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Chapter 107 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter thanks to '@Sly_Shadow' for subscription to 'Eye of Arrogance' tier on Ko-fi.


I picked up the Orb of the Flame Emperor that had fallen to the ground.

It wasn't a bad thing to have the Orb of the Flame Emperor returned.


For some reason, I felt uneasy.

It wasn't because I thought there was something wrong with the bracelet Ares had given me.

When I received it and asked Samuel about it, he said it was just a magical item with no special abilities.

Since it was guaranteed by a guy who could hear the voices of artifacts, it was certain that it had no other abilities.

What bothered me was,

'Even if it has no abilities, it's still precious because it contains a legend.'

And that treasure was given to me by that guy, Ares.

Without any cost...

Did he suddenly develop a crush on me?


It could be that he judged my murderous nature to be dangerous.

'Well, it's definitely a good thing for me.'

I quickly turned my attention away from the bracelet that had disappeared and looked at the information paper.

『 The incantation and usage of the Mana Method suitable for the Creator’s body will be ’imprinted‘. 』

『 Do you accept? Y/N 』

The words written on the information paper.

'What a pointless question.'

I frowned.

Of course, I'll accept it.

Is there any reason for me to refuse?

Swish, swish-.

Once again, I picked up the fountain pen and wrote 'Y' on the information paper.

In an instant.

A voice echoed in my head.

Oh darkness residing in the abyss,

I, command thee,

By the power of darkness, banish the light,

For all shall return to darkness.

Oh abyss, gaze upon me,

Open your maw and reveal your black teeth,

Let the viscous darkness dwell within me,

Ah, oh abyss,

Dwell within me.


My body trembled at the ominous voice.

It was an incantation that looked extraordinary at a glance.

At the same time, I knew what posture and tone to use to recite this incantation.


'It's not easy.'

I frowned, feeling troubled.

There was no problem reciting the incantation.

Since it was a method suitable for my body, I even felt comfortable when I recited the incantation.

The problem was.

My already altered 'mana'.

Until now, I had been increasing the total amount of Mana based on the method I had learned from the Bares family.

However, now that I was trying to change the method hastily, my existing mana was resisting.

If I were to recite Adel’s method like this, there was a high chance that I would enter ‘that state’.

‘……Not good.’

My expression hardened.

That state is referred to as a type of coma.

It was also called Qi deviation, a commonly used term.

One’s mind and body would collapse, devoured by the incantation of the method.

I had to avoid that at all costs.

But the thought of giving up Adel’s method, which I had gained as a reward, was too regretful.

How much effort had I put in to obtain a method suitable for my body?

If I couldn't learn this, on top of not being able to learn fighting spirit, I would surely fall behind.

I sat cross-legged and fell into deep thought.

‘……Can’t they be fused together?’

Fusing Adel’s method with the Bares method.

If that was possible, there was a chance it could lead to a better outcome without falling into Qi deviation.

However, not only did I not know how to fuse them, but if I failed, I would end up in a state where I could not recover.

What should I do?

For now,

"Oh darkness residing in the abyss..."

I decided to recite Adel’s method.

I would only fall into Qi deviation if I ignored my body's resistance and forcibly changed methods.

I knew that there was no problem with memorizing it for a short while, so I decided to give it a try.

As I memorized the third sentence.


I felt a strange sensation.

My shoulders twitched.

A mysterious sensation, as if I were floating in the void.

It was definitely a feeling I had experienced once before.

When was it?

After thinking for a moment, I recalled the answer.

That’s right.

It was definitely then.

When I was using the stealth technique and suddenly manifested the chaos attribute, learning Absolute Stealth.

The feeling at that time was very similar to this.


It wasn’t similar; it was exactly the same.

I slowly closed my eyes and, while recreating the sensation from that time, I forced Adel’s method and Bares' method to merge.

The belief that Bares and Adel's techniques were originally 'one'.

And then.

My world was turned upside down.

All the objects around me began to collapse.

The moonlight that had been faintly illuminating this place was consumed by darkness.

My heart pounded.

And like the waves of a surging tide, the ground shook as if an earthquake had struck.

That was the moment.


My vision went dark, and at the same time, I felt my consciousness being pulled far away into the abyss.

I didn’t resist it.

I was being sucked into the darkness of the abyss, but I didn’t feel any sense of crisis.

Not slow, not fast.

To be exact, my body couldn’t sense the speed.

Where am I being dragged to like this?

I couldn't comprehend it.

My instincts rejected the thought.

It seemed like if I recognized it, my body would shatter into pieces, be consumed by darkness, and die.


I didn’t see it.

I couldn’t see anything.

I couldn’t see.

I couldn’t see.

…I didn’t see.

My mind was being chipped away.

Like a rock slowly eroding in the waves, my thoughts were wearing down.

My body repeatedly expanded and contracted, peering into the world and being spit back out.

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