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Chapter 108 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Next, the second piece of good news was,


A playful smile hung on my lips.

The information paper had returned the Orb of the Flame Emperor, saying that the payment was sufficient.

So, I took the Orb of the Flame Emperor and asked Samuel for a favor.

I asked him to modify the Orb of the Flame Emperor so that it could maximize the efficiency of the darkness attribute.

And Samuel had finally agreed to my request.

Samuel grumbled,

[Why do I have to do this annoying thing?]

“Didn’t you say that I’d buy you a staff later?”

[Isn’t it normal to buy it first and then talk?]

“I’ll really buy it for you, so please relax. Do I look like someone who wouldn’t keep their promise?”

[……Get that sinister smile off your face first.]

"That's harsh."

I pouted.

I thought we were close to some extent, but his words were so harsh.

Samuel sighed at my voice and spoke.

[I still haven’t figured out how to use the book. Please leave me alone and don’t bother me.]

Even after a month had passed, Samuel still hadn’t figured out how to use the book.

When I first visited the warehouse, didn’t he say that he couldn hear a voice?

I also became curious, so I asked the information broker about the book.

『 A legendary artifact or more than 10,000 gold…… 』

After hearing the explanation that I had to pay that amount, I quickly put the paper away.

If it cost more than 10,000 gold just to identify it, it was likely more valuable than a legendary artifact.

Even so, was he tempted by the promise of a staff?

In the end, Samuel decided to make a verbal contract with me.

The duration would be until Samuel returned to his human form.

That was the end of the two pieces of good news.

Now, only the bad news remained.


It was about ‘bathing’.

[Isn’t it about time you got used to it?]

"...It feels disgusting."

[Do you know how I feel?!]


I rubbed my temples with a headache.

Male demons don’t have a hobby of showing their naked bodies to others.

However, as I shared my vision with Samuel and lived my life, such a situation was bound to occur when I took a bath.

Let me say it again. I don’t have a hobby of showing my naked body to men.


“I have to maintain this state until the vacation. What a headache.”

I sighed and spoke.

It wasn’t just a little bit of stress.

Then, Samuel spoke with a slightly apologetic expression.

[……It couldn’t be helped. I need to visit my territory to rebuild my body.]

In other words, this was what happened.

Samuel had already succeeded in recovering all the mana used to build his body from my body.

However, to do so, he needed to visit his territory again.

At this rate, I would end up sticking with Samuel until the vacation.

“Please get better soon. It would be beneficial for both me and you.”

[I’ll try.]

Samuel replied.

Then, I put on my uniform and dragged my feet.

We left the dormitory and headed to Class A.

Today, there was an important announcement, so Idea had strictly told me to attend early in the morning.


As I yawned, I suddenly became curious and asked Samuel.

“Mr. Samuel, do you know why the teacher called the students early in the morning?”

[I haven’t heard anything specific, but I’ve been with you all day. Is there any reason I would have heard something special?]

“But there must be something you can guess, right?”

[……Well, yes.]

Samuel agreed with me.

Perhaps Samuel and I were thinking of the same thing.

We both spoke at the same time.

“It must be about the final exams, right?”

[Isn’t it the final exams?]

I smiled and raised an eyebrow.

A month had passed, and the final exams were already just around the corner.

I don’t think they’ll give us artifacts for getting high scores on the final exams this time, so I guess it’s okay to slack off.

According to the original timeline, we shouldn’t be invading the human realm at this point.

It means that it’ll be much easier than the midterm exam we took a while ago.

‘……This is normal, right?’

Is it even logical to have first-years who haven’t even learned properly fight such monsters?

We’ll probably invade the human realm again around our second year.

And two of the Seven Deadly Sins students will die.


‘Time really flies.’

When we invaded the human realm, it felt so long.

My mind was becoming lazy because of this short period of peace.

Clap, clap.

I patted both my cheeks and pulled myself together.

There’s still danger everywhere, and there’s so much I don’t know.

Carelessness is always forbidden.

Was it because I was laughing alone and then slapped my cheeks with a serious expression?

Samuel mumbled as if he was annoyed.

[Crazy bastard……]

“Let’s go.”

I ignored Samuel, who was cursing at me, and started walking.

Towards Class A, where there would be information about the final exam.

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