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Chapter 111 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The current problem is that I can't control my killing intent.

To be exact, the killing intent that isn't locked up is leaking out.

The solution was simple.

Build a stronger fence around the killing intent or get rid of the killing intent, the culprit of this incident.


'I can't get rid of the killing intent.'

Although not as much as other traits, the killing intent trait had its uses.

In a combat situation, a single mistake could lead to death.

The killing intent trait is one of the ways to make up for my mistakes or induce mistakes from my opponent.

In other words, losing the killing intent trait means a decline in my power.

Even the smallest things should be cherished now.


Assuming that I didn't get rid of the killing intent trait, there was only one solution left.

That is...

'I need to level up the killing intent trait.'

If I can level up the killing intent trait, I will be able to control it.

Leveling up means improving proficiency.

However, it wasn't possible to simply increase its proficiency.

It means that proper training is necessary.


'How should I train my killing intent?'

I wasn't even sure if I could raise the level of a trait related to aura by diligently training it.

When I first thought of it, it seemed like a good idea, but soon I realized that there was no specific way to do it and became depressed.


Suddenly, a method crossed my mind.

Anyway, the killing intent in my body can be said to be in the realm of traits.

Then what if I could control my mana better?

Surely, it will be possible.

Besides, there was someone around me who knew a lot about mana.


I looked down at my wrist.

Samuel's thorn, which made my body flinch, came into view.

[Do you have something to say?]

“Yes, I need your help.”

[I'll listen to you first and decide.]


I told Samuel what situation I was in.

Of course, I didn't mention anything about killing intent and mainly talked about how it became difficult to control mana.


The moment I finished explaining, Samuel nodded as if he understood.

[I knew that your mana had increased a lot lately. It was strange, but I pretended not to know because you were a strange guy anyway…….]


I grumbled in dissatisfaction.

I’d felt it for a while now, but Samuel gave the impression of speaking bluntly despite using fancy words.

That’s why he sometimes seemed like an idiot.

‘Well, since he really is an idiot, I guess that way of speaking suits Samuel perfectly.’

As I looked at Samuel and twisted the corners of my lips, Samuel bristled.

[If you really don’t want to hear how to solve the problem, then don’t listen.]

“……I was joking.”

Oh, man.

I sighed inwardly, but I continued to try to appease Samuel.

Finally, Samuel opened his mouth.

[The method isn’t difficult.]


[You fool. Of course, it’s a lie. Do you think you can improve your mana control ability overnight?]


My mouth hung open.

Lately, Samuel seemed to be full of anger.

Why was this guy acting like this lately?

Had I done something wrong to him?

……Actually, there were so many things that it would be hard to pick just one.


“So you’re saying there’s no way to solve it?”

I had to ignore Samuel’s provocation.

The important thing in the current situation was to control my killing intent.

It wasn’t just my killing intent that was the problem.

Lately, as the amount of mana in my body increased, my body was changing unevenly all the time.

When I manifested my Trait, I often ended up using too much mana, and as a side effect, my body would get hurt.

Not only that, but this time it was even causing me problems in my daily life.


“If you have a way, please tell me.”

[Hmm, fine.]

Samuel looked down at me as if he was considering something for a moment.

Then he added,

[But on one condition.]

“A condition…….”

[Yes, you already know that you have to visit the Gluttony territory during this vacation to fix my body.]


[Add one more thing to that.]

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