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Chapter 109 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

I was thinking about the participants when…

Idea continued her explanation.

“The grade distribution is the same as last time. The student who goes out as the grade representative gets full marks! Otherwise, it will be decided according to the criteria!”

In that case.

I’m sure I’ll get full marks for now.

Oh, if I don’t get full marks on the theory test, it’ll be impossible, right?

In the case of Weaponry, it’s not yet time to consider fighting spirit, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get full marks with just the power I currently possess.

The magic test was called Silence Magic, wasn’t it?

That, too, is a type of assassination magic, so there should be no problem getting used to it.


It wouldn’t be bad to prepare quite a bit this time.

During the midterms, my rank was 4th.

It certainly wasn’t a low score, but it wasn’t enough to face the protagonist in the human world with just that title.

I need to be at least the top student in the grade.


‘I’ll be able to rub shoulders with Baltan to some extent.’

Before, it was obvious that I would lose to Baltan, so I avoided him.

That was also the reason why I didn't have any desire for the top spot.

If I took the top spot, Baltan's attention would be solely focused on me.


Now that I have obtained Adel’s Mana Method.

I didn't think I would lose to Baltan so easily.

It would be good to aim for the highest rank possible this time.

While I was making such a pledge.

“Now then, let’s have the class president’s greeting!”

Idea’s voice was heard.

Then, I greeted Idea along with the students.

Before I knew it, the morning assembly was over and the moment for the first class to begin had arrived.

* * *

Ares, who was in charge of Class A’s first class today, distorted his expression.

Why is that?

Right now, Ares was enveloped in a chaotic state of mind.

In front of Ares’ eyes, there was a red-haired student with a sharp smile and an eerie laugh.

Even before, he had the same eerie expression and aura.

But now, something was different.

To be exact,

‘……Killing intent is flowing around his body.’

Before, such an atmosphere would only flow when Adel entered a battle stance.

But now, he was exuding killing intent with every step he took.

It wasn’t that he was intentionally exuding killing intent, but rather, he seemed to be consumed by it.

This made Ares think that his killing intent had become even stronger.

That’s why it was strange.

'I gave him the bracelet that could suppress killing intent.'

Why is it that his killing intent has become even thicker?

And to the point where he can’t control it and lets it flow out into the surroundings.

This was not a good sign.

A great disaster could erupt at any moment, like an arrow shot from a bow.

Surely not.

'Did the bracelet fail to suppress Adel's killing intent?'

It was a story that was hard to believe.

Ares showed an expression of absurdity.

There was a reason why Ares was so flustered.

The bracelet he had given Adel,

It was an artifact combined with a magical power that he had received from a comrade who had gone mad during the Human-Demon War.

‘……He was a good guy.’

Ares recalled that time.

A guy with a cheerful and sharp personality.

Unlike Ares, who always had a stern expression on his face, he was a man with a gentle charisma.


After his killing intent had fully sprouted, everything changed.

At one point, Ares’ close friend turned the tip of his sword not towards his enemies, but towards weak animals.

At that time, I thought it was just the aftereffects of the war.

But now that I think about it, it must have been the early stages of his killing intent sprouting.

He didn’t stop at killing animals. He went on to slaughter humans mercilessly.

If only it had ended there.

That bastard even laid his hands on his own kind.

He reached the point where he killed his own kin with his own hands and piled their corpses into mountains.

And then, he went even further and killed his own family…

That was when.

My close friend suddenly regained his normal senses like before.

During the Human-Demon War, there was a clan among those who were destroyed that possessed a relic that could suppress killing intent.

It was an object that had been passed down through generations, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it contained a legend.

My close friend was lucky enough to get his hands on it.

And with that bracelet, my close friend succeeded in suppressing his killing intent.


‘He hung himself…’

My close friend looked back on the tragedy he had committed and could not bear the guilt, so he took his own life.

Ares had witnessed all of this, so he wanted to make sure that Adel wouldn’t be consumed by killing intent like he was.

That's why he had given him his friend's keepsake...


Adel’s killing intent grew even stronger.

As the days passed, the pungent smell grew worse.

Unaware of Ares's worries, Adel simply smiled with a cruel grin.

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