footage was not over yet.

Through this, he would be able to confirm whether Adel was related to the Six Families.

If he wasn't involved, then he would have to work on honing Adel's killing intent.

When he heard the story that the Class A students were badly injured or killed, Ares thought, as he had worried, that Adel had failed to control his killing intent.

That was only natural, as the invasion of the Imperial Academy was the easiest area among those where the midterm exams were held.

Although they were inferior to Baltan and Diana, there were two descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Adel himself, who was on par with them, was also in Class A.


'Along with the four dead, even the surviving students were badly injured.'

This was something that could not have happened if Adel had not made a mistake.

Perhaps Adel would be heavily penalized for this.

There was nothing to point fingers at as much as a commander who put his allies in danger.

So, several days passed, and the students and instructors leading them from the Imperial Academy approached the Secret Realm.


Ares gritted his teeth as he watched the sight.

The chick, whose connection had been lost at some point, was perched on Samuel's shoulder.

That Adel brat had kidnapped the chick and brought it to the human world.

But it was a big mistake to spy on the students so recklessly.

So, since he couldn't tell the other instructors or the principal about it, Ares suppressed his anger and focused on the students' movements.

As the students of the Imperial Academy approached, the students opened the gate of the artificial secret realm and entered.


Adel did not enter the secret realm and remained outside.

Then, he climbed up a tree and hid his body.

“That bastard is a spy…!”

“Quiet down. If he were a spy, he wouldn’t have come back here!”

Ares’s words and actions, which continued to accuse his student of being a spy, made Idea angry.


Ares finally sat down and glared at Adel with displeasure.

He intended to see what that bastard was going to do by staying outside alone.

Just like that, the students of the Imperial Academy entered the landscape, and the only human instructor left outside was Besaha.

As Besaha began to move, Adel followed him.

Idea, who was watching the scene, had a question mark on her face.

“Surely he doesn’t intend to face the human instructor alone?”

“……It must be one of the two.”

If Adel were a spy, he might have wanted to talk to Besaha alone.

Otherwise, Adel would be facing Besaha alone.

He was going to catch that 5th Circle magician alone?

As expected, Adel is a spy…

Just as Ares was about to mutter,


Adel, who used Teleport, began to attack Besaha.

The dagger covered in darkness and Besaha’s shield clashed.

Every time Besaha tried to attack, Adel skillfully used Teleport to escape.

This showed how powerful Adel was against a magician.

And finally, after a fierce battle.


The neck of Besaha, the 5th Circle Archmage who had to be defeated with the combined strength of all the students, was cut off.

By Adel’s dagger.

Thus, Adel gained two advantages by killing Besaha.

One was to prove that Adel had the strength of an instructor.

And the last one was,

“As expected, the he is not a spy. There’s a reason why the Seven Deadly Sins family is backing him?”

“I see.”

Even Ares, who had suspected Adel, had no choice but to give up his suspicion that he might be a spy in the current situation.

The target, Besaha, was wearing the Imperial Crest.

Ares opened his mouth as he watched Adel remove the crest and put it in his waistband.

“If he were a spy from the human world, he wouldn’t have dared to touch someone from the Imperial Family.”

"Not only that, he defeated a 5th circle mage all by himself! As expected, the president is the strongest!"

“It seems like you were just lucky to say that.”

Ares reviewed the fight between Adel and Besaha.

The last moment.

Beshaha was so bewildered by Adel’s ‘trick’ that he couldn’t attack properly and overused his power.

If Besaha had counterattacked in a normal state, Adel would not have escaped death.


The reason Besaha was terrified.

He wondered if it was because he was frightened by the aura of ‘killing intent’ that Adel was emitting, but he didn’t think so.

Certainly, Adel’s killing intent was a dangerous kind, so it did release an ominous aura.

However, even if he was a magician specializing in theory, if he was around the 5th circle, he would be able to overcome such an aura.

While Ares was lost in thought.

“Instructor Robolt, you must be nervous. If you focus only on theory like that, you will meet such an end!”

“Haha, you’re very playful.”

“Oh, I’m not kidding.”


Ares raised his head at Idea’s voice teasing Robolt.

The scene where Adel intentionally hid the Angel Flower Curtain was not shown on the screen.

That’s why the instructors didn’t see the homunculus and elixir that Adel had found in Besaha’s lab.

Just as they were about to raise questions about the missing footage,

As some time passed again, the scenery of the forest changed drastically.

Adel was teleporting and moving at high speed.

“Oh, he’s visible again.”

“He’s running in a hurry.”

Adel arrived at the entrance of the secret realm in an instant.

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  1. Uh so they’re not gonna question why there was a dark screen for a short period of time? No matter how I think about it, that’s pretty suspicious.