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Chapter 111 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

“What are you talking about?”

He wanted me to add one more thing.

Was he planning to use me like his slave during the vacation?

But I didn’t have time for that, so I was about to gently refuse when.

[It’s not an unreasonable request. I have something to check, so I’d like you to visit the Temple of Gluttony once. It’ll only take about a day.]


At the mention of the temple, I hesitated for a moment.

In order to act even better in front of René, I needed to visit a ‘real’ temple.

But Samuel’s territory had been trampled by humans, so did that mean the temple remained?

Come to think of it.

I wasn’t able to see the temple in Bares’ territory either.

Perhaps the Temple of Gluttony is outside of Samuel’s territory.

“Well, that’s fine. But you have to teach me properly in return.”

It didn’t seem like a difficult request, so I decided to accept.

It will be a good experience for me too.

As I agreed to the proposal, Samuel’s voice rang out.

[The contract is established. Then, let me tell you what you need to do in your current state.]

“What I need to do. I wonder how I can overcome this difficulty.”

Samuel’s lecture began.

I opened my ears wide and listened to his explanation.

And my eyes widened at Samuel’s explanation that followed.

What Samuel pointed out to me was very fundamental.

It was also common sense.

“……Mr. Samuel, are you saying that my ability to use the mana I have is lacking compared to the mana that has increased in my body?”

[That’s right. Originally, if you had that much mana, you should have the ability to use mana that matches it. Did you swallow some kind of elixir somewhere?]


I did eat some during the invasion of the human world.

The problem is that the effect of the elixir must have been great, but the performance of the new mana method I acquired was also outstanding.

It was so powerful that it broke through the wall of 4,000 mana in an instant.

That’s why my mana control skills were inevitably lower than my total mana.

‘Come to think of it…….’

When other traits were growing rapidly due to the increase in my total mana,

Wasn’t Mana Manipulation the only trait that hadn’t grown yet?

Putting aside the characteristics that affect personality, such as interest and absorption.

Sword Lacquer is probably like that because I haven’t realized it yet.

What about telekinesis?

It’s such a fraudulent characteristic from the start that it can’t help but grow slowly.

But it seemed that the level of mana manipulation being lower than the amount of mana was a big problem.


[If you continue to accumulate mana like that, your body won’t have been able to withstand it and will explode. You will just become a pile of minced meat.]

Samuel said in a firm tone.

Then I realized how dangerous my actions had been.

Common sense dictates that if you keep pouring water into a small barrel, one of two things will happen:

Water will leak out of a hole, or

If there is no hole, the barrel will burst into pieces.

‘……I could have died.’

I realized how dangerous my current situation was because of the killing intent trait.

If I continue like this, something terrible will happen.


I had to learn how to control mana to manage the sudden increase in mana.


“How can I learn the right way to control mana for me?”

That was the problem.

If it was a problem I could fix on my own, I would have already fixed it.

But, how can I fix it when I’ve only just realized the problem?

Surely, he wouldn’t just tell me the problem and tell me to fix it myself.

When I glared at him, Samuel let out a deep sigh.

Then, he spoke again.

[I will tell you how to control your mana. But in return, you must keep the promise you just made.]

“Is there any other choice?”

I smiled my signature cunning smile.

Samuel had accepted my request.

It was true that I had promised to visit the temple, but it was also beneficial to me.

I had planned to visit not only Samuel’s temple but also the temple of Bares.

And I needed to find out why the stroke, which must have bound to my soul, worked without any penalty.

“Then please.”

[……Follow me closely.]

And so.

I began to control my mana while listening to Samuel’s explanation.

[Spread the mana gathered in your tattoo throughout your body through your heart. That should be easy.]


I nodded at his explanation.

I had already done it during Robolt’s class.

It was similar to the principle of Stealth.

[Then you’ve passed the first stage.]


[Fortunately, you’re not lacking in magical senses, so it’s possible. Well, this is where the real work begins.]

Samuel ordered me to do the second stage.

[Release all the mana in your body.]


Samuel’s next words left me momentarily stunned.

Was he telling me to release all 4,000 mana?

Perhaps it was a joke, I glanced at Thorn.



Samuel simply forced my actions with a low, curt voice.

Alright, let me trust him for once.

I hesitated for a moment before regaining my composure and doing as Samuel instructed.

That moment.


With a tremendous roar.

All the clothes wrapped around my upper body were torn off.

The floor and ceiling began to vibrate violently, and the students were blown away by the shockwave.

And then.

[Try rolling over hard once.]

For some reason, Samuel's voice, which had a hint of laughter, was the last thing I heard.

My vision turned pitch black...

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