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Chapter 109 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Entering the classroom confidently through the front door, Idea shouted.

“Good morning, everyone!”


However, unlike Idea’s cheerful-looking impression, the students’ reactions were extremely cold.

To be exact, it seemed that they were too early to have the energy to respond.

After the midterm exams were over, the instructors resumed their high-intensity lessons.

The students were struggling to keep up.

That's why most of the students made sure to eat breakfast no matter what...

But because Idea had called them in so early, the students hadn't been able to eat and were lacking energy.

Still, as Idea continued to greet them brightly, the students at least bowed their heads.

In fact, it must have been the same as if they had done it by force because it was clear that Idea would have been furious if they hadn’t.

‘Those who smile cheerfully like Idea are scarier when they get angry…….’

After attending Sytan for almost half a year, the students must have noticed.

The fact that Idea becomes scarier than Ares when she gets angry.

Once the atmosphere had settled down to some extent, I got up and greeted Idea as a representative.


I sat back down in my chair.

Then, Idea knocked on the blackboard and shouted.

“Now, can you all guess why I called you early today?”

Nod, nod-.

At Idea’s question, the students began to nod their heads one by one.

The final exams were just around the corner.

They will probably be held in two weeks.

The students must have been dying trying to keep up with the high-intensity lessons and prepare for the exams.

……It was the same for me.

The only one who was relaxed was none other than this guy.

The students glanced at the student.


The person responsible, Samuel, remained silent, pretending not to know.

Since his body doesn’t exist, he was excluded from the Weaponry exam.

The same goes for the theory and magic exams.

Sytan’s side decided to give Samuel a base score in consideration of his past actions and achievements in the human world.

It would be impossible for him to receive a high score, but it meant that he had avoided failing.


“Now, let me start explaining.”

Knock, knock-.

Idea knocked on the blackboard again.

Four subjects were written on the blackboard.

"Human Understanding."




The exam subjects didn't seem much different from the previous ones, but upon closer inspection, there was a major difference.

A difference from the midterm exam.

That was...

"This time, we will not invade the human realm in the practical exam."

The practical exam had been replaced with another subject.

"Thank goodness. I was terrified, thinking we'd go to the human realm again like last time."

"Me too..."

Sighs of relief could be heard here and there.

I shared their sentiments.

If we were to invade the human realm now, we would be doomed.

It's true that I've grown incomparably stronger than before.


Just because I've grown stronger doesn't mean the odds have changed.

'In fact, it might be difficult for me to protect myself...'

It was a natural thought.

As I grow stronger, the protagonist and the student council members, including Terias, will grow even stronger.

They're monopolizing all sorts of opportunities in the human realm, and they're even receiving support from the six families who won the war and took countless spoils of war.

But the students of Sytan and the Seven Deadly Sins are different.

The Seven Deadly Sins were all but destroyed, with the exception of a few clans.

The Bares family may seem intact on the surface, but their power has waned considerably, and Samuel's family has been annihilated.

'Needless to say, the others are in no better shape.'


The Imperial Academy must have strengthened its defenses after our Class A succeeded in invading the human realm.

So it was a good decision to step back for now and observe the situation.

Thus, this practical exam,

“It has been changed to two parts: a test I designed and an inter-grade competition!”


Interest flickered in my eyes.

An inter-grade competition? Does that mean we'll be able to face off against Sytan's upperclassmen, not just the first years?

In the original story, Sytan's upperclassmen never made an appearance, so I was curious to see what level they were at.

As I reveled in my newfound curiosity, Idea continued her explanation.

"You will compete against students of your own grade at random. And from our class, we will select one student with the highest ranking to represent our grade. Each class will select one grade representative."

"What happens if I become the grade representative?"

"Good question!"

Idea gave a thumbs up when a student raised their hand and asked a question.

“We’ll be selecting a total of five grade representatives, and those five will face off against the representatives of the other grades. Oh, and by the way, the first-year students won't fight amongst themselves, but against the upperclassmen, okay?”


I nodded my head.

In any case, I’m already somewhat familiar with the strengths of first-year students.

If my expectations are correct, Baltan and Diana will be the strongest.

I was catching up to them quickly.

After that, all of the students of the Seven Deadly Sins would be similar in strength.

Of course, Fron…

‘I don’t know her exact strength.’

Since Fron was the top student, she must have some outstanding combat abilities.

But for some reason, she hadn't shown her strength in front of us.

So, it seemed that four of the children of the Seven Deadly Sins would participate.

‘Me, Baltan. And…’

There were two children of the Seven Deadly Sins in our class.

However, one of them was in a state where he couldn’t fight, and since there was a high probability that Fron wouldn’t fight, it would naturally be me.

And in the case of Class C, it would be decided between Diana and Rene.

In terms of combat power, Diana was superior, but Rene was more likely to participate.

The power that Diana possessed was extremely dangerous, so there was a chance that students could get caught up in it and die.

That power was an ability that couldn’t be properly ‘controlled’.

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