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Chapter 106 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

‘Status window.’

【 Arsene Adel 】

: Race - [ Half Demon ]

: Tendency - [ Chaos ]

: Talent - [ Position Exchange ‘Ⅲ’ ]

: Trait - [ Interest ] [ Absorption ] [ Killing Intent Ⅲ ] [ Darkness Ⅲ ] [ Mana Manipulation ] [ Eye of Arrogance ] [ Telekinesis ] [ Sword Lacquer ][ Samuel ]

: Mana - [ 2821 ]

The status window appeared before my eyes.

I could see that the total amount of mana had increased compared to before I went to the human world.

However, it was such a small amount that it was embarrassing to say it had increased.

But that, too, will end today.

Once I learn Adel’s Mana Method, my total amount of mana will increase dramatically.

‘It won’t be long before I surpass 5,000 total.’

That much was enough.

Originally, in the original story, Adel was a monster with over 10,000 total mana.

However, the time when Adel became active was a long time from now.

In the first place, Adel was a character who only appeared after the human students of the Student Council graduated.

So my current growth was beyond surprising, it was miraculous.

‘Starting with the Mana Method of Bares, and all sorts of traits and chances…’

In less than a year, I had reached a point where I would soon surpass 20% of Adel’s original power.

By the time the war between the human world and the demon world began in earnest,

I might even have half of his original power.

…That’s just a guess, though.

But since I couldn't learn fighting spirit yet, I had no choice but to rely on numbers for now.

How can I make up for my lack of combat experience?

For the time being, there will be no invasion of the human realm.

Now that the leaders of the Sytan’s Army have realized how strong the personnel of the Imperial Academy are, they will have to reassess the human realm’s forces.

Besides, in the original story, they didn’t invade the Imperial Academy around the time of the final exams.

‘For now, let’s just train day and night.’

I put my regrets behind me and closed the status window.

Then I looked at the information paper.

Soon, words began to appear on the information paper, evaluating the adequacy of the price I had paid.

『 Sufficient price received. 』

『 Price judged to be ‘greatly’ excessive. 』

『 Recalculating. 』


I frowned at the unfamiliar words written on the paper.

It was the first time it had said that the price was not just a little excessive, but greatly excessive.

Up until now, the paper had helped me more than enough, even when the price was just a little more than adequate.


‘Greatly excessive…….’

In what way was the price excessive?

I had only given an epic-grade artifact and the artifact Ares had given me as payment.

There was a huge gap between epic-grade artifacts and Legendary-grade artifacts.

Just because I had two epic-grade artifacts didn’t mean that their performance was better than a Legendary-grade artifact.


'An epic-grade artifact being more valuable than a legendary artifact?'

It didn't make sense.

I had written the Orb of the Flame Emperor myself, so I knew its capabilities and settings.

It was true that its performance was excellent, but it was far from being called a Legendary-grade artifact.


It wasn't the Orb of the Flame Emperor....

It meant that the Bracelet that Ares had given me was of a value comparable to a Legendary-grade artifact.

What exactly was the bracelet Ares had given me?

‘……He said it was an artifact that could suppress killing intent.’

Suppressing killing intent.

It probably didn’t have any other effects.

I could be sure of that because the power I felt from it was weak.

That meant that it wasn’t a Legendary-grade artifact because of its performance, but because it really contained a legend.

It was like dividing artifacts into Relic-grade and Epic-grade, or Intermediate-grade and Advanced-grade.





These artifacts each have their own unique story.

But their rank is determined by the value of that story.

When dividing them into upper, middle, and lower grades, their performance is the deciding factor.

In short.

‘The artifact given by Ares may not perform very well.

But it contains a unique ’story‘ that is comparable to it.’

What kind of story could it contain?

I was pondering this sudden question when…

The paper that had just finished the accounting began to display writing.

And then.

『 One of the artifacts given by the Creator in exchange is being returned. 』



The extinguished Orb of the Flame Emperor rolled powerlessly on the floor.

The paper had accepted only Ares's bracelet and returned the Orb of the Flame Emperor.

At that moment,

『 The incantation and usage of the Mana Method suitable for the Creator’s body will be ’imprinted‘. 』

『 Do you accept? Y/N 』

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