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Chapter 106 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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'This is crazy.'

I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Kyle’s secret base was in shambles because of the black rose imbued with the lightning I had unleashed.

Black electricity crackled everywhere, and all sorts of objects were destroyed.

If I had used this on the training ground, there would have been traces left behind.

No matter how hard I tried to erase the traces, I would have been caught.

‘This is….’

During the invasion of the human world.

It was on par with the power of the last arrow Siscella had shot.

It was a technique that I hadn’t yet mastered properly, yet it was as powerful as an arrow imbued with ‘fighting spirit.’

I felt a chill run down my spine.

At this level.

It was an ability that could be used in actual combat.

It was a formidable weapon that could become my ultimate technique.

The Black Blade Rain was definitely a good skill, but

‘…It wasn’t at this level.’

Its power was significantly weaker than the black rose I had unleashed.

If it was a situation where I had to deal with multiple enemies at once, the Black Blade Rain might have the upper hand, but in a one-on-one situation, the black rose would be superior.

No, it was certain.

My ultimate technique had sprouted.

Perhaps it was due to the 'darkness' attribute I possessed, but the black storm overlaid with deep darkness showed greater power than the flames created by the Orb of the Flame Emperor.


‘The Black Rose also has a penalty.’

It was true that it was an outstanding ability.

But the impact on my body was not insignificant.

I lowered my gaze and stared blankly at my right hand.

…It was serious.

My right hand was covered in cuts and bruises of various sizes.

My skin had been torn apart, unable to withstand the recoil of the black rose.

Although my bones weren't broken, I had suffered considerable shock.

'I can only use it once a day without penalty.'

If I used it more than that, my wrist and fingers would break.

It was regrettable, but it was right not to use it unless it was a really important situation.


I let out a deep sigh from within.

Why was I only able to master these kinds of techniques?

I felt self-deprecating.

Thinking about it, wasn’t Absolute Concealment the same?

The commonality between Absolute Concealment and the Black Rose was that they both damaged the body as a penalty.

Well, Absolute Concealment temporarily deprives me of one of my senses, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call it direct damage.

Still, Absolute Concealment and Black Rose were both techniques with guaranteed results.

If I were to activate Position Exchange while my presence was hidden with Absolute Concealment,

and then strike my opponent with Black Rose, no one would be able to escape unscathed.

‘Of course, if I fail, I’ll die too.’

Losing one of my senses and having my hand broken would be no different from a sure-kill attack.

So it would be best to use it wisely, after carefully considering the situation.

Still, this was an incredible achievement, far beyond satisfactory.

It was like I had learned a new technique through the Orb of the Flame Emperor, which I had thought I would have to discard.


‘I can become even stronger as my total mana increases by using Adel’s Mana Method.’

Let me think.

What are the benefits of having more mana?

It’s that my body’s Traits would ‘evolve’.

During the invasion of the human realm, I had used the evolved Trait of the Darkness attribute, ‘Pitch Black’.

Although the Pitch Black Trait was downgraded back to the Darkness attribute when Adel took my powers, learning the mana cultivation technique would make it easy to exceed a total mana of 4000.

If I were to obtain the Pitch Black Trait and use Black Rose…

‘I can’t even imagine how strong I would be.’

I might be able to easily offset Terias’s attack imbued with fighting spirit.

That alone would give me power comparable to the members of the Student Council.

Moreover, if I increased my proficiency with Black Rose, it wouldn’t be limited to a single use.

I might even be able to manifest it without suffering the penalty.

It would require a lot of effort, but the prospects were good.

So let’s be satisfied with this for now.

If I get any stronger, it won’t be a problem.

With that, I had mastered all the techniques, so the Orb of the Flame Emperor had served its purpose.

I had gained more than I had hoped for.

Now it was time to learn Adele's mana cultivation technique using the Orb of the Flame Emperor and the bracelet Ares had given me.

Since I’ve come this far, I might as well use it here.


I took out the information paper and fountain pen from my pocket.

- The incantation and usage of the Mana Method suitable for my body.

Soon after, words began to be written on the information paper.

『 This is information that requires a price. 』

『 Please pay with a legendary artifact or higher, or 10,000 gold coins or more. 』


I let out a sigh and calmed my racing heart.

Has the time finally come?

The question was whether these two artifacts would satisfy the price the paper wanted.

If the information paper claims the price is insufficient, everything I’ve done so far will be in vain.

So, please…

Praying earnestly in my heart that the information paper would be satisfied, Orb of the Flame Emperor and Ares's bracelet on the paper.

‘It was a short time, but it was fun.’

I said my final goodbyes to the Orb of the Flame Emperor and Ares's bracelet.


The Orb of the Flame Emperor and Ares's bracelet were absorbed into the paper.

Soon, they completely disappeared without a trace.

Before the answer was written on the paper, I opened my status window.

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